3. habitat. 53 people chose this as the best definition of habitat: The natural environment i See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.

150. If the heart has no place where the habitat is wandering.

19.although calling them 'house' spiders is a little deceptive. 4.bacterial action on the wood had starved the water of oxygen, spoiling Habitat for migrating salmon. swamps, ponds, rivers, lakes and marshes.Without effective long-term protection, tigers could disappear from their natural habitat within the next decade.Lobsters intended for the dining table will stay alive outside their own habitat for about two weeks, provided they are kept moist with ice, seaweed, or water.In Mexico and Central America, more than 65% of the natural habitat of the jaguar has been destroyed, mainly due to farming and deforestation.Today, habitat destruction, traffic deaths, and attacks by dogs kill an estimated 4,000 koalas yearly.With the destruction of the forests in Burundi, many wild animals have lost their natural habitat.In the 1890s, someone predicted that New York City would be abandoned as unfit for habitation by the 1930s.Studies show that some animal species are already moving from one habitat to another to adapt to warmer temperatures caused by global warming.Discussion question: What is more important, to save natural habitat for animals or to create employment for people. Cement stucco can create serious problems when applied to straw bale, The traditional, Midday jird in a sentence - Use "midday jird" in a sentence 1. The animals and plants of littoral regions differ from those whose habitat is in deeper water.

This type of owl prefers a desert, English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "habitat" The wetlands here are a rich, Use "habitat" in a sentence. Bees find a highly congenial habitat in Mexico, and some honey is exported. 8.well, this is, um, exactly the sort of Habitat that used to be all over australia. because their habitat is being logged.Introducing animals or plants into a foreign habitat often has disastrous results for the native life of the area.Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees for many years in their native habitat in Africa.The natural habitat of the panda 0 However, elsewhere in Europe calcareous fen is the species ' most typical habitat. If the heart has no place where the habitat is wandering. Examples of marine habitat in a sentence, how to use it. Point Reyes is the perfect mix of wilderness and human, Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word habitat: . 18.Habitat and ecology: in grasses and crevices of marshes. 3. use "habitat" in a sentence. 15.Habitat assessment and prediction is the base for protection of endangered species. The animals and plants of littoral regions differ from those whose, A dozen half-breed families had now their, This estimate was made at Chadwick, where large areas of suitable uniform, Dickerman found the Black-capped Vireo common on the dry scrub and oak hillside, The Grand Pawnee and Tapage did not wander far from their, Such cases of specific persistence along with great changes of, No family name shall be accepted unless there is given the, Since organisms of this group would seem to be widely distributed, the question of their natural, But a government does not give up so easily, especially a unified government which already controls the entire, This is commonly found all over the region at elevations below 7500 feet, though its chief, I want to grow to be more like an eagle that wings its way out of the, Among the theories of origin respecting the Eskimo, that which claims for them a more southern, Mr. Curtin obtained a good vocabulary and much valuable information relative to the former, I should be puzzled to define exactly the, Habitat in a sentence | Short example sentence for habitat, Birch in a sentence | Short example sentence for birch, Just Said in a sentence | Short example sentence for just said, Drop It in a sentence | Short example sentence for drop it, Peal in a sentence | Short example sentence for peal, Subsequent in a sentence | Short example sentence for subsequent, Stacking in a sentence | Short example sentence for stacking, Entice in a sentence | Short example sentence for entice, Abreast in a sentence | Short example sentence for abreast, Commercial in a sentence | Short example sentence for commercial, Abundance in a sentence | Short example sentence for abundance, Fertile in a sentence | Short example sentence for fertile, Edible in a sentence | Short example sentence for edible, Nutrients in a sentence | Short example sentence for nutrients, Plentiful in a sentence | Short example sentence for plentiful, Scarce in a sentence | Short example sentence for scarce, Natural in a sentence | Short example sentence for natural, Freshwater in a sentence | Short example sentence for freshwater, Mineral in a sentence | Short example sentence for mineral, Words to describe Habitat | Habitat Adjectives.

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But one place it is not found in abundance is in its natural forest habitat. Definition of Biome. See. "We're talking about habitat that spans the entire North Atlantic ocean. 20.the only way there was to do it was to dig up stumps but, of course, then you would have completely disrupted the Habitat. (4) The panda's natural habitat is the bamboo forest. 34.scientists and students have endless opportunities to study a variety of life in the Habitat. 7.to save remaining herds and Habitat, the national parks department is planning to cull 2000 elephants. This creature's natural habitat is the jungle. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 13.house residing is such a kind of attitude of life, a Habitat of spirit, a emotion space where you can live with a cup of tea and a book. 27.vegetation characteristics and functional division of tricholoma matsutake Habitat in mt. 6. Notes on habit are given below in the accounts of the various families. 22.the losses of wildlife and Habitat are a threat to being able to live sustainably within the enviroment in the future, she said. © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. Wildlife habitats in a sentence - Use "wildlife habitats" in a sentence 1. 25.as the coffin to the grave and Habitat: in the day vampire in the coffin or the grave is often open to the body exists in the way. English words and Examples of Usage use "habitat" in a sentence At least 15 square miles of primary sage grouse habitat has burned. (5) The dolphin's habitat is being rapidly degraded. 20 examples: I suggest that short term stability may be key to understanding the frequency…

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Definition of Oasis. The most significant threats include habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation. Changing habitats that increase edge and maintain early successional habitatbenefit the quail.

17.but this major marine Habitat is listed as one of the most endangered in the world. Habit sentence examples. oasis (noun) - a fertile tract in a desert (where the water table approaches the surface) Soon, a Renewable-energy Green "oasis" to Bring, Cement stucco can create serious problems when applied to straw bale, The traditional, Cob in a sentence up(0) down(1) Sentence count:48Posted:2016-12-23Updated:2016-12-23. Sentence Examples. 1.though unattractive, it was nevertheless important as an attempt to grow plants in a way which reproduced their natural Habitat. 31.some suggestions were also put forward on the Habitat protection for the wintering black-necked cranes. um, this is prime koala Habitat. 2. Examples of Biome in a sentence. The tundra biome consists of icy landscapes, heavily furred woodland animals, and cool to freezing temperatures. Effective and safe trapping requires knowledge of the habits of beaver, The marine coastline is extremely important to bird, During the mating season, males drum while wandering around the, Apart from the distinct rutting behavior, one of the most pronounced features seen in many ungulates is the difference in, They considered deleterious human influence in the, The ramp and docking umbilicals that would be available at a, Sirenians belong to a group called subungulates, which includes elephants and hyraxes, two animals that by appearances and, Excavation ceased in the 1950s and the area is now overgrown with woodland, bracken and gorse which provides a, The present statutory scheme for critical, The French government had chartered the ship to deliver heavy equipment for an airstrip that would go through a penguin, Many of the Tzeltal in Highland Chiapas may not think about relict stands of evergreen cloud forest as undisturbed valuable, The surviving hirola are threatened by drought, poaching and, It contains historic wetlands that could be restored to provide important habitat for sandhill crane nesting and foraging as well as Oregon spotted frog breeding, Because less than 3 percent of the entire sagebrush. The deer’s habitat is being destroyed by commercial builders who cut down forests. : 2. The Cape Griffon vulture has experienced continuous problems with poisoning, electrification, Dominated by low-growing vegetation, tundra is a, Overall difference between species in use of Secchi depths varied by, It is termed as the perfect predator, a mammal that can thrive in almost any, Besides, all other forms of human intrusion into the, Although the advantage of wings in males is clear for reasons of, This is a traditional and natural method of maintaining chalk downland and it helps create a, If you're looking for a feline who looks like an exotic spotted wildcat, but whose natural, Based on the concept of measuring both quantity and quality, a two-dimensional biodiversity index can be computed, and such indices are presented for those of the main, The wild Bactrian camel, a two-humped ancestor of domesticated camels, is now critically endangered in its native, The fourth potential form of behavioral isolation is the temporal equivalent of, As rates of decomposition increased with the appearance of new detritivore groups, the thickness of the surficial litter layer may have decreased, eliminating the, The primary reason for not designating critical, A great deal of care has gone into choosing a new, Though wild Bactrian camels and bears tend to inhabit its more inaccessible areas, the Gobi has enough diversity of, The RSPB was particularly keen to provide a replacement, Despite its wide range, the species is increasingly under threat after centuries of persecution and, In Australia, elevational differences among sites are slight, but, Bird watcher Al Grass says waterfowl, raptors and songbirds can be spotted at Maplewood Flats because it is a critical wintering, Other animals and plants such as the mole cricket and marsh gentian, which are suited to wetter heaths, may suffer as their, Several authors have observed increased species richness in forested vs. open peatlands, because of the higher degree of, If oil entered the lagoons, damage to fish spawning grounds, wildfowl, It would also be necessary to determine if their sensitivity to, They found that 60 percent of plantations overlapped with great ape, He claims the development plans would scoop out a lot of the woods and natural, So obviously when you have a tremendous coral reef and the combination of shallow banks, you have a fantastic, You can see red knots, dunlins, and sandpipers as they rest and forage for food on the beaches, using the untouched island, Similarly, Kobus kob, occupy leks when in open, The population model used was a discrete-time version of the basic contact process, modified slightly to respond to the, Unlike most plant parasites, the broom-forming dwarf mistletoes may considerably benefit a forest community by creating additional food resources and, In mid spring, after the larval fish has absorbed its yolk sac, it emerges as an alevin and proceeds to find suitable, The upscale resort developers continue to covet two square kilometres of rare montane, They have strong family bonds and are creatures of habit, so much so that when. bear is the bamboo forest.Nicholas Ridley once remarked that the English countryside is one of the most heavily man-made habitats in Europe.The Saint Lawrence River is the southernmost habitat for the Beluga whale.Crocodiles and their relatives are found in habitats such as 12.the relationship be-tween species diversity and the Habitat is also analyzed in this paper.

Their habitat is also being encroached (on) by farmers and villagers.

Hist., 167, 1877 (names and gives habitats of tribes). 11.few countries have as rich a diversity of Habitat as south africa. Habitat sentence examples.