Hi Sumit, I just downloaded. Now you can select weekends from the list. I have updated the tracker for 2016. Also, it would be great to test the number of days leave taken against the maximum allowed (for example; a maximum of 10 day’s annual leave per year; or 30 day’s sick leave per three year cycle). I am loving it. Thanks, I just downloaded the tracker, but not able to find how to open the xls, where it’s located in the downloaded folder. Hi Sumit. When you create the leave tracker for 2018, can you add a column after the employee name. Also, for me it’s showing Friday on Jan 1. One thing I would like to be able to do is when I add a new employee, I would like it to not include that employee in previous months; and obviously i would like to be able to delete an employee without affecting their previous months. Thank you! Here is the format of the calculator is available to help users: It shows you the best employee according to the regular behavior. Hello, Well done for the planner. Exactly what I was looking for! right click on scroll bar and then cut , past where you want. I’m pretty good at excel but this one was beating me. What do you think? Thank for your help! Any suggestions? Q: I need to track multiple years of leaves. Can you help me? I need the detail of leaves one year at one place. Any idea on how I can accmplish this? Hi Sumit, Thank you for sharing this spreadsheet. Is there a way to track hours instead of whole days or half days…. Also i need to add a column next to the employee name, but when i do this the 1st day of the month disappears – can any one help? Does anyone know if hours versus codes could be entered? It counts the leaves on working days only (those on weekends and/or holidays are not counted). Hope you could help me with these. Thanks! Hello Jamie. To enter the leave record for employees, use the relevant codes based on the leave type. When I opened up the sheet today, the only dates in January showing were from the 11th (today’s date) through the end of the month). Hey.. I have updated the template and now you can get the total number of leaves as well. is that possible? Hi, I have downloaded the 50 employees version and have changed the year for 2020, however in the process the macro to change month has become defective.When I saw to debug code, it highlights this part – Range(“A3”).Value = Range(“A3”).Value + 1 Could you please advise how I fix this so that I can continue to use. If it could be attached to this one, you would have a winner. Hi Sumit, thank you for the amazing piece of work.. i want to have a link of updates sheet .. which include summary of the leaves as well as employee ID and position. Thanks ahead , hi, with the newest version available, how do add more employees? If that day is a weekend or holiday, the color would not change. To help minimise human error we have locked some of the cells. its awesome leave tracker. There is no video tutorial on this, just the template. I wante Maternity to be different color than regular vacation. Is there anyway to know the VBA Code that runs in the back to keep the month changing? I have updated the Template. Thanks for the amazing tool! However, I’d appreciate if you could help me out with my scenario – I’ve selected the year Jan’16-Dec’16, and updated the leave plans for my team. HTH, Would it be possible to add extra columns next to name, such as team,…? Except for one thing. Couple of questions. Hi Instead of H2 which is Half Day Leave 2, I want to create a new code altogether as Unplanned Leave but still the value shows as 0.5 whereas it should get changed to 1 ideally. Hi Sumit, is there anyway to make this template based on a bi-weekly (2weeks) schedule? But how can I add minutes of late in the tracker so that it will add the leaves and lates. Once i enter the employee status the above mentioned leaves days has to credited in opening balance (column H, I, J). Thank you again for this it is AWESOME! Hi, great tracker although I am a little confused – when i put in a day off / vacation / sick leave etc. This is very wonderful. This tracker is exactly what I’ve been looking for! This logic is wrong. I left it that way as I was not sure if people would want to add their own codes (or randomly key in anything just to mark a leave). Thank you. The excel spreadsheet for tracking leaves of 50 Employee’s isnt working properly. Thank you so much. B12: where the month number appears using a scroll bar, showcalendar() SCHEDULE.Range(Columns(Range(“B12”).Value * 37 – 35), Columns(Range(“B12”).Value * 37 + 1)).Hidden = False End Sub. Hello Gehad..I have updates the template. Hi, This is amazing and just what I’ve been looking for, but when i download, the scroll bar isn’t working, any idea on what may be wrong or how I fix it? How would that be done? eg: my staff working on weekends or during national days, i need to count so that i replace their over time by holidays thanks. You can add more codes like this. Thank you so much for this! I hope you find this leave/vacation tracker helpful. If i take sick leave on 2 Jan 2016, the same leave will appear in 2 Jan 2017 But anyway thanks for this excel sheet! this is the Bestest excel i have used till date. how do i move the scroll bar further down the page? I am having the same issue as you! That way it will be marked and wouldn’t be counted in the total leave count. Simply protecting the entire sheet wont work. When I try to toggle from month to month, it starts off well, then slides to the end by itself, makin git hard to see specific months. And I do not see any xl sheet there. What if I want to deduct the half day from the available leave types (EL,CL or SL)? Select the month above. its awesome but kindly help me all the month sheet are of same holidays after using scroll bar.also how it is possible to change holidays for a particular month. Thank you again for sharing this, it has been very helpful! Hello, I would like to delete everything but vacation. Hi this is great thank you. Now you can select what days are working and which ones are not, I have one request, how can I add # of Leaves for a complete year, Hello Dilshad.. For the record, our 1/2 day options are Half day holiday (HH), Half day sick (HS) and Half day other (HO). However, I am unable to use is as the triangle icons do not work. I have updated the template so now you can get total leaves for the entire year as well. How can I make it to where an absence will drop off after 90 days? after adjusting the holiday list, the tracker color has not changed. Hope this helps, Thanks a ton for sharing the excel sheet. Was wondering if you can maybe make a google sheets version that has months from Feb 2019-Jan 2020. Right click on the HSB and drag down in this way you can add more Rows in between. Can you explain the formula a bit? I should not be manually plotting the dates one by one. I have figured out what I was doing wrong! Any suggestions. How would I incorporate that? Create an Excel Spreadsheet For Sick Leave, Project Risk Management Plan Template Excel, Free Project Status Report Template Excel, Download Bookkeeping Small Business Templates. The leave tracker is extremely helpful. Can you please upload anything like that? I have employees with different days off on a regular basis, how can it be customized for each employees days off? Help please! Great work Dude !! Your Excel sheet id quite excellent. When the employee opens this excel sheet he/she shouldn’t be entering anything. Glad you found the template useful. Here is the direct download link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tv8rgeyrna70pg/Excel-Leave-Tracker-2016-TrumpExcel_v3.xlsm?dl=0. This would be helpful in knowing how many leaves can still be availed by each employee. You can download the updated tracker from the link in the tutorial. As of now, there is no way to classify holidays in the tracker. Thanks in advance! Since I created this vacation/leave tracker, I have been inundated with emails and comments. Thanks so much for this template. Are you able to assist in how I would add this and the formula I need to use? Hey Jonathan.. I need those informations to quickly manage shifts in the company. How can I do to count this particular 0.5day at the respective breakup column as 0.5 instead of counting as 1? and then for calculation of pro rata, you may give this formula, =ROUND(IF(C2=0,7,IF(C2<8,7+C2,14))/365*E2,1). When I scroll, it didn’t go to the month I wanted, instead it scroll to the end. You can select a start month and can track leaves for a year. I am very confused here, please help! need extra colum for department and id #. Although these sheets are easy to handle by beginner or professional, you can see the videos available as well. I’d like to change the fill color for the Sat & Sun columns. Right click on the scroll bar and drag it wherever you want it! It seems to work fine a multiple machines I tried, Is there a way to create more than one half days, say for sick leave or casual leave. When I protect the sheet the scroll bar no longer works! can anyone help. Nice skills! Forward this worksheet to your accounts department. A user interested in having annual leave record of the employee is able to do so. Thanks for the amazing template Sumit. I dont want these to add up to the leaves for the month or the year. Please could you tell me how I can add another leave type that counts half days. Hello Dale.. I only want it for that one year. I need to change to change one of the leave options to account for a half day holiday! If you have different employees working on different days, You can create different versions of this tracker. That way, it will not count it in total leave count. Anybody else having this challenge? How do I correct that? I need to be alerted if there is an employee who took more than 2 leave days in a 8 week cycle. The tracker is made to have all employees in a single sheet. How do I change it from 0.5 to 1? Is there perhaps a video on how to start it from scratch? How do I change that? I had the same problem. I really like the excel leave planner. How to do it? Just curious if there is a way I can add these functions. The leave tracker is one of the awesome-st thing i have seen! 2)Some employee are 5 working day, some is 6 working day and some is 5.5 day within departments. I understand the crtl, shift etc but where do I put that in the formula? Lo intente de varias maneras pero me sale error, Gracias!!! It also provides a monthly and yearly total of different types of leaves that can be helpful in project planning and leave management. But i experienced one issue regarding entry leave code. Hi, I like the tracker and would like to use it also. I am having difficulty tweaking it just a little, I’d like to know if you can help. Hi Sumit, this is really helpful however when i am trying to add more rows the scroll bar is reflecting in between, i try to hide but it is not working can u help, ALSO IF I UPDATE ONE MONTH THEN IT REFLECTS IN OTHER MONTH TOO, To change month, don’t use cell A1. I have few doubt to ask..! I’d really appreciate it. If I am able to update the holidays sheet, will the holidays carry over in the leave tracker sheet for the year of 2018? I could not post the new tweaked spreadsheet here unfortunately. Great Job! Would it be possible to implement half-day Holidays on the holiday list? 1.How can we keep track of total vacation time allowed for each employee and then track the remaining vacation? Also the holidays marked are missing. As soon as you specify the non-working days, those weekdays get highlighted in gray color in the leave tracker.