I am … Pros of studying Chinese in Taiwan Living costs and tuition fees are low. 台北市羅斯福路三段135號2樓, MRT Taipower Building Exit 3 ( Language Center is your best option to learn Chinese and fully experience Taiwan. See our current vacancies. Comfortable climate. Located in Taipei, this program focuses on … During the 19th century, Taipei became an important center for trade, and it continues to be an international hub to this day. Taipei… Students attending classes in Taiwan can also learn traditional and simplified Chinese characters while enjoying the advantages of living in a free and democratic society. This will assist promotion and implementation of the Ministry of Education’s Eight-year Chinese … With over 960 million native speakers worldwide, Mandarin is definitely an important language to learn. Learn Chinese with ShuoHao! Friendly people & delicious food makes the best hospitality. learn chinese in taipei chinese language learning holiday taiwan. 150M+ messages sent. 30,Section 1, Heping West Rd,Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Mon-Thurs      9am-9pmFriday               9am-5pm, 3rd Floor, No. Find out what our current and past student experiences with our Mandarin Courses have been like. Taiwan is a beautiful place of many sights and sounds. After a year of living in Taiwan trying to learn Chinese … Taiwan Mandarin Institute, Taiwan has a lot of both. Learn Mandarin Chinese in Taipei! Moving outside of Taipei – even to New Taipei City – will result in some significant savings. Experience Chinese in an amazing & immersive Mandarin learning environment. Keep up to date with all the special offers for Chinese Languages Courses at Taiwan Mandarin Institute. We value building long-term relationships with our students by providing the best quality instruction, 3rd Floor, No. Learn Chinese in Taiwan Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Taiwan (ROC), mainland China (PRC), Singapore, and is spoken as an auxiliary language in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and many other Chinese communities abroad. Learn Mandarin with professional teachers in a small class to accelerate your learning. Which is wonderful but a little overwelming to sift through. This is an intensive program spanning 18 weeks, or 36 weeks. Want to explore our unique culture in Taiwan? My feet were pretty much unfunctional the next day after 7 hours of … Explore the benefits of a partnership with TMI Chinese and become our partner now. TCA has the best Chinese courses in Taipei. Copyright © 2009-2020 Taiwan Mandarin Institute Ltd. All rights reserved. Chinese. 30,Section 1, Heping West Rd,Zhongzheng District, Start an inspirational and worthy Mandarin learning journey. Millions of language learners. National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center (MTC) National Taiwan University Chinese … Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan Learn Chinese in Taipei at Taiwan Chinese Academy. Our Mandarin language classes are perfect in size with an average of less than three students and an absolute … A charming & friendly Mandarin language school in the heart of Taipei City. Learning Chinese in Taiwan isn’t just about studying a language: the whole experience is also about getting into the culture as much as possible. Taiwan is one of the most underrated destinations in Asia and has so much to offer. Welcome to Taiwan Mandarin Institute, A Chinese language School. The Taipei Language Institute of Taichung is located in one of the most vibrant parts of the city, on Yizhong Street, where one of the coolest night markets comes to life every night. We are always on the lookout for talented Chinese Teachers to join our team. Email: info@tmichinese.com. + Read more TUTOROO now works with 18 private Chinese / Mandarin tutors available for in-person or for online private Chinese … Learn Chinese via Immersion Mandarin Classes in Taipei, Taiwan. The Office of Global Mandarin Education was set up to integrate the resources and results of Chinese language education in Taiwan, expand recruitment of foreign students to come and learn Chinese in Taiwan, and lift the international profile of Taiwan’s Chinese language education. Several schools also offer courses in Minnan, or less commonly Hakka and … Experience Immersion in Taiwan and … It never becomes really cold in Taiwan … Learn in a private or small group class with our high quality instruction to quickly improve your Chinese. If you are coming to Taiwan with any sort of experience under … Study in the heart of Taipei. The Gap Year Mandarin Chinese Course runs for 6 months(24 Weeks),8 Months(32 Weeks) or 12 Months Duration(48 Weeks) It is perfect for Highschool or Univeristy graduates who wish to travel to Taiwan during their gap year and learn and live in a safe,friendly Mandarin learning … Explore the world’s largest language exchange community. To encourage international students to learn … That is where LTL Mandarin School come in. No life is complete without a visit to the Mandarin Chinese world! STUDY CHINESE IN TAIWAN – WHAT’S THE DEAL? If you want to fast-track your Chinese, ICLP offers an intensive course via its 20-hour week. Learn Chinese in Taipei. You can ride bikes, buses, and the metro with the Easy Card. The school is also surrounded by some of the best attractions in Taichung. The best way to learn the Chinese language. : +886223653859 With over 20 million Mandarin speakers, you will be immersed in the language. Regardless of this distinction, the Mandarin spoken in Taipei is considered legitimate and Taipei is a fantastic city to learn Chinese abroad. You may find different ways to learn Chinese in Taipei city, such as through University language training programs, language institutes, or private tutors; however, New Concept Mandarin offers the following … Taipei has one of the best transportation systems in the world. People interested in Chinese Mandarin school in Taipei will enjoy Taipei … National Taiwan University’s Foreign Language Program is a fantastic choice for those who want to learn Chinese in small classroom settings. 2nd Floor, No.135, Learn Chinese, and make friends for life.. Our school conveniently located in the centre of Taipei… Welcome to Taiwan Mandarin Institute, A Chinese language School located in the city centre of Taipei Learn Chinese via Immersion Mandarin Classes in Taipei, Taiwan You can come to Taiwan and be our guest of honor. Explore the rich Taiwanese culture while learning their beautiful language! 150+ countries using Tandem. Section 3, Roosevelt Road, Globe Mandarin is the leading language school in Taiwan, dedicated to teaching Mandarin Chinese and offering a wide variety of Mandarin language programs for children, adults, businesses and … 18 Chinese / Mandarin teachers are available for private Chinese / Mandarin lessons in Taipei, in-person or online. To learn the language, you have to Live the Language We are firm believers to learn a language you must immerse yourself. Green line), Tel. Taipei Learn Chinese in Taiwan with our Semester Program, specially designed to help you become fluent. Taiwan has long been a destination for foreign learners of Mandarin and is home to many Mandarin language schools.