You need to be able to look at what’s going on in the game, and adjust. I am getting a 'Content Not Found' page from your link.

Is it maybe a private Facebook group? Teysa, Orzhov Scion functions the same way, using her combo with Darkest Hour. Just a phyrexian metamorph copying sharuum.

Check out my primer for French Grenzo Doomsday. Misordering the pile often loses the game. The larger concern is that hitting one opponent with this doesn't do anything to the others; in fact it probably helps them. This includes cards put into your graveyard or your opponents’ graveyards (though note that it does not include cards that are discarded or milled). Sharuum stands as an artifact combo pillar in the world of Commander, and as a result of these combos, she incidentally puts permanents into the bin – that is, she can put the same permanent into the graveyard multiple times. I also don't know how effective this would be against Stax/Hatebears. Landing a Gravecrawler into a Phyrexian Altar plus this end the game very quickly. player2:Gitrog could actually win by just punching you in the face with its beefy commander, though that's pretty unexciting. Then SBAs get checked when that player passes priority to the next player. I have been playing [[Bitter Ordeal]] in my [[Mikaeus, the Unhallowed]] deck for years.
Trigger resolves, return sharuum to the battlefield, sharuum trigger goes off again targeting phyrexian metamorph, return it to the battlefield as a copy of sharuum and it all goes off again.
It’s fun to play, and fits my passive style well, since the game can be won in any number of ways. cobblepott:player2, repeating a statement louder doesn't change its validity. Be sure to aim the Gitaxian Probe at the right player, so you know if it’s safe to go off or if you should wait a turn and hope they tap out.

Doomsday EDH is great power that comes with great responsibility. Teysa is a 2/4 for four mana that packs a punch by doubling your death triggers. The deck must contain exactly 99 cards, and one legendary creature who ‘leads’ the deck who can be cast repeatedly from outside of it (though woe betide you if it should get tucked).

This pile comes with the advantage of not playing cards that are (too) dead outside the doomsday combo. player1: Im not sure i agree with that. In an archetype like eggs, or possibly a sacrifice/GY-centric deck like Meren, you can effectively strip your opponent's decks of any relevant win-cons, especially in a combo heavy meta.

As a rule of thumb, for every cantrip you have in hand, you can replace a cantrip in the pile with more protection or mana. Every mono black deck maybe.

It may not immediately affect the board state, but people are building their board states around what they have in their decks, so by blanking their win cons or linch pins you ARE affecting their board state. You don't get to play what you steal. As othera have said in 1v1 I can more or less win with only three triggers on it. (optional) Counter the Mindbreak Trap, Fluster Storm or Overloaded Counterflux to protect the combo. The cost: [m]u[/m][m]u[/m][m]2[/m], 2 life. How do we get around those kinds of problems? player2:How does any of that help YOU though? That made Doomsday a poor card in EDH, because it was so difficult to reach the critical mass of spells required for it to work. If you have more mana, an additional piece of interaction can be played over the crypt. This pile is made of EDH staples.

You haven't actually GAINED anything. 04/20/2020: Swapped Bitter Ordeal for Lion's Eye Diamond Swapped Inquisition of Kozilek for Force of Vigor Swapped Duress for Mindblade Render Swapped Grafdigger's Cage for Collector Ouphe. Let me know what you think: I assume that an arcbound ravager is needed. This is the most popular pile for a reason, most decks should consider this the gold standard.

He started playing during Battle for Zendikar with Green/Black Eldrazi Aristocrats and still pays tribute to the plane with his Omnath, Locus of Rage storm brew. Brain Freeze, Tendrils of Agony, Bitter Ordeal or Grapeshot, The cost: [m]u[/m][m]2[/m], or [m]u[/m][m]3[/m].