We offer bi-weekly in-person and online Financing Your Study Abroad Workshops. Lectures are available on demand, so students can access them at any time.

The advisors in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport & Energy can help with all the information you need including budgeting, financing, choosing or changing a major, and general admission requirements for freshman and transfer students. Study abroad programs provide an opportunity for you to develop a valuable skill set that can give you an advantage over the competition by: Exposing you to unique environments and differences in the human condition worldwide; Expanding your knowledge of culturally specific STEM or human approaches; Challenging you to adapt and persevere under sometimes difficult and harsh social and cultural circumstances; Exposing you to research and internship across the world; Increasing professional and education network. Mia Kroeger

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You will be introduced to SEMTE, learn policies from our advising staff, and meet your program chair. Are there any that I cannot take abroad? Details: Students must submit a deferral request for fall 2021.

While we recommend studying abroad, it is important that you work with your advisor to confirm a plan to help you stay on track to complete your degree. Would you like help learning about your financing options?

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Exploratory students should consult with the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

How can I get courses approved for my program(s) of interest? 480-965-3028 To view available appointments, select your academic advisor from the dropdown menu. Some labs, clinical experiences and fine arts courses that do not lend themselves to remote instruction will only be available through on-campus, in-person instruction. Additional notes: International students are eligible for CPT starting summer 2022. Who: Domestic and international students who cannot arrive by March 30, 2021 and are not interested in digital immersion. These students will be given the opportunity to learn through ASU Sync for the first half of the semester, and if necessary, the full semester. Is admission to the program competitive? You will be introduced to SEMTE, learn policies from our advising staff, and meet your program chair. Are there any in-residence requirements I need to be aware of before I go abroad? Rivera honored for innovation in engineering education Daniel E. Rivera has distinguished himself through interactive computer-based tools he has developed to help current and future engineers in applying complex concepts to new and diverse settings.

Engineering solutions to improve human health. “Participating in a study abroad program can be a great way to round out your ASU experience and, for engineering students, balance out your technical training. You can find a link to your program’s Cost Sheet near the top of the Study Abroad Office webpage for your program.