Clear Signs God Is Saying Yes to Your Prayers. (Pexels) Page 1 of 2. If you’ve been dating someone and noticed the following signs, then it’s safe to say that he’s not the one God has for you. Editorial Team - September 3, 2016. 5 Signs God is protecting you from a bad relationship. Instead of forcing it, decide to see them as God’s protection and move on. Article Index. Facebook. You are excited to get up in the morning. Sometimes He speaks to me through a verse in Scripture. There have been times when He has spoken to me so clearly that to doubt would be sin. 3. I love to hear from God! Twitter. You look forward to going out on dates again or having a date with a special someone. WhatsApp. 6:00PM EDT 9/1/2016 Barbara Ho. By. But other times we don’t know whether to wait or go boldly toward our dreams. Saying 'Yes' to a Sign “If I see/feel/hear something and think it might be a sign from God, I like to make the decision to assume it definitely IS a sign from God.” —Ginny Mclaughlin Share This Slide Another old saying” You were in the right place at the right time.” I believe this to be true. But there’s a hidden danger lurking behind friendship that can make it a real drag and actually harm … If you lack peace about a decision, this is a big red flag. Sometimes it’s obvious; we have no choice. Here are 12 signs that say yes. Genefe Navilon Updated November 27, 2020 No Comments Friendship is good for our mental, physical and emotional health. That new job you were just hired for, the one you weren’t qualified for… Nothing but the grace of God. Serendipitous experiences, chance meetings with someone. I love to hear from God! Google+. If you’ve ever wondered how to know if God is telling you to wait, consider the following five signs that He may be saying just that. 8 Signs God is Trying to Get Your Attention ... We just have to be open to listening to what He is saying. Pinterest. Clear Signs God Is Saying Yes to Your Prayers. Yes, you recognize that with the challenges you face there was some uncomfortable moments, BUT you also begin to feel the swelling of happiness in your life. Nothing but God! You feel unsettled. Clear Signs God Is Saying Yes to Your Prayers Page 2 Single Page Don't miss God's clear affirmation or leading for what you're praying for.