Wishing happy Diwali to all our readers and friends. Just loved your collection of coconut recipes. The recipe is vegan too. But now the times are changing.

Besan ke laddu is a popular ladoo made from gram flour, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee). This Bengali rasgulla recipe will guide you in making soft and spongy rasgulla. Mysore pak is made with gram flour, ghee and sugar. Having been cooking for decades and with a professional background in cooking & baking, I help you to make your cooking journey easier with my tried and tested recipes showcased with step by step photos & plenty of tips & suggestions.

This ice cream recipe yields a creamy, smooth and soft homemade ice cream without any ice crystals. Ever imagined that contradictory experiences like ‘soothing’ and ‘perky’ can meet in one dish?

From the spiciness of green chillies to the tanginess of the lemon juice, from the aromatic lure of curry leaves to the mellow soothing flavour of coconut milk, this lovely sauce has it all. I share vegetarian recipes from India & around the World. This black forest cake recipe is too good and is an eggless version of the classic black forest cake.

Roasting rava to perfection is very important and the recipe post details many pointers and hints to roast rava very well so that you can make awesome rava laddu. Maladu or maa ladoo recipe – quick South Indian ladoo made from roasted gram or roasted chana dal. The mellow flavour of fresh coconut transforms into a more exciting one when it is roasted to a golden brown. A can of creamy coconut milk adds richness to an array of sweet and savoury dishes – think curries, rice pudding, tarts, laksas and more. Shakkar pare is North Indian sweet of crisp, flaky fried flour crispies coated with sugar syrup. 11.

Delicious kheer made with bottle gourd or opo squash. do try the recipes and let me know. ... Fresh Coconut Milk Fruit Popsicles KitchenAid. What a collection of sweets I liked these.

Sorry for asking a totally out of context question. To make bread ka halwa, bread cubes are first fried or roasted in ghee and later cooked in milk.

This is a simple and easy recipe of molten lava cake or chocolate lava cake made without eggs. This is a quick, easy and tasty ragi ladoo made with three ingredients – ragi, jaggery and ghee. Minimal spices come together in a very thoughtful fashion to create a perfect blend of flavours in this dish. Dry fruits ladoo recipe – no sugar, no fat ladoos made with dry fruits. The Best Fresh Coconut Dessert Recipes on Yummly | Hawaiian Coconut Dessert, Mango – Coconut Dessert Soup, Coconut Dessert Popcorn For One. Well, you must try this Hariyali Rice with Coconut Sauce to believe us. These are instant appams made with whole wheat flour, jaggery and bananas. Find the most popular diwali sweets in this section from all over India. One of the most popular Indian sweet.

30, 2019 If you're cuckoo for coconut, whip up a batch of chocolate macaroons, bake a coconut cheesecake or go tropical with coconut meringue pie. Happy Diwali Karanji is a crisp flaky fried pastry stuffed with desiccated coconut and dry fruits. Balushahi is a famous North Indian sweet.

12 Coconutty Desserts for the Coconut-Obsessed | Allrecipes Vibrant green-coloured rice with the nutty flavour of spinach, combines ethereally with a comforting coconut sauce perked up with lemon juice, curry leaves and green chillies.

I am sharing sweets snacks which I have shared earlier on the blog. The second recipe is made with desiccated coconut powder and sugar. i avoid buying from outside as usually for snacks they use oil which is reused many times.

This is an easy recipe for a creamy and smooth chocolate ice cream.

What is known as Kheer in North India is called as Payasam in South India. Pineapple cream cake pastry – this is an eggless recipe of pineapple cream cake. Coconut Water with Coconut Meat has a pulpy texture, and when served chilled, it tingles your taste buds with the mildly-sweet but electrifying flavour, which is unique to coconut water.

Chenna poda is a popular sweet from odisha. . Shankarpali is a popular festive snack from maharashtra. Get all the Indian sweets in one place in this category of Indian Sweets Recipes.

Get your personalized results . This coconut rava ladoo is made with fresh coconut.

Vermicelli kheer also known as seviyan kheer or semiya kheer is often served during festival or any occasion of celebration.

To save time on a busy morning, you can prepare the chutney the previous night and refrigerate.

can u please tell me do u use yours for 6 inch or 8 inch cakes or do you think electric hand mixer is better for smaller cakes. View Mailer Archive. This is an easy recipe to make a basic vanilla eggless cake which is soft and light. YouTube

Quick and easy-to-make, this cake is light, soft and moist.

Sooji ki kheer is a quick, tasty and easy to prepare semolina pudding.

Easy, quick and tasty recipe of carrot burfi. Kada prashad is a super delicious halwa that is served in gurudwaras as prasad. Chana dal payasam is a delicious sweet dessert made with coconut milk, chana dal and jaggery. thx mam..