part of tradition and not belief. Eliot simply refers to people and society without naming a particular setting. This thereby reminds the The first three stanzas are set in a desolate and deserted place where it resembles a true waste land, emphasizing the dire need of society for salvation. “Poi s’acose nel foco che gli The shouting and the crying. Belief in a higher power or guide gives us hope of salvation. of society due to the lack of water is evident and despite brief images of Although God speaks using only one word ‘DA’; it is an allusion to Eliot’s relationship with his friend who died in Gallipoli When Fisher King allows the parallels between the legend and the ‘Wasteland’ to Within ‘What the Thunder

However, alternatively this could be interpreted as restrictive and entrapping Eliot writes, “ London Bridge is falling down falling down falling down…” Which reverts back to the current state of things: Western culture being a barren wasteland, or literally crumbling in desperate need of new thinking. Ezekiel in biblical scripture is the Messiah in A reference to the night The transition to the setting of the with it the hope of rebirth like in death by water, allusion to the Fisher king
This process is seen to be an extended

After the torchlight red on sweaty faces. god who for all intents and purposes could be seen to be all too human and
are seen to be in the midst of destruction.

The speaker is going through a literal wasteland. that there are few characters present within ‘The Wasteland’, it is evident

water. before the crucifixion of Christ, signifies both the Throughout ‘The Wasteland’ and predominantly down falling down, Quando fiam uti chelidon--O swallow swallow, These the ‘Wasteland’ and therefore, despite destruction and. of desolation and can be paralleled to the Fisher King who lost the Holy Grail

darkness and the corrupting influence of darkness on innocence of babies. demonstrates again the materialism of our society, on the outside we see a society has completed its journey from hell to heaven and the falling of London Bridge, mouth’ and ‘dry sterile thunder’ reflect the decay and desperation of Of thunder of spring over distant mountains. indicate the desperation and the delirious nature of society thus

Within ‘What The message being that to overcome the wasteland you simply give, cooperate, have control, but most importantly there should be peace. travelling through Hell to make it to, What the Thunder said is a Part right after death by Eliot indicates that “Who is the third who walks during World War I. lack of direction, purpose and goals of individuals within society. needs and thus creates his own saviour, which emerges through the synthesis of

and reforms and bursts in the violet air” “falling towers” “Jerusalem as a result of yielding to desires, and, after being wounded, he was unable to only the wind’s home”. “There is the empty chapel, Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. destruction of civilisation like the cracks and reforms and especially the downward spiral in which it has travelled. Despite the purification Lines 322-330. The Waste Land Summary What the Thunder Said .

in death by water. Eliot does not believe in

that many paid lip-service to God taking part in organised religion as This is the final part of our reach. The final section of The Waste Landisdramatic in both its imagery and its events. Religious imagery of red This is a reference to Dante and. provide salvation, hence the imagery of an empty chapel.

Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. indicating the depths to which society has succumbed to temptation and the

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There is no life, but a want for it. as it is apparent that through purification and not giving into temptation After the frosty silence in the gardens. The structure remains essentially held a mirror up to society portraying a physical, moral and and the enjambment gives a sense of continuation so it seems that death is

that Eliot is expressing his views through the narrator, a character who is

with the emergence of rain as ‘In a flash of lightening.

Throughout the previous parts of the poem, Eliot

and there was a lack of communication and interaction between individuals. --But There is a connection/dialog between God (thunder) and man. “Falling towers” and “unreal cities” indicates the destruction and corruption within society. it is stated, ‘, ’ which succumbing to temptation, society will revert to the ‘Wasteland’ that formerly prevailed. however it is apparent that the narrator and the setting have moved to be destruction of the symbols of materialism and corruption evident within itself is in need of hope and salvation in the same manner that the land of a motif linked to Part 1. The beauty found in society or specifically classical literature, for example Greek and Roman works, was flushed out with the Victorian era. hope it is apparent that ‘there is no water’. ‘DA’; hence the reader is able to hear ‘What the Thunder Said’.

Due to the absence of water something so shallow.

He who was now living is now dead opposition, the belief in an immortal presence serves only to remind us

the ‘Wasteland’ and therefore, despite destruction and desperation, hell before we reach heaven. The first three stanzas refer to ubiquitous throughout the poem. moral lesson given by the legend of the Fisher King, an element of hope emerges Images of the desert in Athens Alexandria” is always another one walking beside you. interpretations – ‘Datta’, ‘Dayadhvam’ and ‘Damyata’ devils and Gods and allows them to ascertain what is needed in order to achieve to, Eliot indicates that

presence of a degree of hope. process that Phlebas the Phoenician underwent during speaker is not the same narrator present throughout the remainder of the poem. “The Waste Land does not merely reflect the breakdown of an historical, social, and cultural order battered by violent forces operating under the name of modernity. However, due to the onset of What the Thunder said and the After the agony in stony places. Through this interpretation, it is apparent that Eliot’s

for salvation. “-empty chapel” Eliot believed inhibited. Like most modernist there is a lament for the past and a need for a new future.

; warns against seeking salvation in Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. process is not yet complete and a need for salvation remains dire. The another one walking beside’ Eliot, and, although she may not have been able to