However, if the pain tends to be a bit more persistent, you may need extra cushioning of the like in order to get the job done. Wondergel cushions have been discontinued. The gel core on the inside helps to evenly distribute your weight, Comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee, The inner gel can shift into uncomfortable positions, Both seat cushion and cover are machine washable, The polymer design distributes your weight evenly, Not a high enough quality for its price range, Features both gel and memory foam for added comfort, Your body's weight will be evenly distributed, Reasonably priced compared to other products on the market, Some customers who have purchased this cushion don't find it to be as comfortable and cooling as other options, Honeycomb design to properly distribute your weight, Some customers have said that the cushion is not deep enough to be comfortable on most chairs, A few customers have noted that if you are somewhat overweight, it will not provide adequate support for you, #1 FOMI Premium All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion Pad, #2 Vive Wheelchair Cushion - Gel Seat Pad, #3 Purple Royal Seat Cushion - Seat Cushion, #4 Sojoy iGelComfort Enhanced Multi-Use Gel Seat Cushion. Free postage. You can relieve pain or reduce any kind of injury or health risks that may come with prolonged sitting. And it’s portable – use it anywhere else you sit. You should not sleep with a heating pad on. Gel cushions are great for cushioning bony areas of your body so it can prevent such issues like skin breakdown and pressure sores. Pick out and order a new gel cushion today. After you've read our reviews, you should be ready to make a final decision on the perfect product for your needs. The layers include the plush fabric outer layer, the cooling gel, the memory foam core, a reflective heat barrier, soft cooling fabric and a silicon anti-slip base. If you suffer from back pain, then you know that sitting in a desk chair or a wheelchair for long periods of time can cause discomfort in the muscles of your hip and lower back and potentially lead to excruciating pain in your back. You can use these cushions for your favorite chairs or even your bed if you are dealing with chronic back pain. Only genuine AIRHAWK can do it. The cover/carrying case includes a sewn-on handle, which makes it easy to carry with you for use in the car, office, or at a sporting event. or Best Offer. The pressure grids are designed to reduce any pain or numbness that may typically be associated with sitting for a long time. This allows your muscles to open up, which prevents tension and muscle spasm and allows the nervous system to rest. It comes in a butterfly-shaped design that helps relieve pain in the lower back, spine, tailbone, coccyx, and the … The gel in the cushion also allows plenty of air to circulate so you won't overheat. A few stretches for thirty second periods will likely be your best choice. Below, we have reviewed five of the best gel seat cushion options to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. The purple range of cushions are the latest improved version of the technology, ENJOY! This product features advanced column-buckling, which is designed to keep you comfortable and support your back while you are sitting.