It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Beta-pinene, a separate compound with a chemical composition that mirrors alpha-pinene, also occurs in nature. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Would love your thoughts, please comment. There are two different versions of pinene, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene. Terpenes like alpha-pinene may combine with different cannabinoids to produce stronger Sativa strains and other strains as well. , for a sweet and spiced tribute to this iconic weed activist. Alpha pinene has the alkene located inside the six-membered ring, while beta pinene has it on the outside of the ring. Currently, he edits and writes medical and pharmaceutical articles for consumer websites, including WoahStork. For example, attempts to perform hydration or hydrogen halide addition with the alkene functionality typically lead to rearranged products. 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In the atmosphere α-pinene undergoes reactions with ozone, the hydroxyl radical or the NO3 radical,[8][full citation needed] leading to low-volatility species which partly condense on existing aerosols, thereby generating secondary organic aerosols. Where does the smell of pine come from? Did you know… We have over 220 college In chemistry, a racemic mixture is when there are equal parts of both ingredients found. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Alpha-Pinene Has Potential as a Memory Aid, Perhaps most compelling, however, is [alpha-pinene’s] activity as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor aiding memory (. Historical Health Benefits of Alpha-Pinene, Studies suggest low-exposure levels of alpha-pinene possess anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial properties, antiulcerogenic and gastroprotective properties, and the ability to aid memory, Alpha-Pinene Has Anti-inflammatory Properties, In one study, using alpha-pinene decreased activation of mouse immune cells called macrophages that add to inflammation in body tissue (, Dealing with aching and inflamed joints? WHICH CANNABIS STRAINS CONTAIN THE MOST PINENE? Because of this, their effects on the human body are very similar. With the stigma of medicinal cannabis changing, many [Read More…]. — Are you a big fan of hard hitting indicas that leave your body buzzed and couch-locked? This intermediate rapidly reacts with itself to close up the four-membered ring, which gets us to our divergence point in the synthesis. The terpenes of plants are believed to have developed to protect them from bugs and possibly even animals grazing. In the simplest sense, Pinene is a terpene commonly found in conifer trees that has a LOT of health benefits. α-pinene is more commonly seen in European pines; it is one of the two isomers of pine and an organic compound seen in the terpene class. on social media for all the latest updates. If you mention that pine odor to people, they may immediately think of popular household cleaners, like turpentine or Pine-Sol. Monoterpenes, of which α-pinene is one of the principal species, are emitted in substantial amounts by vegetation, and these emissions are affected by temperature and light intensity. Let's get started by first looking at the structures of both alpha and beta pinene. The Perry study seems to suggest alpha-pinenes role with other terpenes (including Camphor, Geraniol, Beta-pinene, Limonene, Linalool, and terpineol) in the entourage effect may be the reason for its ability to protect short-term memory. It is the next highest pinene rated strain of marijuana, coming in at 32+%. Pinenes seem to work in conjunction with the cannabinoids and other terpenes in whole-plant preparations to increase the therapeutic benefit far above isolated cannabinoids, in some cases. Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene have chemical structures that mirror each other, also known as enantiomers. But it’s most common in conifer trees like pine trees. It’s also unsurprising pure alpha-pinene is clear, colorless, and smells of pine trees. Regulatory process names 2 IUPAC names 2 Other names 1 Other identifiers 2 .