Employees also value their mental health, aside from physical health. ", But it shouldn't be this way, Moen notes. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,90],'careermetis_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',106,'0','0']));Yes, this is an interesting way to lessen the workload of the employees. At the same time, everyone can have more time for families. Imagine being able to decide the method and technique by which you will accomplish a certain task. This challenge usually gives higher employee morale since they receive the trust the management puts to them. One of the Most Interesting Factors About the Workplace With Flexibility is the Permission to Work From Home or via Telecommuting. It is evident especially for those who are at varying time zones. We might earn a small income when you click on some of our links. The control group was excluded from the training and instead was governed by the company's preexisting policies. Please see www.deloitte.com/about to learn more about our global network of member firms. Advantages of Workplace Flexibility for Employers. The reason for this is that they feel that this kind of setting will increase their employee morale which can benefit the productivity of the organization in return. We had a long discussion on this small yet important issue.

The survey conducted by the Kenexa High-Performance Institute showed that 68 percent of companies with inflexible schedules experience “unreasonable” levels of work stress compared to the 20 percent of those businesses with time flexibility. This means that the employee can determine his/her work schedule among other things. Workplace flexibility encourages employees to find the best work-life balance strategy that best fits their realities. Micromanaging doesn’t even inspire confidence as it paints the picture that the employee is not capable of getting things done without direction. Companies haven’t been replacing laid off employees, leaving the remaining employees to pick up the pieces. Flexibility in work can be a number of different things, including: Managers can sometimes confuse some relatively minor and ordinary work adjustments with the idea of flexible working arrangements. Some employees leave their offices early so that they can attend their post-graduate studies. They wake up at 6 a.m., have breakfast at 6:30 a.m., commute, reach the office at 8 a.m., work until 5 p.m., commute, arrive home at 7 p.m., have dinner, watch the TV, and sleep at 10 p.m. This will help avoid the stress that comes with being stuck in traffic.

The rise of the concept of workplace flexibility, however, helps in countering this stigma. This is because people in different countries and on different continents can communicate and collaborate as effectively as those within the same environment. The gravity of this trust makes the employee feel that they are in control of their lives. The whole company can cut down on expenses. As already mentioned, providing employees with a chance to choose how, when, and where they want to work will put them in charge of their schedules which will bolster their confidence and will make them feel valued. Also, there will be a reduced turnover rate of valued employers as the simple opportunity to determine how they work will bolster their feeling of being valued and trusted. Social login not available on Microsoft Edge browser at this time. For example, some religions have their daily rituals.

It does not matter how much time employees spend in the office as long as they produce quality output. Creativity sparks easily, and communication is better when people are together in a room. You can attend a parent-teacher conference during the day, work the whole afternoon, drop by the gym for an hour or two, work again for some time, and meet the family for a dinner night out in just a day. The ultimate aim is to give the employees a casual environment to flourish and grow to reach the heights. Once they feel valued and trusted, they grasp the gravity of the responsibility on their shoulders. There is no need to hassle everyone when it comes to finding a compromise in these special accommodations. Some of these advantages are listed below: - An increase in employee morale - Increase employee attendance - Help create a good public image - Longer working periods - Higher chance of hiring and retaining top talents Women are not required to stay at home to become housewives while men do not have to leave the house to work. Aside from this, the workplace flexibility setting is also considered a smart strategy rather than an employee benefit. If you have flexible work hours, you will be able to balance work and life properly since you control your own time. The same study showed that 59 percent of those who experience “unreasonable” work stress in an inflexible setting would want to go. At the same time, when employees are allowed to work on the time and day that best suits them, they are more focused on their work. In reality, however, there are still some companies who are hesitant about. This means if anybody thinks that he/she has better interest or skills in any other department in the company, they can try out their luck in the new one. This will help them save money which is certain to make them happy and productive. They are a necessity to be able to reboot your mind and system. It boosts morale and prevents burn out. The top management of a company has to make sure to create an effective strategy on how to implement flexible work hours for the employees. Are you ready to join your new workplace? The whole company can cut down on expenses. It can be something as simple as a family photo or even a potted plant. On the other hand, both parents are employed in some cases. You can keep yourself healthy by going down to the gym, or you can even schedule reading sessions while lying down on your bed.

We do not guarantee individual replies due to extremely high volume of correspondence. When employees are satisfied, and at ease in their work, everything culminates into more productive employees. Negotiations should be made as to the number of days per week when they can work from home or even if it can be done full time.

Annualized hours - Instead of getting the number of work hours per day, week, or month, the employer counts the hours worked for the whole year. Flexibility is becoming increasingly important for all employees as employees and managers balance competing priorities in life. When employees work with a company which values their work-life balance and does not impose anything to them, this shows that they are treating their workers with both respect and trust.

The emerging companies keep this job flexibility factor in the first priority which helps to attract the employees and retain the qualitative ones with ease. I have been in the workforce for approximately 20 years now. March 23, 2016 SCG.

(Flaws and Can You Get Fired), 50 Workplace Stress Relief Activities (For Individual, Team, Group and Company).