Annie Nightingale is a veteran of BBC Radio 1 with 35 years of DJ-ing under her belt.

Nigel Farndale meets a reluctant 'melancholic' with low self-esteem but masses of stamina. . The book looks at pop culture and social history over five decades, covering never before seen interviews with artists ranging from the Beatles to Billie Eilish, and includes Bob Marley, Marc Bolan, Primal Scream, the Streets, Dusty Springfield, Keith Moon, Elvis Costello, Little Simz and more. In the same year she appeared at ITV's gala spectacular The Nation's Favourite: The Beatles No One. What about the music she used to listen to when she started out as a DJ? He’s known to wear Sabre glasses that do come at a high price, however the Savannah 2444 have both a thick rim and deep lenses, but edge in at £10. She had begun The Sunday Request Show in September 1975, originally on Sunday afternoons until the end of 1979. 'Yeah, but it wouldn't make any difference. It was described on the Radio 2 website as "30 years on from the Falklands conflict, Annie Nightingale considers the impact of the war through the song Shipbuilding."[9]. At an age when other DJs have been put out to pasture, Radio 1's Annie Nightingale is still discovering new talent and partying till dawn - all because she's terrified of looking back. A lot of music has been associated with a particular stimulant. More like sibling rivalry. She is not hard to spot with her bottle-blond hair and sunglasses (she is one of the few non-blind people in the world who can carry off wearing sunglasses indoors). I will say, "Have you heard of so and so?" It’s not hard to see why, as he completely revitalized the Techno genre before developing his superb brand of ambient. Today we take the carriage for a bit of culture. She does, after all, do a show on Radio 1 that goes out at 5am on a Saturday morning - a graveyard slot you might suppose but, actually, club culture being what it is, the show is one of the station's most listened-to worldwide, especially since the 'listen again' facility came in. Early life and career. ', The music she plays is not to everyone's taste: it's hard to hum any of the tracks once they are over as they all seem to merge into one pounding, electronic swirl. From shop KatsCountryPrims. Weren't they nervous she would compromise them? It feels one-to-one. While in Havana in 1996, she was injured during a mugging, resulting in multiple injuries requiring an air-lift to a London hospital, since which she has worn the distinctive shades, now part of her image. It is sort of competitive. In 1978, Nightingale became the main presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2 as a replacement for long-time host Bob Harris. They are known for their live multimedia extravaganzas and have a cult-like following. Annie Avril Nightingale CBE (born 1 April 1940) is an English radio and television broadcaster. One gimmick was to allow the intro of the first song to play uninterrupted, then she would say 'Hi' at the very last second before the vocals started. The book also contains recollections of Paris in the 1950s, early raves in London, the Falklands War of the 1980s and the LA Riots of 1992. Notably, he started his career as the voice of CBeebies Rastamouse. Carl Cox is a charismatic British House and Techno DJ, who is currently ranked number one in his field by the DJ List. Their music is rather unconventional, featuring unorthodox changes of drum beat and tempo, twists and quirks of rhythm. In 2020 Annie Nightingale celebrated her 50th anniversary in broadcasting with a series of BBC specials, and a compilation album on Ministry Of Sound.

', I am meeting her the day before her birthday, but when I check that this means she will be 66 she waves this away, too. For eyewear though, it seems he likes to keep it low-key. She mentioned implants. 'Yeah, but they had great melodies and great lyrics as well.'. 'The audience is between 18 and 25,' she says breathily. 'There has to be an element of trust,' she says. 'Oh, implants were just a good solution to something. Lucy Hume, Debrett's Ltd, 2017.

As a matter of self-preservation I will only listen to up music. Acid and E. With breakbeat I think it is more drink culture. Created by - the #1 source for spectacles & sunglasses online. 'People would hang around because they knew I did this thing and they would try and guess when I was going to say hi… I kept thinking they would take that show off because it was too weird, but people like Irvine Welsh and Thom Yorke [of Radiohead] have since said to me how much it meant to them. She was chronically insecure, she says, and utterly lacking in self-esteem, especially about her looks. I had an email from a listener the other day saying, "I don't know how you stay up so late, Annie.