Carry a scarf! Voltage in Italy is 220, and in the US and some other countries, it's 110. Scarves take up very little room and are easy to pack, to take on the plane and to carry with you as you walk around Rome. And if you are like me, count on leaving some room in your luggage for some eventual clothing and shoes purchases! ©2020 Rome Actually. You can buy washcloths here, if you need to, at some of the linen/bath shops such as Frette and Tebro. I have a feeling you'll need it. Plug converters for your dual-voltage appliances. The sweetener used at bars/cafe's here is called Dietor, and is like Sweet N Lo. Rome is a huge city with a million things to do. How cool is this backpack - it's theft-proof AND water-proof! You may still dress casually, but modesty is what counts. Hair appliances that curl and straighten use very high wattage, and do not come standard with dual-voltage setting. Just saying. Rome is full of cobblestone streets. I love this leather wallet with RFID protection. What to pack for Rome - comfortable shoes. Pashminas are also great on chilly airplanes. Any medications you are taking, and a list of these medications (do not put either of these in checked luggage!

You should keep in mind a couple of important factors about travelling to Rome in summer: I love these convertible hiking pants for hiking, but they are actually a life-saver in Rome in hot weather. 3. Try the top local ... Top Restaurants in Five Rome Neighborhoods, Click here to check more anti-theft pickpocket-proof clothes. Why am I including travel insurance on a page about what to pack for Rome? With sights like St. Peter’s Square and the Colosseum having very little shade, a hat is ideal for … For the men's version, click here: Suitcase open with handy ebags - ready to pack! Just wet it, and it will stay cold and keep you cool for hours. Wherever you go, be it the famous Colosseum or lesser-known places in Rome, I’m ready to bet you will want to make yourself some memories of your trip to show your friends and family back home. After years of coming to visit my husband (to-be), and now living here, I became an expert at what to pack for Rome. Not only, you need to consider that you will be walking a lot in Rome, but also that many streets in the city center are paved with old cobbles. Travel insurance can make the difference between a ruined trip and a trip that has a hiccup that you can just get through. Picture getting your heels caught in these sanpietrini, which are all over Rome - no fun! Sign up and receive the latest Rome news, travel tips, insights and more + 10% off our store! ", (Just know none of these will help with hair straighteners or curling irons! These are not items one finds in a typical household in Italy, and hotels don't usually have them - you will usually find a large bath towel and a smaller towel, such as for drying your hair. ⇒ Click here to check more anti-theft pickpocket-proof clothes. It can get chilly and wet in the winter, so bring appropriate rain gear and warmer clothing if you’re headed to Rome after October. I love my lightweight yet totally waterproof hiking jackets by Colombia and North Face, that have a removable lining. Asher & Lyric, What to Pack for Rome top – 17 Essentials, Other Rome packing list items not to forget, Local currency (visit your local currency exchange), The Pantheon (the epicenter of Rome’s historic area, filled with hotels and restaurants). Buy a European hair appliance either before you come, or once you are here.

Its crossbody form, and small, thin size make it ideal to take on the plane, and for walking around Rome. But this one not only gives you solid neck support, it folds up small and takes up almost no space! Don't let painful feet ruin your day or your trip! You might need a nice handy plug adapter set, although it may have more adapters (for parts of the world) that you don't need. Visit my page about how to keep cool in Rome for more tips on how to dress in Rome in summer. But remember that in Italy, modesty is key. And don't you love the cute pouch it comes in? Rome is a big, busy city, and even if a hotel has good soundproofing, you may hear some ambient city noises. It's a shame I have to even list this stuff, but the reality is that pickpockets are part of the landscape in Rome (as they are in many places around the world), so you might as well accept that they are here, and keep yourself from becoming a target. You will likely be doing a lot of walking in Rome, so the key is to be comfortable. Something to keep in mind when you plan a trip to Rome. Things I list on the page are all things I used to pack for visiting Rome, and now own and use while in Rome. Tennis shoes (trainers, sneakers), hiking shoes or other types of durable sports shoes are probably your best bet. Whether it’s a maxi (long length) dress or one that falls just below your knees, choose a classic cut that doesn’t scream beach . This Travelon cross-shoulder anti-theft bag is a must, and not just for travel! It actually makes a great gift for men and women, any time and for everywhere, not just travel. Poof, all your Rome packing problems are gone! Not in the city.). We all know how quickly those smart-phone batteries die. Which is why carrying a little travel foldable chair is a good idea if you don’t feel like standing in the queue for hours. You can un-zip and remove the bottom half of the leg for walking around in the heat, and put them back on for entering the Vatican or other church. Since I strongly urge you to bring a scarf with you to Rome anyway, why not pack this anti-theft scarf, where you can keep your stuff out of reach of pickpockets? I love my e-tip gloves that keep me warm yet allow me to use my smartphone without removing them. During the cool and rainy months, you should bring: A waterproof rain jacket and/or coat. My sister told me about this power strip/plug converter. Most hotels have double-glass windows, so the rooms are pretty silent and quiet. I personally don't use this as I'd rather not have to steam/iron at all!