The users of this website commit themselves to respect the confidentiality of the available information. Students are expected to participate actively in the game. At KU Leuven, you pay annual study cost for a standard programme of 60 study points per academic year. Participation in the Business Game is associated with a limited cost that will be communicated via Toledo. With the link Full timetable (Volledige uurrooster) you can access the the schedule application inside KU Loket. Info. In the electronic learning environment, studenst also have direct access to their student file and webmail. If the student does not participate in the business game, the final grade of the course will be NA (not attended) for the whole course. The business game will take two days and will be organized during one week in the second semester. Your timetable is based on your ISP and will only be available when your ISP is filled out. calendar, Services and These applications are linked with each other and with numerous other tools, to form one global integrated learning environment. For this part of the course, students will work together in a team and will use multidisciplinary economic concepts and managerial decision making. If you do not have access to Toledo after the above mentioned dates, please do not hesitate to contact your local helpdesk. Because of this link, you are automatically enrolled into the necessary courses and communities in Toledo. The business game will be graded as communicated via Toledo. Here they should apply the theoretical insights they gained to the management of their own company in a simulated market environment. As a student or staff you can always try to manually enroll yourself in courses and communities. LIMO: KU LEUVEN COLLECTIONS SEARCH INTERFACE. Voorbereidingsprogramma: master in de toegepaste economische wetenschappen / Master of Business Economics (voor bachelors in de handelswetenschappen) (Leuven) 30 ects. Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, Cookie For students who obtain less, the grade on the final exam counts as the final grade for the course. On the right hand side of the Toledo homepage there is a module called Timetable (uurrooster). If this is the case, you need to contact the person in charge of the course or community. See ‘Explanation’ for further information regarding the second examination opportunity. To effectively support testing and teaching, I have enrolled at the KU Leuven but I'm unable to log in to Toledo, I can login to Toledo but I do not see any courses or communities, I can login to Toledo but I can't access certain courses of communities, Distance education in response to Coronavirus, Cultural heritage takes centre stage in new KU Leuven Institute, Large-scale study: Congolese fishermen report decline in fish stocks on Lake Tanganyika, KU Leuven Core Facilities put research infrastructure on the map. Bachelor in de toegepaste economische wetenschappen (verkort programma) (Leuven) 120 ects. The multiple choice questions will be corrected using punishment for guessing. Arts, Faculty of If however this option is not available for certain students, they can enroll themselves through a custom made enrollment module. Canon Law, Institute of Law, Faculty of Economics and chart, Mission Religious Studies, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Faculty Association, Stellenbosch Psychology and Educational Sciences, Faculty of Once logged in in Toledo, click the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the module where your enrollments are shown. As an example, you could have chosen to only show your favorite courses. Toledo is the personalized educational portal at the KU Leuven, through which the user can find a variety of generic as well as domain specific tools. your stay, International Students are expected to critically and thoroughly study the theory and examples as presented during the lectures. apply, Degree-seeking At the KU Leuven, Toledo is supported by a central team of technical and pedagogical specialists from Ludit and DUO/ICTO. You can switch between a tile view and a list view by using the toggle: Because the instructor is responsible for making a course of community available, you need to contact this person. This central team is supported by so-called local admins, who act as first source of information inside the different faculties, and who contribute to the future development of the learning environment. Toledo is the common virtual learning environment for the Association KU Leuven. The final grade is a weighted score and consists of: The business game counts for 30% of the final grade, the final exam counts for the other 70%. Unavailable courses and communities can't be clicked on and opened by students. For this part of the course, students are required to participate in a business game. Student- and staff accounts, but also the thousands of online courses, are automatically created through a link with the administrative system of the university. Next click on Enroll (schrijf je in). My KU Leuven; Toledo; KU Loket; Webmail; Who's who; Organisational chart; News; Jobs; Contact; ICTS NL; EN; Home; Service Desk; Services overview ; Documentation; About ICTS; You are here: Home / ICTS Service Desk. OC Toegepaste economische wetenschappen FEB Campus Leuven, Type : Partial or continuous assessment with (final) exam during the examination period, Description of evaluation : Written, Participation during contact hours, Type of questions : Multiple choice, Open questions, Closed questions, Who's La KU Leuven se trouve à Leuven, en Flandre, la partie néerlandophone de la Belgique. statement, Facts and The first part of the course focuses on explaining the learning content. Sciences, Faculty of Staffmembers who are linked to an  activity in the programme of study are automatically enrolled in the corresponding Toledocourse as an instructor. They can also create communities and manage them, change the availability and status of their courses, or create events, like seminares, excursions and group work, for which students can enroll themselves, by means of the subscription tool Tolinto. Policy, Explain and recognize key economic concepts, as they relate to managerial decision making, Formulate and analyze management questions using economic models, Use analytical tools to provide, understand and interpret quantitative answers to support managerial decision making, Apply the theoretical insights about managerial decision making to a simulated market environment, using a business game, Anticompetitive behavior and antitrust policy, Relations between firms: contracts, mergers and competition, Non-price competition: product differentiation, advertisement, R&D, and patents.