How is the taste of only black sesame. When we were browsing the shelves of 99 Ranch Market over the weekend, I suddenly thought about my long-forgotten recipe of stir fried gluten balls. Your recipe was a good start – but I will need to tweak it a little to suit our preferences. They are spherical and roughly golf ball sized. However, my son is allergic to nuts.

Stuffed Gluten Balls is a great dish for a party. I liked the Black Sesame balls but I wanted to know if you could tell me how you can make the rice balls with peanuts.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. And my brother’s. Bill Zigrang (Business partner from Shanghai by way of Nashville). Would that be a reason you don’t like the taste? Thanks for sharing, I want some now! Add salt to taste. An under-stuffed gluten ball will not be as round after cooking, but there’s no harm done! Here is an alternate filling you can use. Add the gluten balls. it was really my pleasure to share this classic recipe that my grandfather shared with me. Hope this helps. They’re about 4-5 cm in diameter, fried and crispy. The way you have submitted the information over is very informative and organised. I asbsoblutely love Tang Yuan. Dan dan noodles: The tang yuan cracks because it gets freezer burn from dehydratation. Don’t overcook the mushrooms, or they’ll turn dry. This step definitely takes patience and care! Dampen the ball and roll it gently in the sesame seeds.

You all know how I LOVE a good slow cooker (you can find my favorite gluten-free slow cooker recipes here) but I’ve never even thought of making Chinese cuisine in mine! Hi Kay, yes you can change the stuffing. Yes I blend my sesame seeds with sugar and nuts (if you use them) and of course please feel free to adjust the sugar amount to suit your own taste. It doesn’t actually explode, otherwise you’d be sent to the hospital…. thanks Janet. If you’re trying to find an interesting way to cook vegetables, definitely give the fried gluten balls a try next time you’re at the Asian market.

Thank you! Instead, they’re a tasty, very special homemade treat, usually served on holidays. Thanks. 1 shallot, finely chopped

Definetly will try it out Add the Shaoxing wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, 1 star anise, and 2 ½ cups water. With care, use two chopsticks in a turning motion to make the opening bigger, about 3/8” in diameter and no more than ½”. This is awesome. However, by now, the filling already inside the gluten balls will have moistened and further broken down the inner structure, creating space for more filling. Saved by Omnivore's Cookbook. I am just used to red bean fillings. Looks so yummy. I am going to work on making the recipe print friendly. Thank you for the great recipe. It is a family recipe and my mom cooks it almost every week. (The beautifully shaped ones broke apart when I picked them up for boiling…so sad). Additionally, you can also increase the amount of peanuts because peanuts have a good amount of oil. This is splendid and mind soothing. Slice the tops of each ball making an opening just large enough to stuff meat through. Use the chopsticks to gently deconstruct the inner “structure” of the gluten ball to make room for the filling, while keeping it intact.

Want to know how to make them? (part 2). ¾ cup onion, finely chopped I've only made sesame balls twice in my life. Line platter with Napa cabbage.

But to use gluten balls in stir fried dishes, you need to soak the balls in water first to soften them. My suggestion is to make the rice balls then store them in a takeout box. If you prefer chicken style pieces rather than balls, try this version! Just make sure you place the tang yuan in a well sealed bag or box because they’ll crack if exposed to the cold air directly. Hi Joanne, I am so excited that you are trying out this recipe. Regarding the dough, I normally keep it slightly on the wetter side because the dough dries up very fast and once the dough becomes dry the ball will develop cracks. I made it tonight and it’s def a keeper. However, by now, the filling already inside the gluten balls will have moistened and further broken down the inner structure, creating space for more filling. Please let me know if this helps. Test taste and adjust with salt if necessary. –Replace Napa cabbage with 2 small bunches of baby Shanghai bok choy, sliced, for an attractive presentation. Over the years I have gotten many questions so I feel the need to update this post with fresh content and also a YouTube Video tutorial (find in a few paragraphs below). Gluten has taken such a bad rap, I’m hesitant to name this dish Stuffed Gluten Balls. As per your request I have converted all the measurements to grams. 8 ounces  ground pork With this detailed recipe, you’ll become a tang yuan master in no time. My alternate stuffing is found below, under VARIATION. With a chopstick, move the ball around so it doesn't settle on the bottom and burn. Great

i cant wait to make it soon! Mix flour, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl.… You should be able to divide and use up all the filling.

Place the coated rice balls in the refrigerator while you heat the oil. Can that be used and if so, what amount should I use? The balls’ round shape also represents family unity and completeness, which makes this a great new dish for your Chinese New Year feast. Fried gluten balls (面筋, mian jin) - a general introduction of fried gluten balls in Chinese cooking, how to prepare them, and related recipes. Also called seitan, it can come in a slab like a cake and also in nuggets from a can. I am sure the red bean paste version will taste just as good as the sesame filling. Tasted great but we (my daughter and I) preferred the filling to be less “runny” . Hi. Drain and mash. 165g Glutinous rice flour
Stir and cook for another 20 to 30 seconds if needed. Happy Chinese New Year!

The name of this dish in Chinese is 油面筋塞肉 (yóu miànjīn sāi ròu), which translates to: “fried gluten balls stuffed with meat.” Indeed, the recipe involves mixing together a flavorful meat & mushroom filling, carefully stuffing it into the fried gluten balls, and then braising them in a tasty sauce. They have a smooth golden surface and a crispy texture and are very lightweight. Could it be the humidity that makes the dough wetter than it should be? It uses gluten free soya sauce and rice wine vinegar for the base and coats the chicken in cornflour.