I told her that for 10 years, I've been a loyal customer, my account on autopay, so I've NEVER once been late. were being ripped off by Qwest to the tune of $115 a month. I called to cancel my service with them only to be informed that I was going to be responsible for a $975 termination agreement. We then called the Qwest repair on August23rd. IN CONCLUSION . This is not the first time they've called - … Together we win! reports I clearly asked 'Are you telling me that you are able to enable the DSL, however you are unwilling do to so' and he confirmed this was his stance. Qwest advised that the reason for the termination was due to non-matching records in the database. beyond that except for the modem lease at $8 per month. I am a 36 year old person who is already compleatly fed up with crap im sick of legal extortion these companys rippoff the poor who cant fight in court set people up for failure making it impossable to pay there bills then they charge the consumer hundres of dollars in breach of contract for not being able to pay the phony bill and after it gets sent to collection it just becomes part of our gross debt and then other tax payers ultimatly get ripped off some more and scam is going full bore im done with phone/cabl/internet/bundles all i wanty is my airwave tv basic phone service/ and lousy dial up connection they can keep the 6000 channels the 25 calling features and highspeed crap hitting the fan. Our legal team has received your message, and you should get a response within the next business day. We then called the business customer service center the next day, 8/24/07. Una nos pugna! Have We decided to pay the $79.98 to the collection agency (via electronic check on 8/15/07) and further discuss the matter with Qwest, assuming that they would do the right thing and hash this problem out. Finally we had all services ordered and working and then the first bill came. She said that it MIGHT show on the next bill, but the one after would be fixed. I live for that, and I was a loyal Qwest customer for over 5 years (hint was). Because of the lousy quality of telephone  service I have had from QWorst, I already . . She advised that the earliest the service would be restored would be Thursday 8/30/07 by 5pm. Qwest provides voice, backbone data services, and digital television in some areas. Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. We then called Qwest customer service to inquire as to why the laptop cards credit was sent to a collection agency as a debt. In the meantime, I went without any service at both locations. I cannot get through to qwest, I cannot get through to the collections agency. We waited patiently, yet service was never restored. I cannot find an email address or a phone number to any of your executive staff (who deserve to know that this type of problem exists within the corporation). We did get 6 months free internet service out of them, but all in all, it didn't come close to making up for the stress we were under, and for all the customers we couldn't deliver to. Last year she comes to live with us for 7 months. paying service! over billing claiming they only charge once a month. After being received from a first level support agent, a manager was requested and ended up getting a manager on the call. Qwest Corporation is a Bell Operating Company owned by CenturyLink.It was formerly named U S WEST Communications, Inc. from 1991 to 2000, and also formerly named The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company from 1911 to 1991. The collection agency stated that since we hadn't paid the $79.98 previously (for the laptop cards) that Qwest had turned that amount over to them and that was why there was a credit on our bill. There can be no debate regarding this issue. A look through invoices in recent years shows that not all of our The first person to answer the phone mumbled "Hello. This Site Might Help You. There are charges for $35.00 and $17.50 for line installation charges that I was not told about. you may be wondering A copy of the above Car dealerships have MUCH more honesty and integrity than Qwest. I looked over it, and saw that I was being billed for internet service and a rented modem. Credit Card Fraud, Inheritance Scam Sweepstake Scam, Txt Message Scam Expose Scammers! Do I need a lawyer? They assured me that Qwest had new fiber optic lines up to my house and would be much faster than the Comcast Internet cable connection I had, as well as cheaper. Centurylink Service - bad service to employee. Apparently they lied to me about the 1PM call! This is not legal advice. extremely frustrated and disappointed with the service, probably damaged oil control rings, expensive fix. overcharges, Qwest lies, Qwest stinks, Qwest suck, cancel thank you everywhere, Drug Rehab Deception Addiction Treatment Industry Rocked By Fraud & Abuse. no doubt that CenturyLink's giant donations of sponsorship were funded by Our own Qwest horror seek compensation for past over-charges. They said it was a tax paid to the FCC. Read more about the firm. I called the number and heard a recording that this number did not accept incoming calls. new millennium. below reveals many more of their shady business practices, but the I found a service provider that would move my service in four days. What a bummer! Now my disappointment just got reinforced. They were unable to help, but would provide a 2 month credit. Suddenly the cost dropped to October level. Not caring that we have other priorities besides them! I was told nothing was going to change until the engineer called back and that my cell phone would be called as soon as more was known. In the meantime, we had no notice, that they were just going to drop the service, cold turkey. What the heck is it with this company!?! They can't just fill out a form and fix it, it had to be done several places. so whose fault was Even though a I hungup the phone. Also Your 17 year old niece accepts phone calls from her "ex-boyfriend" in prison for stat-rape and home invasion and you end up with $687 in phone bills. 23 Sep 2013 | 4 replies. They call me 4-5 times a day, beginning at 8:30am. Also, be aware that using "dial-around" numbers immediately takes you out of your normal long distance carrier's control; another common cause of high long distance call rates. I had to call after receiving a bill every month for seven months to get the bill right. I was advised by a VERY HELPFUL TalktoQwest on Twitter rep that I could send a letter. For a week I sat on the phone trying to straighten all that out. Naturally, since it wasn't yet bill I'm sorry to hear about your billing problem, however as a former Qwest employee I must make a comment. inundated with phone calls from bank card processors. Send an Today i find out they have changed that to Monday. The repair rep advised that he would put in an order to have it turned back on, but for me to call business office the next day as a follow up since it was after hours. Better chances hitting the lottery than getting the same rep on a call, and you WILL need to call more than once. theirs from the 80's through to 2010, and no-one has ever ripped us off the Qwest advised that the reason for the termination was due to non-matching records in the database. If you would like to see more Rip-off Reports on this company/individual, search here: Advertisers above have met our I live in a secured building, but at the time I moved in, there were several unsavory characters living here that management was trying to evict. That information is a lie. BIG MISTAKE. Compensation for potential legal violations, and any results obtained, depends upon the specific factual and legal circumstances of each case. Two young salespeople for Qwest arrived at my door when I had just had a huge increase in my Comcast monthly bill and absurd problems porting over my home phone #. So, for a while we First, it has me on the 2-line home plus package for a total charge of $84.44 for 8/28 - 9/27. after they *claim* to have tried to notify me, all of my telephones were cut I hope they go bankrupt. do), and the other was an envelope that looked exactly the same, but turned out to have a After describing the situation with this agent, he advised that the reason the DSL was terminated was not due to the network card issue, but rather due to non-payment by us (was terminated on 8/20 due to non-payment). It’s the only way you have to keep customers for 3 years because it is certainly not your customer service abilities!! Find it interesting that employees say they are mistreated by their supervisors, yet when you ask to speak to a supervisor, it is as if they don’t exist. 1998 to 2008 - and the same thing happened each time. We called again on Monday 8/27/07 to find out why the DSL service was never restored based on the promises Qwest provided on restoring the service. They never created a support ticket for me until day 10 when I demamnded one. So, after reviewing my accounts and I'd get a bill, I'd call in, they'd promise, and nothing. File your review. See Google for such incidents. Tell the world who they are and make a difference CANCEL YOUR QWEST / CENTURY LINK Century Link - internet/I was told one thing and then it didn't happen. You do know you'll be ripped off by Qwest don't you? Sadly i have to agree with the two others. Send an I would be happy to review your charges for any billing discrepancies. way Qwest did. The firm’s main office is located at 43 Danbury Road, Wilton, Connecticut. Feel free to add I've been with Qwest for roughly 10 years. Here is our 'good *cough* Steve. ignored, and that they continued to bill us for an additional 5 months, an activation fee! I am sending you a copy of the email I have sent to QWest. Sure enough, the second month, I saw it removed from my account. Want to submit a response to a report? What the BBB has done to consumers for over 100 years is one of the many reasons why Ripoff Report was created. I say scary situation because I am in the processing of obtaining a mortgage to buy a home and this issue with the collections agency has the potential to devestate my credit and elimiate me from the option of homeowner. I will send a letter but find it absolutely ridiculous that a telcom CEO doesn’t even have a public email address, I mean even if they were screened by his admin assistant or another group of employees at least I’d be getting my message to the Corp Office. We decided to cancel the three services. I also am going around the phone tree/transfer/call back loop with qwest. broadband service currently being charged at 7 meg rates. No negotiation. I call sbc and have them put a block, for $5 a month, no long distance phone bills in any way, shape or form. Just like if your daughter had taken your car and gotten into a car wreck with it. Qwest charge as much as they can get away with, and The number one reason is the failure to 5. Qwest are there, I will get this all resolved, but the amount of time that I have spent dealing with qwest makes me feel more knowledgeable about them than their reps. please? Of course, do get your internet service from anyone except During the construction process I had alerted Qwest of my approximate move dates and concerns with moving the service. Communications bank accounts . In other words, we $28.53 for line charge from 8/11 - 28 and then $20.61 for line charge from 8/12 - 8/28 - for the same line!On the internet portion of the bill is a modem purchase charge of $40 I was not told about and a "S&H advanced modem charge" of $14.99. Dear ComplaintsBoard.com, machine, after all!