While I’m game for many animalic fragrances, I just can’t get past the opening. Oudh fragrances are very skin sensitive. I'm planning to buy this when I'll be the groom. Can't say I ever cared for this odd mixture of winter odors, but Tobacco Oud took me right back there. and that's pretty much it. You need to be logged in (or register here) to use Private Notes. It’s not a love at first sniff but when you get into it, becomes one of the best Tom Fords fragrances. The tobacco in it is pure and classic, I must confess I’m startled by this.

Holy sh!t is this strong! However, the composition turns sweet quickly and is really nice.

Today it was the first time I smelled Tobacco Oud, unfortunately I haven't smelled amber absolute. I don’t care to sniff the Intense version because I’m sold on this one. The oud adds that smokiness to the whiskey and creamy sandalwood.

I like this perfume a lot, but would not feel it justifies the Tom Ford price tag. You get that blast of oud and it is heavy.

Purchase instantly and when the dry down Came WOW talk about romantic.

A slightly sweet spicy/ashy boozy tobacco. It's setting off mixed feelings for me because I don't live that life anymore but that's what fragrances are about, reliving memories through scents.

La note de tête est Whisky; les notes de coeur sont Notes épicées, Cannelle et Coriandre; les notes de fond sont Tabac, Oud, Bois de santal, Patchouli, Encens, Benjoin, Vanille et Cèdre. Guys, guys..

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Starts off with an ashy vibe that I love and stays there throughout the mid. There's no oud here for sure but it's stunning -if you love pipe tobacco- and manly. No.

One small spray lasts all day, and sillage is just about on the side of subtle enough to not overpower those around you. The tobacco shortly joins the Oud and the aroma grows tamer but not much. This is less a review and more an in memoriam. Either way this is a 10 out of 10 for me. Find myself sniffing my are often. Your time is your own.

Niche fans know that oud smells, but because it is so expensive, it is used mostly as a top note and usually disappears quickly.

Then as the day went on, I COULD NOT STOP SMELLING MYSELF!

I am constantly receiving compliments from both women and other men, many of which ask for the name of the scent. This is a "Silk Route 2.0" perfume that is an embodiment of modern trade and globalization.

I blind bought a bottle of this scent for my partner because I love dirty scents and because the previous reviewers were put off by the dirtiness.. I found out this morning (via Luckyscent while choosing testers) that this is now discontinued.

I was expecting that cigarette smell that I love so much but it's not like that, it's something medicinal. Nor did the oud, I'm afraid. The whiskey is almost not noticeable. The oud here is just a background shrill pierce that raises the octave by about half a notch.

If you wear black suits and you are a business man , this should be your scent.

Does not work for my skin. And by older man I mean 80-120... Yeah, that old. I *totally* think a woman can wear this alone without raising any eyebrows, but you better be going for seriously sultry. Heavy sandalwood with a bit of spice on application, ages to sandalwood and pipe tobacco with some sweetness after a bit.