Thank you for your kind words! The textbooks here are for schools’ preview only. Reply Delete. AUDIO. Kanchanah 11 April 2019 at 09:03. tq. Powered by. Delete. Related. Miss Ash 16 December 2019 at 07:03. YEAR 2 SUPPLEMENTARY WORKSHEETS MODULE ANSWER SCHEME IN PDF. Hi Madam! Kudos to you! Just browsing through the materials … Thanks a lots because you really help me and others with your teaching aids… DISCLAIMER: YEAR 1 (2019): UNIT 1 IT'S MY _________________ . Compilation of Year 1 to Year 5 English language resource books can be downloaded at the link below. YEAR 1 (2019): UNIT 1 THINGS IN MY CLASSROOM BOARD GAME, AMBITION TREE (WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?) Delete. !YEAR 2 UNIT 8 : THE ROBOT (PARTS OF BODY) WITH COMPLETE MATERIALS AND TUTORIAL, MAKING A GIANT POSTER FOR PARTS OF HOUSE WITH HOW TO PRINT TUTORIAL (YEAR 2 UNIT 6), MY BUSY WEEK FLIP BOOK TEMPLATE (YEAR 2 UNIT 5), MY HOUSE FLIP BOOK TEMPLATE (YEAR 2 UNIT 6), POISON BOX (ACTION VERBS) : YEAR 2 UNIT 8, ROLL & WRITE BOARD GAME YEAR 2 UNIT 9 (AT THE BEACH), RUNNING DICTATION YEAR 2 UNIT 9 (AUSTRALIA CANADA & THE UK), SELF MADE MINI BOOK (WHAT CAN THEY DO? ) All the lesson plans shared here are my sample lesson plan suggestions based on the materials that I've shared. By . WRITING SERIES (IN THE CLASSROOM), WRITING GRID FOR BEGINNERS BY TEACHERFIERA.COM, 5 BASIC SENTENCE STRUCTURES IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, CONVERSATION PRACTICE FOR BEGINNERS (COLOURED VERSION), HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS AND ELEMENTS ACROSS THE CURRICULUM, ACCORDION NOTE - PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT (YEAR 1 UNIT 13 ), HUMAN PARTS OF BODY FLASHCARDS & WORKSHEETS, IDENTIFYING CAPITAL LETTERS AND FULL STOPS, LADYBIRD NUMBERS (MATCHING ACTIVITY & CUT AND PASTE ACCORDING TO NUMBERS ACTIVITY)), NUMBERS ( 1 TO 10) MATERIALS AND SUGGESTED ACTIVITY, READ IT TYPE IT WRITE IT (DAYS OF THE WEEK & MONTHS IN A YEAR), ROLL AND RICH BOARD GAME (YEAR 1 UNIT 18 SPEND SMARTLY), ROLL AND WRITE BOARD GAME (YEAR 1 UNIT 20- GOOD HABITS), TEACHING THE STUDENTS ON THE ORDINAL INDICATORS FOR DATES, TEACHING YOUR STUDENTS TO PUNCTUATE WITH QUESTION MARK CORRECTLY, USING BOARD GAME TO PRACTICE WRITING (YEAR 1 UNIT 20), WHERE'S & WHERE ARE (FLASHCARDS & WORKSHEETS) FATZURA VERSION, 12 CONSTRUCTS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE LITERACY, ENGLISH LINUS WORKSHOP ( DOCUMENTATION MATERIALS & ACTIVITIES. my son is in year 2 this year, thanks. May the same be with you too! Pleasure is totally mine ya. Delete. Reply. Click here to download Join kami di … 11528. Alhamdulillah, pleasure is totally mine ya. Reply Delete. year 2 (2019) unit 8 : i can/ i can't (listen to audio and say to a friend) - textbook page 97; year 2 (2019) unit 8 : the robots (body parts) - listen circle draw and make a flipbook; year 2 (2019) unit 8 : write & fold worksheet based on year 2 textbook page 96. year 2 (2019) unit 9 : listen & circle (at the beach year 2 textbook page 106) Tags .