Thank you! I did, however, come across the Amika smoothing brush at the end of 2018 and let me just say, GAME. For those of us with thick hair with texture, this takes much longer than 10 minutes… like 30 – 60 mins. It takes a couple years and constant restraint not to just cut it back off – which I have done before at a year and a half in. I’ve been curling on low away from my face for soft waves and I feel like I’ve finally got the knack! Attachments: 2 concentrators (diffuser sold separately) Heat settings: 3Speeds: 2. There are 5800 customer reviews, 74% of which are 5 stars, and many of which mention the reviewer’s massive hair. My girlfriend just turned me on to these products – I am in love! K, thanks! It’s medium thickness, and naturally dries to a (frizzy) 2b wave.

You'll want to consider a hair dryer with adjustable heat and speed settings, including a cool shot button which can help to close the hair's cuticle and lock in the style, preventing frizz once you're finished drying. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I have FRIED my hair before using it – just need to be careful not to hold it in once place for a long period of time. A win. Was so useless. Responding to Joanna’s reply here. I didn’t get it. I have curly hair, and the hot air brush Cup of Jo likes to feature just makes me look like I got electrocuted. this SO does not apply to curly hair…that hot-air brush should be advertised as “for straight hair” the same way that all curly-hair products emphasize “for curly hair”! Do you also use this brush? It almost makes my hair too straight! “It is elegant-looking, not too loud yet powerful, and it works wonderfully!” an evaluator marveled. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I’m not sure which ads you are seeing but I bought the Aquis hair towel after having my first daughter years ago and no joke, it has changed my life. RELATED: Is the $400 Dyson Hair Dryer Actually Worth It? I recently tried a curling brush that had rave reviews, but my hair was still so frizzy/puffy from it that I ended up straightening it afterward and it defeated the whole purpose. Check out the Curly Girl method….I got the book from my local library. I’m going to need a link to that robe (probably buried in the comments above…) but please let me know! You don’t need to wrap it around and around (and risk creating a tangle of doom) — just once around the brush will do. I’m concerned to use this, only because my hair reacts really oddly to soft cloth like bristle hair brushes. I don’t think it matters which hot brush you use as long as you use this method, Would love this brush except the volts won’t work outside the US.

Turns out our husbands work in the same building, a couple of floors apart. I also bought this after the original post and was disappointed when it didn’t work for my very thick, wavy, and long hair.
These are the ways we support Cup of Jo, and allow us to run the site and engage with this community we truly love. When I do my hair with this tool people at work say “ohhhh you’ve got your swishy hair today!”, I have to believe this is too good to be true, since there are plenty of scary reviews about melting plastic and fires. Ok I was all-in to buy this $18 brush after reading the article and then I came to the comments and saw everyone raving about the $50 Revlon one, so now I have that in my cart. It’s all just because of this magical tool. In the words of Queen Bey, wake up- FLAWLESS. Agreed! A hot air brush is essentially what you’d get if a round brush and a hairdryer had a baby. Attachments: 1 concentrator and 1 diffuserHeat settings: 3Speeds: 2. I have actually been using it too, since I can remember. It has a power rating of only 250 watts, which is quite low by industry … This air brush completely does the trick. I bought the John Frieda airbrush after a CoJ article a few years ago, as it looks like a few other people did too. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My hair does seem to have more movement to it and a little extra volume. Caroline, the very first time you mentioned this miracle worker on cup of jo I ordered one from Amazon and have been religiously using it ever since. I was cheap and bought the travel size Amika Straightening Brush with a gift card and it is amazing on my long thick hair! I can tell you from experience, those two suited men will talk about this meet-up for years! "It took a lot less time to dry my hair than usual," one tester noted. Has anyone given a hot air brush (any brand!) It has a 1 inch barrel that is very good not only for short length hair but also thin and fine hair.

The smoothing brush is used on dry hair and it is amazing! “In the words of Queen Bey, wake up- FLAWLESS. Dang, on canadian amazon the same one is almost $60.

Any magical hair products? Sooooooo glad I have a grey and black afro crop, I wet it, rub in organic coconut oil and I’m done. maybe there is hope. This is the only thing that makes my hair look nice with me doing it. THAT BEING SAID–it worked AMAZINGLY on my roommate who has thinner, shorter hair. it all smooths out with the brush) then hit it with the hot brush. If you google Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush 1.5″ you’ll see more of the type that worked for me. high school). We feature only items we genuinely love and want to share, and this is an arrangement between the retailer and Cup of Jo (readers never pay more for products). I have fine frizzy hair too! Also, I work out strenuously every day, and this hair routine still works ? I use my Philips one every other day and had inherited it from my mom, so it is a fre years old, maybe four or so.

No, you're not imagining things: There really is a "tunnel" through Revlon's dryer. Once the bottom half of your hair is dry, unclip the top portion and dry it in the same way, going section by section. If you want a sleeker look, then continue to brush them straight down. And it can be done fairly quickly. (I use one of these clips because it’s easy to secure with one hand and makes me feel more legit.

I bought one of these when Caroline recommended it in a different blog post. “Tangle of doom!” My mom had one of these when I was a kid, and I would sometimes use it. Growing out a pixie is tough. Absolutely love this product, my hair is in amazing condition. WAY. I sent it back–wonder if I should try again. None AT ALL. Totally just bought this with the one-click on Amazon Prime (so dangerous). Pricey but worth every penny!!! The John Freida one was worthless for me as well. So, here’s how to use it: Start with towel-dried hair.

wow, so curious about the amika one now, too!! April Franzino is the Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping, part of the Hearst Women’s Lifestyle Beauty Group. Thanks in advance! gets super frizzy! Attachments: 1 concentrator and 1 diffuserHeat settings: 3Speeds: 2.

That texture is no more but it’s still pretty thick and wavy-ish (hair is just below ears now). To me, ten minutes sounds *long*–longer than I currently spend on my entire getting dressed & ready routine. Also I love this comment and I too would like to be your friend. Flat irons make my hair way too flat, not to mention the damage they can cause. I’m amused by how “quick” means different things to different people. Now I need another one–I want volume, too!

I used to YEARN for long, rippling, swishy hair when I was little. I used to have one of these and they work nicely (though with my fine, limp hair nothing will make a wave hold), but with 2 small children I don’t have the time to stand and dry my hair with this. I have curly hair, and one of the golden rules for developing curl is that you never brush it! I swear by the John Frieda version on my medium length, very thick, VERY heavy straight hair. But that brush wouldn’t get through one lock of my kiddo’s hair!! Our Beauty Lab selected this mini Revlon hair dryer as their top pick for travel hair dryers. We publish several sponsored posts each month, which are always labeled at the top. I feel at my most perky with really short hair……………………..hooray! Hi!
But this. information online too….abotu how to wash moisturize and air dry hair to enhance waves and curls. Haha I was wondering this! YES! Not with a person. I can just tell my hair is way too thick and curly for the hot air brush, and I’d never heard of the Anika one! Do you use the “hot” setting on brush? I agree, I wanted to like this product so much but it didn’t work so well on my thick, medium wave hair. Hate everything between pixie and the long layers I currently have. In the GH Beauty Lab's test, Cricket’s model emitted the highest heat to quickly dry even dense or coarse hair. I change products all the time (I’m currently living in Lithuania, and the product range seems to get better every month, hence the constant change) but I generally go for a heavy conditioner, then an oil or leave-in conditioner for the ends, then a brown-tinted dry shampoo on the off-days. This has a built-in touchscreen to adjust the settings. So much better results than just trying to randomly put it around and under all my hair with no strategy… It definitely took 20 full minutes to do, BUT I think I will be able to go an extra day without washing because there is none of the usual hair clumping happening below the surface, which usually happens to me when I let it air dry or half-ass blow dry it. I have a Conair one, it’s like the hot air brush, but in a paddle shape. I have seen protection products but feel daunted by how and when and etc. Caroline, do you prep your hair with any products before drying/styling? I’ve learned to embrace dry shampoo! Last summer I was visiting my friend in England and she showed me hers and urged me to try it. I don’t wear make up. Does this manage to tame it? I was so excited to get it and admittedly I didn’t really play around with it for too long but this went back to Sephora. LOL. Hi there! Here are the best hair dryers you can buy: Built for speed, the BaBylissPro tool dried hair fast in GH Beauty Lab testing, earning a perfect score for drying time. Hope that helps! time flies, y’all! From Amika, this lightweight dryer boasts super-fast drying times, two speed settings, and three heat options for the perfect dry no matter how delicate or thick your hair is. Re: it being time consuming, I have very fine hair; the hot air brush works best once I’ve towel dried it and given it about another 15 minutes to air dry. Much more than $14, but has been amazing for the days I want to take my no longer wavy, now just messy hair and make it smooth. For such women, one of the best round brush hair dryers is this product from Vidal Sassoon. I love how it looks on the first day but by day 2 my fine, thin hair is super flat. :). You wait until hair is about 80% dry.

My mom got it for me in college and its my secret weapon.

How great is that!? :). I recently bought a new one after years of going without and it seriously makes a huge difference in my weekly schedule. Lisa’s point is a good one — be careful not to concentrate on any one place for a prolonged period of time, keep it moving. Absolute lifesaver.

There are several hair serums/creams/styling products with added heat protection. When I was in high school, I fell in love. I mean, your hair looks so easy to style! I’ve done it many times over the years. i have crazy thick hair so i blow dry it until it’s 90% dry (i truly do this like a maniac, just frantically waving the blow dryer at my head until it’s a huge nest of hair. It also rated high for all-around simplicity. (Shoulder length, colored, fine but lots of it). Expert evaluators liked that the tool wasn’t bulky. The 3X Ceramic Smoothing & Volume 4 Piece Hot Air Kit from Revlon topped our list of best hair dryer brush for fine/thin hair because it possesses all the “must-have” features that are crucial to dry and style gentle, fragile locks of thin hair without causing any damage.

Tried it out last night after I let my hair towel dry for about 30 minutes. I need a video. I’m going to need that robe….