Once you are enrolled and the semester in which you are registered has begn, check D2L for your School of Information Internship Course. The Department of Communication Internship Program provides 1, 2, or 3 units of COMM 393 or COMM 493 to undergraduate communication majors or minors who seek to gain professional experience. School of Geography, Development & Environment There are some ongoing internship opportunities for students (see the “Internship Bulletin Board” in SGD), but students are also able to arrange their own internships in consultation with the Internship Coordinator. Faculty and Adjuncts will respond as their schedules permit. If your organization has an internship opportunity to offer, please email it to Kaylin Duncan (kduncan7@email.arizona.edu) and, after reviewing the content your advertisement, it will be posted to the COMM Digest. Students typically want a 3-unit internship but are able to seek 1- 6 units of course credit for successfully completing the syllabus requirements of the internship course. In alignment with our other COVID-19 Campus Mitigation Plans, the Office of the Provost and the Office of Research Innovation and Impact (RII) have partnered to develop the following guidance for students enrolled in credit-bearing experiential learning courses during Spring 2020. Apply for internship units prior to the semester/summer session in which you plan to complete the internship so that you are registered before the first day of classes. Students may register for one to six credits of internship in any semester, including summer terms. BIO5 Internships The BIO5 Institute sponsors a variety of research internship opportunities for students of all levels, from high school through graduate school. The following materials should be included in your application: Email your completed application to Kaylin Duncan at kduncan7@email.arizona.edu for review. © 2020 The Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of The University of Arizona. While Fall registration may need to wait till August, your advisor can confirm your internship application meets requirements. UA grants academic credit for … Also, see SBS resources for continuing instruction and learning. Tucson, AZ 85721 Tel: (520) 621-7447 Fax: (520) 621-9306 June 30, 2020 update: In-person Internships are now permitted as long as the Host Institution (i.e., the organization sponsoring your internship) satisfactorily indicates that risks can and will be managed through observation of health and safety protocols at the site by completing an Assessment of Recommended COVID-19 Workplace Risk Management Protocol for Credit-bearing Experiential … Box 210076, Harvill Building If you are interested in the School Garden Internship, you can find out more by viewing this video. Most students register for three credits during their junior or senior year. Apply for academic credit! ENR2 Building, South 4th floor  M.A. Also, see SBS resources for continuing instruction and learning. Internship Credit. Accepted an internship offer? Be sure to arrange for credit prior to pursuing the internship; students must be registered during the internship period. students only: You will also need approval from, M.S. © 2020 The Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of The University of Arizona. The School of Geography, Development & Environment strongly recommends that students pursue an internship during their studies at the University of Arizona. To receive journalism credit for an internship, you must be a University of Arizona undergraduate or graduate student with a journalism major or minor and have passed JOUR 205 (Reporting the News) with a C or better. Internship Recordkeeping Spreadsheet Guide : PDF: Internship Recordkeeping Spreadsheet : Link: Guidance for departments on considerations for structuring experiential learning placements : PDF: Assessment of Recommended Covid-19 Workplace Risk Management Protocols for Credit-Bearing Experiential Learning Activities : PDF Our office is closed to the public, but all staff will be holding virtual office time from 8am- 5pm, Monday through Friday. Be aware the application for credit is not instantaneous; please pay attention to application deadlines and alert your site supervisor of the need for approval. 3 units is the standard; requests for more than 3 units require additional justification and are rarely granted. This internship should be treated like a full-time job, typical hours are scheduled from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. How to Find an Internship. Spring semester: December 1 for Spring Semester, Complete the internship application online. Get COVID-19 updates and information for the University of Arizona community. Copyright © 2017 Board of Regents | The University of Arizona | All Rights Reserved | Website Project by SBS TechDepartment of Communication • Communication Building, University of Arizona • Tucson, AZ 85721 • TEL (520) 621-1366 • FAX (520) 621-5504, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Assessment of Recommended COVID-19 Workplace Risk Management Protocol for Credit-bearing Experiential Learning, https://catalog.arizona.edu/policy/university-wide-house-numbered-courses, Communication major or Communication minor, Junior (minimum 56 Units) or Senior (minimum 87 Units) status, Completed 12 units of Communication courses (3 units of which must be numbered 300 or above), 2.5 GPA in University of Arizona coursework.