They continued in Paris for two years longer; but on November 15th, 1536, they started for Italy, to concert with Ignatius plans for converting the Moslems of Palestine. These disposed of, he amused himself for a couple of hours with literary work; between six and seven he would converse with his friends or listen to his reader (a post held for some time by La Mettrie); at seven there was a concert; and at half-past eight he sat down to supper, which might go on till midnight. About 470 the conflict with Sparta was renewed in concert with the Arcadians, but al] that the Argives could achieve was to destroy their revolted dependencies of Mycenae and Tiryns (468 or 464). holly Hollies - Concert Review Crawley, The Hawth, 23 rd March 2006 - by Rob Bird The Hollies in concert. The seizure by Russia of the Chinese fortress of Port Arthur, which she had a few years previously, in concert with other powers, compelled Japan to relinquish, was from the Russian point of view the logical outcome of her eastward expansion and her need for an ice-free harbour on the Pacific.

The essential feature of the concert has been recognition of the advantage to all the great powers of common action in reference to territorial changes in the Near East, of meeting together as a council, in preference to unconcerted negotiation by the powers acting severally. The government was at first carried on by Schrenk and Pfordten in concert. tribute concert to the late ' Crocodile Hunter ' Steve Irwin. Electric lighting has been introduced, and there is an excellent golf course. The band then rearranged into big band formation to finish off the concert with some more lively music. The opening concert of the Series is a program built around the extraordinary talents of the Hungarian mezzo-soprano Katalin Károlyi. Upon arrival at the concert hall the band immediately rehearse the song again, by the way of a sound check. Vitamin D, along with vitamin A, phosphorous and calcium, work in concert to build strong bones and teeth and prevent tooth decay and osteoporosis. The concert and demonstration was given to Years 7, 8 and 9 accompanied by musicians from all other parts of the school. For example, you could try bowling, golf, going to a concert, a sports game or tour. December saw a sleepover for Philip 's birthday, Val to stay, Phil Buckley to stay, and Ian 's violin concert. The music program culminates in concerts at the UK's finest concert halls. The duc de Choiseul, who refused to acknowledge her, was disgraced in 1771; and the duc d'Aiguillon, who had the reputation of being her lover, took his place, and in concert with her governed the monarch. seat concert auditorium which has played host to a variety of performances, including choirs and orchestras. Mrs. Smith planned the party in concert with her sister. Collective notes are those signed by the representatives of several powers acting in concert. The proceeds of the concert were divided amongst her favorite charities. Slightly off center in the room stood a breathtaking, nine-foot, ebony Steinway concert grand piano. to draw up, in concert with twenty other theologians, the refutation of the Protestant Confession, but was obliged to rewrite it five times before it suited the emperor. If a musician or group of musicians appears in concert, they are giving a live performance. Could she be our concert pianist, we wondered? Hardly knowing anything of music, he attempted to give lessons and a concert at Lausanne; and he actually taught at Neuchatel. Over 8000 people gathered in the heart of Amsterdam to take part a Tibetan freedom concert condemning repression in Tibet and the death penalty. I really enjoyed the concert despite the loud and annoying people sitting behind me. Is there a concert, sporting event, or theater production coming to town? In concert they planned a lovely event. gramophone bought by the proceeds of a concert. The vocal works (opera, concert arias, masses) are in a separate volume with the green cover.
How To Use Concert In A Sentence? The political candidate claimed the media was making a … stockholders employees as concert hall and auditorium he's no longer.

Not only is this a cruise sure to have plenty of Bud Light on board, but there is also a scheduled VIP music concert with a popular artist (yet to be announced as of this writing). Play it up with a white blouse and dressy jewelry for that special occasion, or wear it with a concert T-shirt or casual sweater for a day at school. The busiest concert venue on the planet with 823,000 paying guests in 2003. wed 28th Wednesday Lunchtime Concert at Windsor Parish Church of St John the Baptist, High Street, Windsor. In concert with Jeanne Francoise Fremyot (1572-1641), widow of the baron de Chantal, whose acquaintance he made while preaching through Lent at Dijon in 1604, he founded the order of the Visitation, in favour of "strong souls with weak bodies," as he said, deterred from entering the orders already existing, by their inability to undertake severe corporal austerities.

You might also consider playing an adult board game, getting a hotel room, or attending an outdoor concert or theatre. In November 2002, we gave a concert of music by Thomas Tallis, including Spem in Alium, his famous 40 part motet. 2 Tickets for this concert have been over-subscribed. These conferences of all the powers serve in practice as a sort of common council in the community of states, just as the concert of the great powers acts as a kind of senate. During her short and relatively unproductive three-year stint as a café and concert singer (1905-1908), Gabrielle took on the name "Coco". Reviewed by: Maurice Reviewed on: 11 Nov 2005 A small-time gangster that wants to be a concert pianist. The concert will be conducted by Mark Elder and performed by pianist Stephen Hough. The detached building, formerly the stables, is converted into a fine concert hall; it is lighted by a vast glazed dome approaching that of St Paul's cathedral, London, in dimensions.
These chieftains acted in concert with the British representative in the country, to whom was given the title of resident commissioner. Wed 28th Wednesday Lunchtime Concert at Windsor Parish Church of St John the Baptist, High Street, Windsor. The governor and his subordinate plundered in concert, till in 78 Dolabella had to stand his trial at Rome, and was convicted, mainly on the evidence of Verres, who thus secured a pardon for himself. Any type of event, from a bake sale to a large-scale concert, will benefit from a raffle. By the time of the above memories, the BH Concert Hall was the regular venue, suitably decorated with potted palms! concert promoters can post concerts free of charge on the site. It was largely due to his tact and good management, in concert with Lord Pauncefote, the British:ambassador, that negotiations for abrogating the ClaytonBulwer Treaty and for making a new treaty with Great Britain regarding the Isthmian Canal were successfully concluded at the end of 1901; subsequently he negotiated treaties with Colombia and with Panama, looking towards the construction by the United States of a trans-isthmian canal. A concert version of Offenbach's comic operetta by Wantage Choral Society. foyer of the concert hall becomes home to a specially constructed self-contained theater. The principal buildings of entertainment are the aquarium (also used as a concert hall); the museum, a rotunda in Doric style, containing excellent antiquarian and natural history collections; two theatres, and the assembly rooms attaching to the Spa House. Lord Maxwell, earl of Morton, as a Roman Catholic, mustered his tenants here to act in concert with the Armada; but on the approach of King James VI. Price: £ 40.00 Small Faces and Others UK handbill 1966 An original UK concert handbill from the Pavilion Bath.

Gwyneth first met Chris backstage at a 2002 Coldplay concert. Other projects have included numerous opera galas as well as concert performances of opera galas as well as concert performances of operas by Britten, Rossini, Verdi and Puccini. But when Laurie Anderson composed a drive-in concert of motorists beeping car horns, she was being creative.

It is good to make sure the message and the mission of the campaign are always in concert with what the organization stands for. You can also take kids to a children's theater production, an art museum or a concert appropriate for the age range. King's Island also offers more general entertainment through a variety of games and concert presentations. A stroll through the Conservatory of Flowers, along with a picnic lunch at the concert, could make a wonderful first date or a twenty year anniversary. MAGMA CONCERT NEWS The Magma concert in Reims (Stella says it is planned for September 94) will include a symphony orchestra. Spanish diplomacy endeavoured to obtain the patronage of Italy and Germany with a view to secure the admission of Spain into the European concert, and into international conferences whenever Mediterranean and North African questions should be mooted. The two nutrients work in concert to help strengthen bones and prevent disease. In 1889 concert performances of grand opera were started, and in 1896 a chorus was formed, thus making it possible adequately to present the operas. Having failed in an attempt to invade Bavaria in concert with Torstensson he seized Rottweil, but was mortally wounded there on the 17th of November 1643. a musical performance put on by one or more musicians/singers Examples of Concert in a sentence I lost out concert tickets, so we won’t be able to go to the musical we’ve been dying to see. He took the lead in establishing the European concert during the Armenian troubles of 1896, and again resisted isolated action on the part of any of the great powers during the Cretan troubles and the GrecoTurkish War. 1) She was appearing in concert at Carnegie Hall. In addition to an evening concert, three participatory workshops cover folk guitar playing, samba drumming and folk tunes. Not only was its very existence an obstacle to .the T he Parcy a n d the spread of their temporal power in the peninsula, Norman but it frequently acted in concert with the pope 's Kingdom enemies and thwarted the papal policy. symphony cycles with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Kurt Masur at the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens. In response to the criticism, Sting says that the concert was for charity and backed by UNICEF. December saw a sleepover for Philip's birthday, Val to stay, Phil Buckley to stay, and Ian's violin concert. congratulate the new tsar on his accession and arrange a concert in the Eastern Question. I was accosted multiple times by people pleading for concert tickets within a few blocks of thevenue. Teenagers may want to wear a punk style to a party or concert, or even everyday as a form of personal expression. 4) Britain has to pursue policies in concert with other EU members. At Basel (April July 1795) republican France, having rejoined the of concert of Europe, signed the long-awaited peace with Prussia, Spain, Holland and the grand-duke of Tuscany. • Most internships don't pay money but may offer other incentives (such as free tickets to a concert or lunch). five-finger exercise if you're a concert pianist. Country songs often have a slight twang to them, so finding lyrics that also shows the melody and harmony will help people who need to perform the country version of a traditional holiday song in a live Christmas music concert.

There was a volume and compass about it which can never be reached in a concert room. He would see some of the delegates that very evening; concert passwords and signals. Tickets to a concert: Getting tickets for your favorite concert can be a great gesture on Valentine's Day for any guy. Just the fact that Alice had never done a full fledged concert with just one guitar got me pretty psyched up to do it. sellout concert in New York City, The Alarm were joined on stage by Neil Young.