It’s still a great knife in you can find it in the wild, though, so I’m leaving the recommendation here for now.

Whether or not they’re actually achieving that perfect balance of weight to usefulness is debatable, but they offer an interesting option for backpackers and hunters.

Prior to shipping your order we conduct a quality inspection on all items.- We ship by EMS, Airmail to most countries of the world. It’s a skinning knife.

It's nice to see Buck is offering knives in an upgraded steel for those who want better edge retention and corrosion resistance. If you are looking for a fixed or folding blade knife from Buck made with SV30 steel here are a few great options including the 110, the Alpha Hunter, the 119, the 112 Woodsman and more. It’s one of those knives that you like a little more every time you see it.

It’s been the go-to gift knife in America for at least twenty years.

Stepping out of the classic Buck era, we get something a little more sleek. - All of my products are New Perfect and 100% same as the photos.- 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Sign up for our email updates.

It has that functionally simplistic design that Buck has always excelled at, but stands out from other Buck knives with a more unique drop point design. NOTE: The fixed blade version of this knife has been discontinued.

The recurve edge gives you some good slicing power too.

It’s made in slabs. Buck have a passion for expertly crafted knives with a sharp, reliable blade. I think it actually makes more sense to get it in S30V over the Hunter since you’re more likely to use the smaller blade exclusively for slicing. The false edge gives it a little more of a finer point too. It has the same basic style and materials as the 119 but comes in about 2 inches shorter.

My time is spent aggressively oscillating between drinking coffee at my computer and running through the woods with pointy objects. Keep in mind that it can be hard to find the 119 in S30V unless you custom order one through Buck, which is easily the most expensive way to get one. At Buck-Store you’ll always find a wide range of Buck knives, tools and accessories to choose from.

So in the interest of collecting and debating, here are some of the best Buck knives you can get in S30V and S35VN.

It makes a lot of sense to get this knife in S30V since it’s not the kind of thing you would put under the hammer, and honestly it’s exactly the kind of knife you might forget about.

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The handle is pretty bulbous, which should be more comfortable for most people.

If you’re kind of person who spends days to weeks in the wilderness, either hunting or hiking or just not being around people, then S30V starts making a lot of sense.

We will send you the tracking number after the items have be shipped, you can track it on email 3-5 work days. This is actually two knives in a set, but I like the concept.

A fixed blade in S30V borders on excessive, in my opinion, but there is a place for it.

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G10 is a fantastic, inexpensive handle material, but I’ve never liked it much for looks. Buck offers more customization options on this knife than anything else in the world.

The difference doesn’t usually create a noticeable difference in performance unless you really looking for it though. It’s more about personal preference, though, because who really needs more than 4 inches on a blade?

I do foresee problems with the comfort of the PakLite set since their handles are just bare steel, but that really adds to the utilitarian purpose of these knives. Of course you can get the Buck 110 in S30V steel.

Even if you don’t plan on sticking it into edible animals, though, it will ride a little easier on your belt if you’re hiking, and has just about the same cutting power as the 119 with a slightly better price point.

The design remains fundamentally good in all versions, if a little difficult to sharpen. For a 3 inch blade, it’s a pretty intimidating piece of equipment. Feast your eyes, knife nerds.