In this geography skills worksheet, students study the provided map of the United States in 1790 and then complete the provided quiz over the 17 states and territories. In this world geography worksheet, students study the map of Europe and locate the 48 countries within the continent. Researchers identify many different countries on a globe and select one for which they will create a presentation.

In this topography lesson, 6th graders utilize Google maps to view physical features of the Americas and label important areas such as the Great Plains, Appalachians... Students evaluate earth science by examining maps in class.

They read together and discuss Amelia's Fantastic Flight. Students are first asked to compare geographic terms, then organize problems and solutions of theme maps. Students write the names on the provided lines.

They share their research and... Students create topography relief maps. In this multicultural lesson plan, students read the books A Promise is a Promise, Arrow to the Sun and Bein' With You This Way. This is a really neat worksheet! Encourage young learners to explore the United States with this printable map puzzle. This World Cultures & Geography curriculum map helps you plan or enrich your current content. Explore the five themes of geography using a collection of materials designed to guide your instruction and enhance comprehension. Students then fill in the capital city, major cities, and other state attractions. Students fill in the state capital, the major cities, and other state attractions. Free Interactive In this world map worksheet, students practice their geography skills as they label the 7 continents and 5 oceans. In this state maps worksheet, learners identify the state of Connecticut, and fill in the state capital, major cities, and other major attractions.

In this geography skills lesson, students watch "Asia's Global Influence," and then research the culture, landmarks, and geographic features of Hong Kong. Students then respond to 13 short answer questions about the content of the video. In this geography skills lesson, students discuss the type of maps that exist and what their individual features are. Pin point areas in Asia that went through decolonization and regained independence from colonial rule. In this state maps learning exercise, learners identify the state map of North Carolina. Students then respond to 18 short answer questions about London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. Eighth graders examine the growth of Plainfield, Connecticut using aerial maps.

Learners make predictions and identify locations on maps. In this geography skills instructional activity, students explore geographic themes as they complete worksheet activities regarding road maps, shaded relief maps, and topographic maps. In this geography skills lesson, students research selected nations to learn about the culture, industries, lifestyles, and foods that are eaten there. In this geography skills worksheet, students respond to 6 short answer questions about Greece's climate, landforms, and places of interest. Links to Google & Microsoft resources in my Map test! Enhance your class' geography skills using this resource. Teachers may use this physical map for various classroom activities. In this state maps worksheet, students identify the state of Indiana and fill in the state capital, major cities, and other attractions in the state.

Students study the purposes of maps. Did you know that birth and life rates vary across the world? Individuals or groups use books, the library, and the Internet to research one Asian country of their choice. Students fill in the capital city, the major cities, and other state attractions. In this physical map lesson plan, students locate and identify major mountain ranges of the world on a large physical map.

They sing the song We're Off to See the... What kind of animals live on an ice planet like Hoth? Fourth graders locate and identify geographical features and on a Kansas map.

Young scholars mold the shape of each continent to match a world map, and play games using... Learners explore natural disasters by participating in a role-playing activity. A comprehensive online edtech PD solution for schools and districts. Students explore the expedition of Christopher Columbus.

Their efforts culminate when they design a brochure comparing the... Fifth graders explore geography by participating in a mapping activity. An appropriate map can be printed using the Internet and placed under a document camera for the class to reference.

In this geography skills worksheet, students respond to 18 short answer questions about direction, bearing, and scale in commonly used maps.

In this engineering lesson, 5th graders identify the differences between latitude and longitude and practice locating precise points on a globe or map. Hand out this map of the East Coast of the United States and let learners mark each of the nine sites listed. They identify examples of how climate change impacts the earth's geo-spheres. Use the list of cities, countries, and water ways to correctly label a map of the regions associated with the Crimean War. In this map skills lesson plan, students identify the states' location and how to use a legend. Young scholars create postcards that feature Parisian... Students investigate the customs and culture of French-speaking countries. In this map lesson, students locate the North and South pole, and learn the four cardinal directions.

They fill out a blank outline of the world map with the names of the countries they studied. Track the expansion of Islam throughout the Mediterranean and Near East. In this state maps learning exercise, students identify the map of Maine.

Examine the trend in lactase production on the world-wide scale as science scholars analyze and interpret data. Including both fictional and non-fictional texts. Learners engage in a web quest, identify Puerto Rico on the map, and gather information related to physical features and cultural factors. Students then, look at a world map and compare the... Students discover mountain ranges and their locations in the world. Learners use a worksheet to answer questions related to what they learned in lecture and complete a homework assignment. Document the linguistic diversity and major language groups common to Europe in 1850. Students also label the 27 listed countries on the map.

Take a trip to Puerto Rico! In this geography skills worksheet, students examine maps of Latin America and then respond to 28 fill in the blank and short answer questions based on the maps and their knowledge of physical geography of the region. Students use the four main directions to locate features in the classroom. When learning about US geography, it can hard to remember facts about 50 different states. In addition, they examine the modes of transportation used by different waves of human... Just as the United States is a land of immigrants with many cultures, English has many words adopted from many other languages—which accounts for many irregular spellings of some words.