1 Judith's father was Marquis, Saint Eberhard of Friuli and her mother was Gisela Roman. Judith (925 – 29 June after 985), a member of the Luitpolding dynasty, was Duchess consort of Bavaria from 947 to 955, by her marriage with Duke Henry I. It was decided to divide the empire between the three brothers. His private virtues were no less remarkable. She made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and, upon returning in 973, had to witness the rebellion of her son and his deposition by Emperor Otto II. Judith av Friuli [Friaul p tysk] var h yst sannsynlig datter til Eberhard av Friuli og Gisela av Franken, datter til Ludvig I le Pieux av Franken. [1] He was an important political, military, and cultural figure in the Carolingian Empire during his lifetime. [2] She turned out as a capable ruler over the vast Bavarian territories when she married her daughter Hadwig to Duke Burchard III of Swabia and also arranged the marriage of Henry the Wrangler with Princess Gisela of Burgundy, thereby forging a stable alliance between the South German duchies and the Burgundian kingdom. Saint Evrard, in his position as Duke of Friuli, was made a captain/leader of the resistance. They menaced Rome and pillaged it many times. about 0837died about 0905children (from 2nd marriage):*Burkhardt In 938 the king campaigned the Bavarian lands, declared Eberhard deposed and enfeoffed his uncle Berthold as duke. Eberhard was from an illustrious Frankish family, though his parentage is debated. [4] Saint Arnoul, a courageous warrior, who was, it is said, the father of Godefroid, Bishop of Cambrai-Arras, had been attached to the court of a noble lord, his relative. They maintained public prayer. Among the rich domains the Princess brought with her in her dowry, Count Evrard found the fisc of Cysoing. [4] After his later campaigns in the defense of Italy, the remains of Pope Callixtus I were re-interred in the Abbey at Cysoing. "[4] He was so devoted to his master that he eventually died for him[9] thus attaining martyrdom.
3168 General Notes: Judith was living in 864. His zeal for the glory of God, to spread the Truth, to convert the infidels, was celebrated throughout the Church. Saint Evrard was known to enjoy singing with the choir. von Schwabenbiographical and/or anecdotal:notes or source:ancestry.com, Berenger I Marquis of Ivrea King of As soon as his age permitted him to carry arms, Eberhard took part in numerous military expeditions. Eberhard (c. 815 – 16 December 867) was the Frankish Duke of Friuli from 846. The religious lived there under canon law in a community with all the rigors of the cloister. Judith (925 – 29 June after 985), a member of the Luitpolding dynasty, was Duchess consort of Bavaria from 947 to 955, by her marriage with Duke Henry I. de Bourgognedied about 0902spouse (2nd):*Adalbert Discover life events, stories and photos about Judith of Friuli (0837-0874) of of Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. [4], Already, in the century before (in 752), the little hamlet established on the royal fisc of Cysoing has been made famous through the martyrdom of Saint Arnoul. Judith remained loyal to her husband, even when he was temporarily expelled by the Bavarian nobility during the revolt of his nephew, Duke Liudolf of Swabia, in 953. The third, Adélard, got the lands of Cysoing, Camphin, Gruson and Somain, with charges and respects of all the properties of the Abbey in these regions. The project was long and difficult, and was not complete at the time of Evrard's or Gisèle's deaths.

After the bloody battle of Fontenay (25 June 841), he left the ambassadorial envoy of Lothaire near that of Lothaire's brothers for peace negotiations. Although a layman, Eberhard was not only literate but possessed an extensive library, which is detailed in his will. He became even more glorious through his martyrdom. According to the Annales iuvavenses, he even proclaimed himself anti-king after Conrad's death in 918, nevertheless he reconciled with King Henry three years later. 0825 Auxerre, Francedied about 0887children (from 1st marriage):*Adalgunde [1] Through this matrimonial alliance between the Luitpolding and Ottonian dynasties, the Bavarian duchy entered the growing Kingdom of Germany, and Judith's descent would back the recognition of her husband's rule. The social question of the time, that of serfs, also preoccupied Saint Evrard. [4], The eldest, Unroch, got all properties in Lombardy and Germany. The preparatory conference took place in 842 at Milin, near Châlons in Champagne. He wrote his own name "Evvrardus".

Upon Berthold's death in 947, Henry I succeeded him as duke. This will was made in Italy, at Musiestro Castle, in the county of Trévise, in 867. Judith of Friulia 0850-0874 Heilwig of Friulia 0850-0936 Adalard of Friuli (Abbot of Cysoing)-0874 Raoul of Friuli (Abbot of Saint-Vaast and Saint-Bertin)-0892 About FamilySearch It's all about family. Count in the Baar Marquis in Rhaetiaborn about 0865 died 0911*Dietbirg de Cys. Eberhard had another daughter who carried the name of Gisèle, her mother. Her paternal grandparents were Hunroch of Friuli and Engeltrude Paris; her maternal grandparents . For other people named Judith of Bavaria, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Judith,_Duchess_of_Bavaria&oldid=976481443, Burials at Niedermünster Abbey, Regensburg, Articles needing additional references from December 2009, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 September 2020, at 05:10. Eberhard strongly deplored this fighting/battling and fratricide and made all efforts to bring it to an end. "[4], Sometime after this solemnity, Eberhard returned to Italy. His name is alternatively spelled Everard, Evrard, Erhard, or Eberard; in Latinized fashion, Everardus, Eberardus, or Eberhardus. He never forgot those who he didn't free, and tried to improve their lots. Emperor Louis the Debonaire went to die (840) and the war, a cruel war without mercy, exploded between the Emperor Lothaire and his two brothers, Louis the German and Charles the Bald. (Everard) Marquis of Friuliborn about 0800 Fruili, Italydied 16 December died 0936*Berenger I Marquis of Ivrea King of born about 0844 Friuli, Italy*Ingeltrud von Friulispouse Judith was living in 864. After her husband's death, she acted as regent of Bavaria during the minority of her son Henry the Wrangler in 955-972.