Notify Human Resources when you return from parental leave, to make sure employee status in EBS is correct and accurate. TEMPLATE PARENTAL LEAVE POLICY (In line with the provisions of the Labour Laws Amendment Act, 2018) Maserumule Consulting Learning Organisational Growth (Pty) Ltd t/a Maserumule Corporate Employment Law Reg no: 2001/004653/07 PO Box 3272, Tygervalley 7536 Tel: +27 21 914 3321 Fax: +27 21 914 8513 E-mail: . All other requirements and provisions under the FMLA will apply. An employee, who has taken parental leave, but chosen not to take the paid leave option, may on return to work qualify for a payment equivalent to the amount of leave taken (maximum 12 weeks), based on their normal pay rate and FTE applying prior to their taking leave. Plans and Strategies Notice of intention to take leave must be provided at least three months in advance. Paid parental leave is compensated at 100 percent of the employee's regular, base pay. Notify Human Resources when an employee off on parental leave returns from leave, to make sure employee status in EBS is correct and accurate. Access to the University’s parental leave provisions does not affect the individual’s entitlements under the government’s paid parental leave provisions. Paid Parental Leave Policy FAQs . Stokes adds that without a competitive parental leave policy, candidates will choose other companies to work at. Divisional HR staff will be available to help both the staff member and the Department reach an agreement that protects the best interests of the family/whānau. If a birthing mother is placed on a medical leave of absence before the child’s birth, then the mother must begin a qualifying medical leave of absence by using available sick quotas. Adoption leave, including whāngai, is unpaid leave of up to fourteen weeks over the time of an adoption. Paid parental leave taken under this policy will run concurrently with leave under the FMLA; thus, any leave taken under this policy that falls under the definition of circumstances qualifying for leave due to the birth or placement of a child due to adoption or foster care, the leave will be counted toward the 12 weeks of available FMLA leave per a 12-month period. Sick leave quotas may not be used to cover this time; the employee may use vacation, personal, or unpaid time. An employee who is absent on paid Parental or Adoption leave for less than twelve weeks can receive payment only for the number of working days absent. Please see the support staff sick time policy for further details. Approval of applications outside this timeframe and/or the terms and conditions will be at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources. The principles underlying the Parental Leave Policy should be borne in mind, and an agreement reached that protects the best interests of both the family and the department. It is their duty to alert selection panels to their application under this provision; otherwise no concession will be made. Upon a child’s birth, birthing mothers must begin a qualifying medical leave of absence by using available paid parental leave. If you have any additional questions, please contact your servicing Human Resources Office. Student Services, Type If sick quotas are exhausted, it is optional to use vacation or personal quotas prior to becoming unpaid if the mother has not yet given birth. Where the expiry date of a fixed-term agreement is less than six months from the return to work from parental leave, the employee will not in the first instance be eligible for any payment. For the purpose of this policy, adoption is deemed to incorporate Whāngai (adoption under Māori customary practice). Accommodation Application under this provision is at the discretion of the applicant. Employees returning from a period of Parental Leave may wish to work reduced hours for a period or take up a part-time position within the University. In no case will the total amount of leave-whether paid or unpaid-granted to the employee under the FMLA exceed 12 weeks during the 12-month FMLA period. Employees (male and female) are entitled to parental leave on the birth or adoption of a child - regardless of their type of contract (part-time, full-time, etc.).. New Zealand, AskOtagoPātai ki Otāgo Partners of mothers/primary parents are entitled to take up to two weeks (ten days) of paid leave based on their pay rate and FTE applying immediately prior to their taking leave. Health & Safety Information & Communications Technology Approved employees will be notified in writing of their approval, with the employee’s supervisor and unit human resources professional (if applicable) copied. +64 3 479 7000 Where Whāngai takes place, supporting evidence including a reference or references from within the Māori community must accompany the application. JP Morgan's parental leave policy suggests that the primary caregiver was the one who gave birth, which meant Rotondo (the non-birthing parent) was only entitled to two weeks of paid leave… Procedures Notice of leave must be made in writing to the University on the Parental Leave Application Form, stating types of leave required, proposed dates of leave and whether leave is being shared with a partner. Once parental leave is exhausted, Human Resources will process all subsequent actions in EBS until employee has returned to work. In general, you must have been working for your employer for at least a year to get the full amount of parental leave. Human Resources will administer all necessary leave and time entry in EBS. The two week paid leave entitlement for partners employed by the University is in addition to the 52 week total entitlement, but no individual may take more than 52 weeks in total.