With any standard (i.e. I will be changing over to a better service provider the moment my contract is up which isn't too long now. As is standard among most broadband providers, EE offer the choice of ADSL (slower) or fibre (faster) broadband options with either option including a home landline inclusive within the price and unlimited downloads. and he confirmed that its everything done. EE deals review. EE, previously known as ‘Everything Everywhere’, is the UK’s largest mobile network operator. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Do yourself a favour And choose a different provider. After contacting them regarding my issue, I was met with lies about the minimum speed I should receive, and the connectivity, both of which EE promised I would be satisfied with. They just do not give a damn. AVOID!!! and he said that my contract with EE is still running and I must to pay them now £85 to cancelled contract during our phone conversation. Again?? With a 4GEE home router you can choose between an 18 month pay monthly plan, a 30 day plan or a pay as you go plan. When I'm in the middle of playing a game with friends, or if I'm watching films on netflix etc. Importantly if you have gamers in your household you will want to have a broadband connection that is both fast at downloads and uploads. Your post is waiting for approval from Fasterbroadband. Dan, Plymouth - Early Life Connection Crew. Their inability to offer a wifi network that lasts 10 seconds before dropping connection is laughable. This review is on behalf of Megan. N. All EE broadband packages are unlimited - no caps on data. The pirates are just robbing people blind if you are thinking of joining these pirates then dont they are just a bunch of liars save your money and go with some else dont make the same mistake we did. On top of its home broadband plans, EE also offers mobile broadband and 4G home broadband. Standard broadband is available in most UK households. EE broadcast must be the worst ISP i’ve ever used. This network making me to pay all year for nothing!!! I have had problem after problem . I dont need to pay anything anymore. There are no installation fees, it works simply via a router with a sim card. Their fibre broadband contracts are competitive and feature an excellent smart hub router. EE are an absolute disgrace. As standard, BT offer inclusive evening and weekend landline calls. It supports 802.11ac technology and is also backwards compatible with 802.11b/g/n, The EE Smart Hub is a dual band router which means it can provide Wi-Fi on both the standard 2.4Ghz frequency and the faster 5Ghz Wi-Fi range. However, EE will let you keep your router at the end of your contract. Despite BT & EE being part of the BT Group, their broadband and home phone packages are not the same. Product Review: EE may be better known for its 4G mobile phone service, but the company also offers home broadband packages. The basic EE Bright Box 1 is a 2.4Ghz single band router and comes free with any EE standard ADSL broadband package (10Mbps average download speed). Dan should be praised. If you have signed up to one of the EE fibre broadband plans then you will receive the Smart Hub router free of charge. We regularly offer exclusive broadband deals that are cheaper than going direct. EE is bringing another 4G router to homes that want to shun slow fixed-line broadband connections and tap into speeds of up to 90Mbps. Am on EE Fibre Plus was switched from BT on 25th Sept have been getting 69Meg Download Constantly, with no drop whatsoever to say I am pleased would be putting it mildly. We will sue them if he loses his job. EE broadband and BT are very similar pricewise, but their special offers do vary considerably. Disgusting relations .. people don’t ever spend your money on EE !Choose any other network , The broadband is so poor, rubbish signal and drops out all the time. EE now offer a range of services including: standard ADSL broadband, fibre broadband, 4G & 5G home broadband, landline call packages, mobile phones and subscription TV plans. Best EE deals. However I am constantly frustrated by the lack of consistency with this broadband service. In fact, it was the complete opposite. It happens almost daily. I was on hold for more than 40min till finally one Guy who's name Tristan answer the phone. Delivery was fine, however the speed is horrendous. Continue reading our review to find out. Written by: Michael Forrester Rating: 4 out of 5, Click back to the best EE broadband deals, Our guides will help you to make the best broadband choices, All EE broadband packages are unlimited - no caps on data, Extremely competitive broadband pricing - great value, Up to 20GB mobile data boost for EE mobile customers. I have reset my router. The Wi-Fi range is more than twice that of the Bright Box 1 router. When comparing the download speed to some other leading providers, the EE Smart Hub came out better than the Virgin Media Super Hub 2 AC, the Sky Q router and the Plusnet One router. It constantly just drops out, the hub goes from turquoise to red or flashing yellow for what seems like no reason. Guys I'm really disappointed with this network customer service! © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. If you are ordering EE broadband and opt to remove the landline service you will save £2 per month. I only found out after moving they use line throttling/shaping at peak times to slow down your downloads to get more use of the lines....my other provider didnt do that and I thought it was illegal. These are often cheap, but EE has done poorly in past broadband surveys. I’m really surprised by all the bad reviews! I DON'T WANT TO GIVE EVEN THAT ONE STAR. Also have EE Sim and get 5gig boost on Data as well, really nothing to complain about. N. Up to 20GB mobile data boost for EE mobile customers. Dan's customer service was exceptional. We don’t use third-party cookies to cross sell your data. I even asked to send payment confirmation by email or text message. This can cause a slight issue if you decide to upgrade your broadband from ADSL because it will mean you would need to get the newer router. The EE signal constantly drops, which means we have been unable to log on, access emails, watch movies properly or catch up on any TV shows on I-player types for the last 3 months. We also got a generous data allowance on mobile as a result. The good the bad and the ugly. EE was launched in 2009 after the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. It’s marketed as being free to all EE mobile subscribers who sign up to an EE broadband plan. Since joining with EE Home broadband it has been an absolute disaster.. What he did. Avoid and consider alternative providers. These plans start at £9.95 a month as a launch offer for EE … The EE Bright Box 1 router supports Wireless 802.11b/g/n with a maximum data transfer rate of 300Mbps.Visit EE Broadband, If you order any EE fibre broadband package, you’ll receive the EE Smart Hub router which is a re-branded BT Smart Hub. SXXT. After the first few months, all seemed well: stable connections, minimal connectivity issues and speeds were relatively fast. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! We have had EE for broadband for 2 years and never had any issues. The speed is too slow to work and logging on is almost impossible! Remember that most people only leave reviews after negative experiences! It can be cost effective if there are minimal users and only light usage (i.e. All you get from customer services is the same drivel, 'have you checked your speed using a cable rather than wifi?'. Router says it is connected but nothing happens.I have tested the sites on my 5g mobile and all are working. I’ve upgraded to an iPad Air 4 and now all I get is “no internet connection”. I never usually find the time to write reviews such as these, but on this occasion...I am so angry that I wanted to warn others before signing up to EE. But if you live in a household where there are plenty of Wi-Fi capable devices then you will likely want to consider one of the faster fibre options – particularly if those in the household enjoy streaming TV, movies and music which can use a lot of bandwidth. After another 30min, finally he took the payment from me. I have had many positive experiences with EE but unfortunately this is not one of them and is a constant frustration. Each provider has their pros & cons - it just depends what you need. This is more than adequate for small households (2 / 3 people) who want basic internet access for emails, online browsing and standard definition TV streaming. It’s the worst WiFi I’ve ever used. Less than 1gb/sec meaning constant buffering on BBC iplayer or Netflix which are unwatchable, couldn't even get onto Safari or Firefox browsers on my Mac desktop at the weekend.