Be patience while tuning. The LCD does not turn on just blinks and the module works well for a moment and then turns off . Let's say one of the data centres goes down, your traffic is just rerouted to a different server and a different location. can u help me please, 5 years ago Do you drive an older car without the latest Bluetooth technology for iPhone / smartphone integration. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article. Be sure to install the transmitter where it will not affect the airbag function, where it will not interfere with your driving and where it is out of the reach of children. Manuals are posted on your model support page. Then slowly vary in that area, when transmitter and receiver frequency matches you can get the clear output from radio. Listeners will not know the difference. let's see what we need : At first , I connect all part's on BreadBoard , and i design will PCB For it soon .The component we need for this device :1)Arduino Board  , Uno for example. LCD Nokia 5110 PCD8544 Transmitter module V1.0 ElecHouse Jumper Male-Male 5) BreadBoard  6)potentiometer (50K , 500 Ohm) 7)Battery 9V With Holder . void Analog_pin_read(){    channel=mapping_reading;    Current_reading=channel;    fmtx_set_freq(channel); } void set_screen(int i){ u8g.setColorIndex(i); // pixel on ! I’m working on a project which is about making a rescue robot . We use Amazon and multiple other providers to ensure high availability and massive scalability. How to connect a portable player to a car stereo with a rear AUX input. Track who listens and how they are listening. Send out your broadcasting stream to the cloud platform and redirect your feed to the AM/FM or DAB transmitter. It is trully amazing comprehention about the FM TRANSMITTER…… its very useful to me…. The FM transistor consists of the oscillator to produce the RF signal.

The digital radio station frequency on the LED display will ash. Traditionally you have an on-air studio. It is not like you need to go and have a big outside broadcast van or satellite links. You can see at a glimpse how many people have tuned into your station and how they have been listening. does all the hard stuff for you. By varying the trimmer capacitor ,you can vary the transmission frequency. You can adjust the angle of the transmitter so that the display indication is easy to see. Do not connect or operate this unit, a mobile stereo, or a portable audio device while driving or waiting at a traffic signal. hello how are you? If you perhaps some think some of these things could be useful to you or if you just want to use us as a live streaming solution then we are here to help you.

Which means if that server goes down or the data centre goes down then it basically means your station is off the air. This allows portable audio devices to make use of the louder or better sound quality of a home audio system or car stereo without requiring a wired connection.

But Can it be built without the trimmer capacitor? Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye. Let's say there is a power cut. Do you drive an older car without the latest Bluetooth technology for iPhone / smartphone integration.

This transmitter accomplishes the most excellent range with less power. 1 year ago, plz help i upload code in ardunio but it give error.tell its only for few countries or all over the world, my code is stucked near fm_init function in FM_LCD.ino, with out that function the project doesn't work, Reply ");   u8g.drawStr( 2, 15, "Change the Freq");   u8g.drawStr( 2, 26, "From Poten");   u8g.drawStr( 2, 38, ""); } //change frequency value On lcd here void number(int value){   u8g.setColorIndex(1);   u8g.drawFrame(0,0,83,47);   u8g .setFont(u8g_font_unifont);   u8g.drawStr( 5, 15, "Frequency ");   u8g .setFont(u8g_font_osr18);   u8g.setPrintPos(10,45);   u8g.println(value,DEC);   u8g .setFont(u8g_font_unifont);   u8g.drawStr( 45, 38, "MHz "); } void loop(){    reading=analogRead(A0);     mapping_reading=map(reading,0,1023,87,108);   mapping_reading=constrain(mapping_reading,87,108);   if( mapping_reading!= Current_reading){   Clear();   Analog_pin_read(); u8g.firstPage();    do{   number(channel);   }   while(u8g.nextPage() );   delay(100);   } } /*******************************. Then it gets routed out through your audio processor to the transmitter.