Set aside. Thereafter, add in the cleaned & rinsed crab. Combine all of them well. Place 2 cups oil in wok or large frying pan over medium-high heat. Crab Curry Recipe goan style made in a lighter version. You have to run fast like an athlete to catch those sprinters from sea shores. This South African Crab Curry recipe is a favourite in many South African homes as South Africa has a lot of Indian influence so this crab curry is very well recognized in the city of Durban.This curry however is very similar to the South Indian recipe as many of our ancestors arrived from India years back & have passed these recipes down for generations. Now garnish with coriander leaves or curry leaves. recipeIngredient (used american measuring cup, 1 cup = 250 ml). It’s also deceptively easy to put together. Make sure the crab is defrosted as I find it is better to work with. Thank you so much for the lovely recipe ☺️. Gently add the pieces of crab to the gravy and cook uncovered for 10 more minutes. Female crabs tend to be more expensive, mostly because female crabs aren’t harvested nearly as much as the male ones, and female crabs also taste better (a little sweeter) in my experience. Do not discard of them as these will be cooked. Saute them for a minute. Saute all of them for about 3 mins on low or medium fire. Now add the desiccated coconut paste to the gravy. After separating, the carapace (outer shell) can be discarded off. Using a strainer, strain the tamarind water to get rid of the pulp that may have been left over.

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I agree to email updates from The Flavor Bender. If you’re buying pre-frozen crab, make sure it’s from a source you trust and that the crabs were frozen soon after they were killed and cleaned. Remove the crab legs and set them aside. Next time I get crabs this is the curry I am going to make! No matter where I lived or how old I was, making and eating this spicy Sri Lankan crab curry was an event.

And once you kill the crab, it’s also important to clean it immediately. Thereafter you will need to lift up the apron. Try serving this curry with plain boiled rice and plenty of gravy. We buy live crabs in bunches or vata (portion). In a small bowl, soak the tamarind in 1/2 cup of hot water for 10 minutes.

Take a frying pan. I’m so glad you and your husband enjoyed the crab curry!

Stir occasionally so that the garlic does not burn. Set aside in a bowl. Add salt to taste. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.,, Corn Tikki or Corn Patties (Step by Step), 1 tbsp oil for frying + 1.5 tbsp oil for curry, 5 to 6 Big sized Crabs Or about 10 small sized Crabs. Bring it to a boil on medium high heat and then lower the heat to medium, cover and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes, until the crabs turn pink and are cooked through. Also add the grated coconut.