A cop chases two hippies suspected of a series of Manson family-like murders; unbeknownst to him, the real culprits are the living dead, brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by chemical pesticides being used by area farmers. There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. Then all of those zombies get dismembered, ground up and decapitated. It's terrible, for sure, but it's basically just an excuse to pull off every cheap, cheesy gore effect possible, with some feces thrown in for good measure. $0.00M. Not Rated After only a short while, an evil Nazi zombie curse is unleashed and all hell breaks loose. Overlord transplants the zombie genre into a World War II drama. The plot is as simple as it gets: a group of immature men leave town for a crazy weekend of boozing and womanizing — but when they show up at their intended destination, it becomes clear that a horde of zombies are on the loose. These are but a few. Starring Simon Pegg as the titular Shaun, a regular guy who lives a bit on the underachieving side, facing a zombie apocalypse with only a few friends and family to help fend off the undead hordes. Offering everything from drills through the chest cavity to a severed head getting freaky with a co-ed, Re-Animator keeps it from getting too heavy with a healthy dose of gallows humor. | Director: When two bumbling employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, the vapors cause the dead to rise again as zombies. While the acting certainly leaves a lot to be desired, White Zombie is prominent within the zombie genre, and its influence is simply undeniable. Marley Shelton. It's somewhat unfortunate that this film had to take place in a shopping mall and serve as a remake of Romero's classic, as aside from the setting it is a completely different movie - and a good one at that. Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond has amassed a large cult following over the years. Couple this with his falling in love with and obsessing over a recently dead zombie, and you have a delightfully weird film that's worth a watch or two. For the first time, the gang had actual monsters to run away from! These are concealed from all human beings. Everything coming out in the next few years is going to have some stiff competition. Get past the formulaic romantic setup and the reward is riveting, quiet terror — 1940s style. But outside of the genre-based significance, Romero's film succeeds in breaking an even greater cinematic taboo: showing a black man as a hero. 10 Best Movies on Netflix — A Playlist for Filmmakers (Nov. 2019), 15 Best Film Noir Movies of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers, The Tough Guy — 20 Best Robert De Niro Movies, The Ultimate Guide to Call Sheets (with FREE Call Sheet Template), How to Break Down a Script (with FREE Script Breakdown Sheet), The Only Shot List Template You Need — with Free Download, Managing Your Film Budget Cashflow & PO Log (Free Template), A Better Film Crew List Template Booking Sheet, Best Storyboard Softwares (with free Storyboard Templates), What is a Montage? R Ironically, it was the popularity of Zack Snyder and James Gunn's "Dawn of the Dead" remake that got George Romero the funding he needed to bring a new installment of his "Dead" series to life. Peter Jackson's blood-splattered comedic masterpiece may be the goriest film on the list, but it's so over-the-top that it's actually funny. It's gross and it's awesome. Alex Palmer, Votes: Patricia Tallman, | This Canadian zombie flick takes place in a small radio station during a snow storm. Things don’t always gel together as well as they could, but when they do, it’s a hoot. Nightmare City has to be seen to be believed.

For those who love that kind of gruesome mess, we've collated this list of some of zombiedom's most gorific films. Tell us what you think about this feature. Zomcon fights zombies and finds ways to pacify and use them. Clu Gulager, A zombie romance movie? "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" has fantastic and realistic zombies of the "freshly dead" variety. ), See also: Blood, boobs and bowling: Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer. The Serpent and the Rainbow is a superbly crafted horror film, both eerily atmospheric and visually stunning. About Us, While due diligence always goes to the classics like Day of the Dead and Zombieland, there have been plenty of great zombie flicks that proven this genre isn’t dead quite yet. Votes: 113,597 | Gross: $0.09M. | The best Nazi Zombie movie ever made. But slow moving zombies were old news, and the remake utilized the fast-moving, screeching zombies of 28 Days Later. You should be able to tell at this point that here at StudioBinder, we love our zombie movies. Rose McGowan, Well, all that can enjoy Troma-style gross-outs, anyway. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox, Denver Restaurant Directory: Takeout/Delivery/Dine-in, Denver Arts Week(end) Arrives With a Slew of Virtual Events, Five of the goriest zombie movies of all time, VAC basement on the University of Colorado campus, Blood, boobs and bowling: Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer. It looks as though it’s getting a big-screen adaptation soon starring Maisie Williams. 93 min | So tip yours hats to one of the funniest, most entertaining B-flicks of the 80s and prepare yourself to enter horror movie nerd-vanna. Comedy, Drama, Horror. We went into this film not expecting much and were pleasantly surprised. The forest of resurrection. | It’s a funny baseball movie to be sure, but the performance given by Tom Berenger is one of the best of all time.
RELATED: 5 Best Movie Zombies (& 5 Worst). It’s set during World War II. George A. Romero NEXT: 10 Zombie Movies With A Better Story Than George A. Romero's Dawn Of The Dead, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Savini does a respectable job of bringing Romero’s masterpiece to life and adds enough new twists and turns to make the movie worth watching. There’s plenty of witty one-liners and references to dozens of other horror movies sprinkled into the mix as well. 372,729 94 min
Anna and the Apocalypse gets a lot done with its charm. |

Edith Barrett. The blood and gore on vivid display is only matched by the wry social commentary that makes this film a solid time capsule into the excesses of the Reagan '80s. There have been many fantastic and massively influential zombie films throughout the years. Then look no further. Sure, there are zombie films that aren't particularly bloody, but they are the exception, not the rule. Help, Don't have an account yet? Stars:

Some of its more prominent rip-offs include 1940's The Ghost Breakers, 1941's King of the Zombies, 1943's I Walked With a Zombie, and 1966's Plague of the Zombies. Hell, no! The Dead is a refreshing tribute to the early Romero films, building suspense and atmosphere rather than overusing the shaky cam gimmick and CGI gore that we have grown so accustomed to. It’s a style that would later be known as film noir. Also her nurse, the local priest, some random thug and, eventually, a whole houseful of people. It's from this point that the genre would raise up from the grave and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. $20.70M. R Jorge Grau "They're coming to get you, Barbara," jokes Johnny to his sister at the beginning of George Romero's classic, which pretty much created the entire genre.

However, when the film made it to theaters, it earned quite a few converts, largely due to James Gunn's witty and action-packed script.