5. XS – PHP 6500 (Live Weight: 9-12kgs; Cooked Weight: 4-5kgs; Good for up to 10 persons), SMALL – PHP 7000 (Live Weight: 12-15kgs; Cooked Weight: 5-6.5kgs; Good for 10-20 persons), REGULAR – PHP 7500 (Live Weight: 15-18kgs; Cooked Weight: 6.5-8kgs; Good for 20-25 persons), MEDIUM – PHP 8000 (Live Weight: 18-21kgs; Cooked Weight: 8-9.5kgs; Good for 25-30 persons), LARGE – PHP 8500 (Live Weight: 21-24kgs; Cooked Weight: 9.5-11kgs; Good for 30-40 persons), XL – PHP 9000 (Live Weight: 24-27kgs; Cooked Weight: 11-12.5kgs; Good for 40-50 persons), JUMBO – PHP 9500 (Live Weight: 27-30kgs; Cooked Weight: 12.5-14kgs; Good for 50-60 persons). Delicious crispy and tasty lechon.

Our recipe is from Cebu and the techniques we apply in roasting our Cebu Lechons came from their as well.

Large – Estimated No.

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Weight mentioned is pre cooked dead weight. Many Filipino native pig farmers are empowered to gain profit.

Price: ($145) + ($25) If Shipped by air out of Cebu City. If you have a Whole Lechon. We freshly roast your Cebu Lechon orders in Quezon City. If you do not have a Whole Lechon: $10.00 - 32 oz.
Price: ($185) + ($25) If Shipped by air out of Cebu City; Large – Estimated No. Some discoloration, blisters , uncrispy skin spots and uneven skin will definitely occur. For proof of payment, please take a picture of the deposit slip. 3. *Prices are for pick-up only plus applicable tax.

by capturing the huge demand of nationwide distribution of LECHON via ELARZ Ang Pambansang Lechon’s massive expansion.

RESERVATIONS. Prices are subject to sales tax. Additional charges for delivery. The source of our native pigs come from local farmers who are from Luzon and Visayas.

Call (650) 544-4408 for more information.

My cousins in Parañaque recommended them for Christmas Eve, and as hosts of this year's party, we weren't about to let the whole clan down. Deliveries are for areas within Metro Manila only . Lechon Manok - Luzon Area.. ₱300.00 . It is cooked to golden perfection, proce.. Lechon Baboy Large(19-20kg) - Visayas Area, Lechon Baboy Medium (19kg) - Mindanao Area, Lechon Baboy Medium(11-13kg) - Luzon Area, Lechon Baboy Medium(15-18kg) - Visayas Area, Lechon Baboy Small(10-13kg) - Visayas Area, Lechon Baboy Small(16-17kg) Mindanao Area. RESERVATIONS. Deposit payment in any BDO branch, once your order has been honored.

*** Not valid for certain dates, delivery areas, and conditions ***. © All rights reserved 2020 Boarcher Cebu Lechon House, We do not acquire and breed our NATIVE PIGS from government designated quarantined zones, All of our NATIVE PIGS are slaughtered only in GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED slaughterhouses, Perfect centerpiece for your feasts and festivities. We are currently based in Manila and in a made to order set-up. We have received your enquiry and will respond to you within 24 hours.

4. We are currently accepting Bank Deposit, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, Online Banking, and Pera Padala / Remittance as payment for our products and services.

Take a picture of the remittance slip. 2. Credit card payments can be paid online.

&.. If you do not have a Whole Lechon, $10.00 - 32 oz. Send the image to [email protected] or send a personal message to the official Facebook page or Instagram of Boarcher Cebu Lechon House. Your confirmation message and order request will be sent to you for verification. *Sizes Lechon De Leche and Small is based upon … lechon sauce.

Take a screenshot of the online receipt or reference number. For online credit card payments, we will be sending you the invoice and the corresponding link, wherein you may pay your order. Add to Wish List. 3. Please come back and see us often. Add to Wish List. We highly recommend online payment transaction for quick validation.

Additional charges for delivery. Your Quotation Request will be reviewed shortly and a response will be sent to the email or phone number given. of People: 35-45. Once your order has been approved by the management, please expect for your confirmation message and order request.

If you do not have a Whole Lechon. All lechons are sold as is.

3. We do not alter nor cut any part of our lechons. *Prices & Menu subject to change without any notice.

Delivery fees may vary on the recipient's location.

The cooked weight provided is only an estimate. I called last week and Rommel answered the phone. of People: 55-65 ... Lechon Pig is whole marinated for 12 hrs in a special secret marinade, then stuffed with lemon grass, garlic, Anise and Onion, then slow roasted to perfection. Add to Compare. 3.

Lechon Manok - Luzon Area.. ₱300.00 .

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$10.00 - 32 oz. Add to Wish List. 3. All information, pictures and images on this site are copyrighted material and owned by their respective creators or owners.

hello@newpingpinglechon.com.ph +(02) 741-3027. *Prices & Menu subject to change without any notice.

Add to Compare. The lechon was a hit, tender, well and …

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Lechon Manok - Mindanao Area.. ₱300.00 . Add to Compare.


So, I called him on the 5th to confirm the Lechon for the 11th. CLICK HERE TO ORDER Whole Lechon Price Cooked Weight Approximate Servings; COCHINILLO FREE Mexican Flavored Rice : Php 7,500: 4-5 Kg: 10-12 pax : Small Add P2,800 for Boneless Lechon stuffed with Seafood Paella: Php 7,800: De Leche Subject to Availability: 15-20 pax: Php 8,800: 8-9 Kg: 20-25 pax: Php 9,800: 10-12 Kg: 25-30 pax: Medium Add P3,800 for Boneless Lechon stuffed with Seafood Paella: Php …

Each Lechon ordered is unique and will vary occassionally.We take utmost care and diligence in making sure that the lechons are perfect all the time but different body chemistry of the pigs prevents us from doing so. Add to Wish List. 14 A. Bonifacio Ave, La Loma, Quezon City, 1114 Metro Manila, © 2020 NEW PINGPING LECHON | Powered by Meegle.com.
Lechon Manok (Whole) →Lechon Manok (Whole) .. ₱350.00 . Delicious crispy and tasty lechon.

*** Additional details required for the successful remittance of payment will be provided, once your order request has been approved.

A confirmation message and order request will be sent to you for verification. Please contact us first for notification and instructions regarding the placement of your order. 2. Add to Compare. A medium (average) lechon is good for 35-45 persons Our Prices are as follows: Small – Estimated No. Add to Compare.

He let me know that a weeks notice would be doable. © 2018, BayanMall.

$15.00 - 32 oz.

Z only ONE!

If you have a Whole Lechon.

LECHON NOTICE : We purchase our pre butchered pigs used for lechons from suppliers supervised by the department of the USDA, See USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, Federal Meat Inspection Act Title 21, Chapter 12 (Meat Inspection). The quoted price was 50 lbs Lechon - $270.00 (Feeds 40 people) 70 lbs Lechon - $300.00 (Feeds 60 people) $20.00 for delivery.