These were the biggest success since the Island Way Sorbets, which people were actually hiding from each other in the […]. The first time I was witness (and tester) to this dessert was at a dinner party at my mother’s house. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I know a product is truly special when I bring more of it in the next day and later find the package pillaged with the remnants hidden cleverly throughout the freezer in an attempt to hoard. There is something so unique about the texture, taste and quality of the sorbet that most people (and the majority of the testers) might perceive it as being an “unhealthy” treat; luckily for dessert gluttons such as me, it’s not. The whole thing feels a bit Willy Wonka meets the ice cream man to me, and I like it…. I’m glad I did. Still have questions? BJ’S Wholesale carries our mixed 10 pack with: coconut, pineapple, orange and lemon.”. I keep a list on the break room fridge of BOTB tester products. Almonds, Craisins, Boca brats and more; our office kitchen now has a great selection of fun foods to enjoy on a momentary timeout. The presentation is fabulous and the calorie and fat content for someone who is always on a diet such as I, makes every spoon tastes even better than the previous. Island Way Outdoor This Way Photographic Print on Canvas Island Way Outdoor 35'' Buffet Lamp Island Way 30'' Table Lamp Island Way Bali Narrow 32'' Table Lamp Island Way 31.5'' Table Lamp Island Way Outdoor Double Egret 35.5'' Table Lamp Island Way Outdoor 33'' Buffet Lamp Island Way Hand Painted 32'' Table Lamp Island Way Outdoor 35.5'' Buffet Lamp Island Way … Retail Stores. You can bring that sense of paradise into your own home with Island Way Sorbet. Each retailer has a pricing policy that can be found on that retailer's page. That was the case with filo dough, puff pastry, Bavarian pretzels and, of course, sorbet-filled fruit shells beginning with whole fruit. I am looking for a retailer in the 12601 zip code. Island Way Sorbets in Natural Fruit Shells. For the latter, you actually can eat the apple “container.”. Tastes rich and divine but when I read the label it says only 51 calories. You will be very happy to see this deal again! Thanks again for your business. It surely is “a vacation in every bite”!! Thank you for your interest in our unique product. I wouldn’t recommend going overboard and creating your own tutti-frutti flavor in just one sitting, but the lowfat appeal of this dessert, combined with its flavor, can be seen as an attraction for any age group. Hi Bonnie, In reading your review of the Campbells Butternut Squash Soup, I was interested to see you mention The Ridge Top Club. As a dessert junkie this will be at the top of my list. Not sure where you live — but to find out if they are in your location — go to : and complete the form. Thanks for making this summer a little brighter for me and my family! I am going to show you how to get a Sam’s Club Membership for $5.Every once in awhile, Sam’s Club offers the membership deal to not pass up … We are carried seasonally in certain regions of the country but we are carried all year in the Southeast and the Northeast. But I have to share that Island Way Sorbets are as good as homemade. Consider serving Island Way to company — as they’re always impressed – not only with how it tastes, but how it looks. Jeanne The product, a prepackaged sorbet served in a fruit shell, had been carried at Sam's Club and Costco stores under the brand name Island Way Sorbet but … Apple, Coconut, Pineapple, Pina Colada, Lemon, and Orange. A W E S O M E this is the best way to describe it. I was searching for a frozen treat and immediately recognized the Island Way packages from a past bite. Actual price is on the fuel pump. Thanks, For the first question from Kevin … “Please visit ( I’m checking with the manufacturer to find out where it’s available. Tatesha…. Sam’s Club is a local store that has special member discounts. My parents were charter members, and I believe my mother was a member until about 6-7 years ago. Loved it and the reuseable shell! These are amazing! This is the manufacturer of Island Way Sorbet and they will be able to tell you if there are any distributors in England!”, For the second question from Anne… “Costco Wholesale and BJ’S Wholesale are our two distributors in New York. Just picked this up at Costco because they had a coupon. Need avaliability of product and price list. Where can I buy this wonderful sorbet…in Roanoke, VA? Real Fruit Sorbets. Last year at my annual trek to the Food Marketing Institute convention, where I learn what will be new on your grocer’s shelves, everyone was talking about Island Way’s delicious sorbets in fruit shells. We used to buy it at Sam’s Club. What took me so long to buy this is what I have been asking myself. It may seem expensive, but it is worth every penny. Island Way is a bit of a creamier sorbet than I’m used to, but the lusciousness really balances the strong natural fruit flavors (especially with the acidic lemon). The closest Costco to Roanoke is actually in Greensboro, NC. Bonnie: What a buzz! Happy 1 year Birthday Bite of the Best….you know in cyber years that is actually 3 years. Miami. I need to know your retailer in Miami Florida , we are an Italian restaurant and wants to taste your Fruit Shells. I love the island way sorbet cute for party how can I purchase quantity and to get coupons sent to me direct and other stores who sell the product thanks in advance waiting to hear from you. I saved a wrapper so I wouldn’t forget the name and where I could purchase them. hi bonnie! Manager , Back of the House […] clamoring to let me know how good they actually were…. They taste great and are such fun to serve anytime. Skip to content (956) 900-1922 1318 N Commerce Street … You’ll feel like you’re a part of the island … It’s like heaven in your mouth. I’ve served these at many a dinner party with each and every guest devouring every spoonful. Anyway, it’s a small world, and just wanted to touch base with you about it. Serve these sorbets at your next BBQ and experience a very interesting discussion piece. I too saved those coconut shells and used them to serve Haagen-Dazs gelato topped with diced marinated fruit. Privacy Policy. Join. Thanks Jen! $9.99 per 10-fruit variety pack or $12.99 per 12-fruit variety pack. How can that be? Can anyone help. Sorbet served in hollowed fruit is not your everyday freezer aisle purchase: passion fruit ices served in a passion fruit, lemon ices in a lemon, piña colada served in a pineapple, apple dishes you can eat when you’re done! Just go to and click on “find us” to find a retailer near you. The product, a prepackaged sorbet served in a fruit shell, had been carried at Sam's Club and Costco stores under the brand name Island Way Sorbet but had never garnered much interest, … See the response from Catie from Island Way Sorbet above suggesting that to find stores near you just visit, Hi, Are Island Way sorbets available in New Zealand and if not would you be keen to export direct, I would like to stock the island way Sorbet, are they available in New Zealand Island Way Sorbet Store locator Island Way Sorbet store locator displays list of stores in neighborhood, cities, states and countries. Check out our website, and let me know what you think! Sam’s Club is another option to purchase Island Way sorbet and other various desserts. Real Fruit Sorbets. You can bring that sense of paradise into your own home with Island Way Sorbet. Island Way sorbets are delicious aren’t they? Needless to say, the reaction from everyone was more shock than dismay, and before I knew it, I was scraping the inside of a lemon battling for one last bite. Get an exceptional value on sam’s club-exclusive free country fashion face covers. Can I get some schnozzberry ices with that? They feel like a substantive treat in an othewise sressful world. All that I ask in return for the continued sumptuous banquet is honest feedback from my testers. Order groceries online for Delivery or Pickup. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. I am checking on this information for Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. Luckily, Costco saved the day. Each pack includes two face covers and four filters for just $9.98. Great job Island Way!!! Once is usually enough for me to understand how things are made, so I truly appreciate good pre-made products. Fresh Groceries at great prices from all your favorite stores - in as fast as 1 hour! I do love this website. We are in the early stages of expanding this dessert line and I was wondering if you would mind if I quoted you on our website! Each, though, did have spectacular-tasting results. Now we allways have a box in the freezer . Cut, chop and dice like a pro with gourmet series cutlery for pros and beginners. These goodies also are available outside the U.S. Do check it out. Each of these high-quality knives is specifically made for its unique task and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Bonnie: What a buzz! I’m sure you either knew her or some of her tennis buddies, though I’m sure they were probably quite a bit older than you. I absolutely love your site, and I would love to share your expert opinion with our clientel! At the end of a hard summer, my family is enjoying yet another box of “Vacation in every bite.” We might have not been able to afford to travel much this summer, but we can enjoy a treat in the comfort of our own home. CHITO You can find our product at Costco Wholesale throughout North America. We have two type of stores that you can purchase our products in your local area. we have a store locator on our website for convenience, or feel free to email me w any questions! Shop six unique styles for men, women and kids! I normally don’t buy “costco-sized” packages of food unless its a product I’ve already tried, but this was an excpetion since every product reccomended on this blog is fabulous. Got hooked when the ladie at Costco was passing out samples..The natural taste is devine heaven. Database of Island Way Sorbet stores, factory stores and the easiest way to find Island Way Sorbet … Get updates on savings events, special offers, new items, in-club events and more. Eric: These little pieces of dessert heaven are far from the “island way;” in fact they represent what many islands should adopt as an offering to their natives – a delicious frozen treat made from fresh fruit and served organically. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for giving our product such a great review! More amazingly, I know a product is great when it’s gone by noon and by 1 p.m. I’ve received three emails asking; “Can you bring more of that?” and “Where can I buy that myself?”. Each sorbet contains a small amount of dairy for texture.”. We learned the following from the company: “Unfortunately the sorbets are not registered kosher nor are they dairy free. The sorbet was out of this world. If not would you export direct Island Way is a small company — especially compared to the other exhibitors such as Kraft, Campbell, and Nestlé — offering low-fat frozen treats in actual fruit shells; you nibble coconut sorbet from a half coconut shell, pineapple sorbet from a pineapple and even apple sorbet from a real apple. I’ve got to say that these frozen treats really have a “wow” factor. Thank You Island Way … Shop early this holiday to get your items delivered on time. For more information please contact us. Can you get Island Way at Walmart? Any information on this item would be greatly appreciated. The problem iis I can’t find them in any of the stores in my area. Since beginning to write Bite of the Best, I have taken the opportunity to share many of my ‘Bites’ with my work colleagues. I saw it in this month’s Connecticut Magazine, and just had to check it out. I have visited Toronto canada, Loved your product. As a joint venture between Island Way and Dynamic Commodities, the Island Way Sorbet brand began marketing to the food service area in 2001. … Item is not available at this retailer in, Ajinomoto Yakitori Chicken, with Japanese-Style Fried Rice, Kirkland Signature Organic Lemonade, 2 x 96 fl oz, Yasso Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars, Imuraya Yawa Mochi Matcha Frozen Dessert Cup, Personal shoppers pick all the highest quality items for you.