Current cell count is 107 with the herd averaging 31 litres (Holsteins Included). Sired by Impression, Senate, Control, Dragonheart, Kix, Corvette, Shout, Upright, Aftershock & Coldara Monterey Trust and in calf to Corvette, Coldara Control Michael & sexed Powerful. Neat uddered medium framed cows producing up to 50 litres a day. Sired by many Alta AI sires including Entrust, Camrose, Dozer and some top quality stud bulls. Price: $2500.00 + gst.

25 X-Bred Calves for Sale 25 Br/Irish Fr In-Calf Cows ... Grasstec offers a diverse range of dairy services and products to the Agricultural Sector throughout Ireland and the UK, which will assist the progressive farmer to achieve greater productivity in their farm business.

Price: $1750.00 + gst per head, 7 Top quality Holstein heifers. Hastings, Michigan.

They would suit large Holstein cows. Ian Pugsley.

A top line of March born calves that have been fantastically reared out of Holstein cows by AI Angus and Stud Angus bulls.

Well grown heifers, some AI bred, majority by stud Jersey bulls.

20  3-way cross cows, The cows have calved in April and are not back in calf. 175 acres (mol) dairy farm with an approximately 160 acres of good, productive, tillable farm ground, 9 acres wo... #633 Heifer raising facility on 20 acres Athens area/Marathon co 260 Freshly calved Holstein cows.

Will sell pick of 65 or more for $1650.00 + gst per head, Herd Dispersal – 330 Xbred and Holstein cows comprising of: 120 March to June calved cows, 140 August/Sept calving cows and 70 Nov/Dec calving cows.

Selling on DairyDealer is easy. Mostly AI sired.

This is a dairy which is permitted for 2300 head. Priced reasonably.... AI Sired Herd. Giving 70#. 12 Holstein and odd xbred cows calving November to a stud Holstein bull. Located Northern Victoria. A great line of vendor bred heifers that will be hard to find in the Autumn. Ashely Latham. Located Northern Victoria. Dairy farms account for roughly 60,000 of the country’s farms, producing over 20 billion gallons of milk each year — the majority of which comes from Holstein cows. Inspection will impress.

Sires represented Shottle, Maebull, Twist and Silver. Most Recent Dairy Farms, Dairy Farms For Sale, by Most Recent desc. Comprising 10 cows Autumn calved and 10 freshly calved or springing. Price: POA, 20 Holstein, Red Holstein and Xbred cows. 20 acre farm with an estimated 11 acres of farm ground, balance of land is bldg site.

Neat cows ready to take home and join to the bull of your choice. They require 1/3 the nutrition of an average full size cow.

Located Gippsland. Good square cows that are well bred with a big focus on rumps and udders. Price: $2800.00 + gst per head. Yearling black polled composite bulls (Red bulls are also available) from the well regarded Hicks breeding program at Holbrook. There are SO FEW trained, gentle, Jersey, fresh (making milk), family cows for sale.

Vendor will split into breed lines if needed. is a specialized and professional dairy farm listing service to search, advertise, sell and buy dairy farms online. Located Tongala. PCR4 negative. Price: $1600.00 + gst per head. Located Northern Victoria. OPENS: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9

Listing # 32141056. Located Northern Victoria.

PTIC to sires such as Loyalty, Contender, Superfly and many more top bulls. Famous families represented Wynot, Bubbles, Dawn and many more. Price: $2500.00 + gst per head, 60 Autumn calved xbred cows currently being rejoined to Holstein bulls.

Price: $1350.00 + gst per head, 7 Holstein heifers.

Dairy Herds and Cows Holsteins For Sale. All dry cowed, teat sealed and given Bomectin, Rotavec Corona, Bovilis s, 7 in 1, Multivitamin and B12 vaccinations at dry off.

We're bringing buyers and sellers together in the Dairy Industry so we can buy, sell, trade, and save.

Price: $2250.00 + gst per head. Many registered in the group.... © 2020 Dairyland Real Estate - All rights reserved. Please order early to enable us to co-ordinate pick-up and delivery and keep costs down. #DD1950 - Dutch Belt Cows, Springers and Open Heifers - MI, #DD1947 - Holstein Springers and Open Heifers. Mostly AI sired. Especially selected for calving ease.

Majority young cows.... Big Cows. Xbred portion of the Holstein herd.

Sired by Jacot, very well bred. I have 2 milk cows for sale. Price: $2200.00 + gst per head. Heifers are out of AI dams sired by a Valerian son. By Valentino from Minister Rose EX 90. They have been drenched and vaccinated and are very quiet in the paddock and yards. 70 point of calving beef heifers. Located Shepparton. Price: Xbreds $1700.00 + gst per head & Hoslteins $1975.00 + gst per head. Browse Holsteins, Jerseys, Bulls, and More, Trailers, Bulk Tanks, Parlor Equipment & More. Price: $875.00 + gst per head.

Rare opportunity. Herd avg 31 litres  cc 107.

Very quiet heifers that are not yet rejoined. 40 Top quality Holstein Cows. 20 Angus/Holstein cross steers and heifers.

2200 sq ft masonry and concr... #636 OPERATING DAIRY/MEDFORD AREA-TAYLOR CO They can be kept on as little as 1/4 acre of land. Young, neat uddered. Price: Xbreds $1800.00 + gst per head and Holsteins $2200.00 + gst per head, 20 Xbred cows – 10 calving Autumn and 10 freshly calved. Located Northern Victoria.

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All heifers have calved unassisted. Current cell count is 107. 200,000 SCC.

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California dominates the milk-production industry, while Wisconsin, Idaho, New York, and Pennsylvania follow. Spring calved and in top form producing up to 44 litres, all low cell count with a herd average cell count of 100. 15 Xbred heifers calved and calving to a Jersey bull. Freestall Housed.... Beautiful Herd.

Cows are from 1st to 5th lactation. Complete dispersal as the farm is sold. Located Northern Victoria. ... 250 cow herd. Wonderful group of heifers located Kyabram.

Price: $2200.00 + gst per head. 4 Holstein Friesian In-Calf Dairy, Breeding Heifers £ Login for pricing 19-30 mo Beaworthy ... British Friesian Cross Dairy, Breeding Cows £ Login for pricing 48-100 mo Colwyn Bay, Conwy. is a specialized and professional dairy farm listing service to search, advertise, sell and buy dairy farms online.

Most Recent Dairy Farms, Dairy Farms For Sale, by Most Recent desc.

Ave 28 litres with cell count 120.
Excellent milk production about 3 - 4 gallon one... Albuquerque New Mexico Garden & House 1,900 $ BRED JERSEY COW (IN MILK) - $1000 (OLD TOWN, FL.) New manure ... © 2020 Dairyland Real Estate - All rights reserved, Spring Valley, Wisconsin Dairy Farm For Sale, Acres 300 Cow Dairy in Pierce County More Land Available, El Dorado Springs, Missouri Dairy Farm For Sale, Modernized 320 Acre Robotic Dairy Farm in Vernon County Missouri, Kansasville, Wisconsin Dairy Farm Auction, Court Ordered Dairy Operation - Racine County WI, Court Ordered Dairy Operation - Dodge County WI, Acre Wood County Organtic Dairy Beef Horse Farm with More Land Available, East Texas Dairy Farm Permitted for 1470 with 494, 636 Operating Dairymedford Area-Taylor CO, 633 Heifer Raising Facility ON Acres Athens Areamarathon CO, Glenwood City, Wisconsin Dairy Farm For Sale. The herd averages 8000 litres and 600 kgs milk solids a year.

The cows are sired by Uudin, Foske, Valpas and Cigar. These cows are all the vendors Holstein and xbred cows and are only being sold as he wishes to milk Jerseys. 180 Heifers - 100 Jerseys and 80 KiwiX, 119 1st / 3rd KiwiX cows. From Holsteins, Jersey, Cross Breeds, Guernsey, Swiss, ... #DD1905 - Organic Holstein Fresh Heifers and Wet Cows - NY. The cows are in top condition and are medium to large framed.

Normally retained and joined for the Spring but the farm has been sold. Classy large framed cows. These bulls are suitable for heifers or crossbred cows.

Located Rochester, Serviceable Age Holstein and Red Holstein bulls. 250 cow herd. Located Northern Victoria. Located Northern Victoria. Large herd of excellent quality AI bred cows – Winter/Spring calved – comprising of 260 Holstein cows, 35 Friesian Jersey Xbred cows, 20 Aussie Red/Viking Red cows. Located Northern Victoria. Price: $2500.00 + gst. Selling 130 registered cows. Vendor willing to split the beef cross and the Holstein calves separate ways. Price: $2800.00 + gst per head.

Located Northern Victoria. If you're looking for Dairy Cattle for sale you've come to the right place. Stock for Sale. Price: $1750.00 + gst per head.

Large enough to do cows but not to heavy for heifers.

20 Aussie Red/Viking Red cows calved August-September. Price: $2980.00 + gst per head. Can be registered if required. Price: Holsteins $2200.00 + gst per head and Xbreds $1800.00 + gst per head, a/c Coldara Holsteins – 13 Registered Holstein heifers 2018 born (1 is 2017 born). Well trained staff.

For Sale: 10 Holstein, Jersey Bulls.

2.5 – 3 years old. a day with excellent type.

Price: $1500.00 + gst per head. We are selling one of our sweet, Jersey cows which is an awesome opportunity for one of you! Deep deep pedigrees.

Calving now to Angus & Murray Grey bulls with 10 calved in the last week. All classified @ 2yr & many re-scored. Due from the 9/10 – 30/10 to a stud Shorthorn bull. April/May born calves, weaned off milk. Majority are Angus and Hereford heifers with a small number of Santa and Shorthorn. AND if you can find one she usually costs $3000. Price: British White Cross  $650.00 + gst per head and Holstein $550.00 + gst per head, 35 Angus-Holstein cross heifers with Angus calves at foot 2-10 weeks old. We're bringing buyers and sellers together in the Dairy Industry so we can buy, sell, trade, and save. All heifers are AI bred by sires such as Balisto, Crush, MVP and more. Price: $1100.00 + gst per head, 17 Holstein steers. Located Northern Victoria.

Up to 13 generations of AI sires.

Currently averaging 35.6 litres, 2.23 kgs of milk solids, 65 days in milk and a cell count of 94.

Search, Post and Sell Dairy Farms For Sale. Genuine vendor bred cows.

22nd October 2020.

Listing # 32141053.

Priced from $2750.00 + gst per head, Serviceabe Age Angus Bull. Buyer's choice of 900 out of 1000 cows. Miniature Jersey Cows are a sound economic investment.

Price: $2500.00 + gst per head.

I and n pugsley. All young cows.

Price: $2500.00 + gst per head, 13 Superior quality AI bred registered Holstein cows. Result of Top AI Bulls for Several Generations... Nice uddered herd.

Will be pregnancy tested prior to delivery.

RHA 28,000. Out on grass and hay ready to grow out well in the Spring. Cows have been rejoined from 25th May for 2021 calving. Dairy Herds and Cows Holsteins For Sale. Located Northern Victoria.

Born Autumn 2020 out of a large framed herd of cows.

Mostly 2 and 3 year olds.

Price: $1750.00 + gst per head, 140 Holstein and xbred cows due to calve from the 10th August to end of September to AI Holstein sires. $ 1,850.00 Quick View #DD1752 - Jersey Cattle - MO. Premium Member. Displaying 1 - 20 of 390 . They produce up to four gallons of milk daily and yield higher quality marketable beef. More breeding detail and dams production figures available on request. A banner or listing ad is a great way to get the exposure you need from the audience that is already looking.

Young cows averaging 70#. 40 acre 300 cow dairy double 8 parallel parlor,6 row free stall additional feed area to allow 2ft bunk space per cow, bedding pack transition area, separate dr... Come see this modernized dairy farm on 320 acres in Vernon Co, MO. Jersey Cattle for Sale. Large herd of excellent quality AI bred cows – Winter/Spring calved – comprising of 260 Holstein cows, 35 Friesian Jersey Xbred cows, 20 Aussie Red/Viking Red cows.

Average cell count is 120 across the year and 8500 litres per cow. Ref.