The realm's native Guardians escape to other dimensions, but seal the Astral plane so that Gargos and his allies would never escape. On one particular mission, Mira sacrifices herself to save Maya, leaving the remaining sister with survivor's guilt.

Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? After dropping out of school and being ejected from the military, T.J. moves to Chicago to reinvent himself, taking a job at a boxing gym to pay for his own training. Eventually, Sadira becomes their top assassin, but develops rash behavior and a superiority complex. Determined, Thunder dons his war paint and enters the second Killer Instinct tournament in the hopes of finding Eagle's remains and receiving closure. He later appears as part of Maya's anti-Ultratech rebel force with Orchid and Jago, barely surviving the attack by ARIA's forces.

Following the fall of Mycenae, invaders remove the gem, making the golem subservient, and it serves various masters as an obedient tool of war for a thousand years, replacing its damaged parts with whatever natural materials are available. Eagle's body is kept in stasis while ARIA locks his mind in a virtual world, interacting with him via a holographic avatar to study his mind and using his brain as a template for the Fulgore Mk. To help him recover his strength, Glacius augments Eagle's body using his technology and builds him a robotic bird to assist him in battle, and the two ally themselves to destroy ARIA and Ultratech. Using knowledge and technology gained from the Roswell UFO incident, Ultratech continues to refine and enhance the ARIA core program over many years, drastically expanding its capabilities and understanding of the human condition.

Tusk awakens two years later, but has lost many of his memories, including his original purpose.

© Called the Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture, or ARIA, the experiment was meant to find an end to famine, disease, poverty, and other forms of human suffering, with founder Ryat Adams hoping to make amends for the atrocities he committed during World War II and cure the degenerative disease killing his wife. Her rōnin father, Tatsunari, trains her in the art of combat for her protection, most prominently with the naginata. This winged creature is pretty much just a Gargoyles reject, but something about his imposing stance and glowing yellow eyes is just too cool. ", "VAMFR 007 | Interview with Erika Harlacher, Part 1 | Voice Acting Mastery: Become a Master Voice Actor in the World of Voice Over", "News: Killer Instinct gets first original character", "KILLER INSTINCT: NEW Character Reveal (Spider Woman?! ARIA orders Cinder and Ultratech's agents to raid the temple for its secrets, inadvertently releasing Kan-Ra.

Years later, the Stalker units are ready to be sold to private buyers, but T.J. and Orchid break into a development facility, stealing classified information on Project Stalker and broadcasting it globally, damaging public perception of Ultratech.

We'll be sure to update this list the second any rumors or announcements crop up, so check back to see which KI fighter best suits you. As his form is mortal outside of his own realm, his Mimics begin taking the forms of other fighters, battling ARIA's resistance force and spreading shadow energy from the Astral Plane on Earth, the accumulation of which increases Gargos's power.[19]. There was a problem. Blazkowicz, and Senua.

However, he is caught and exposed by ARIA, who reveals Trilodyne was a front for Ultratech and the assignment was a test of Ferris's abilities.

Riptor has three No Mercy moves: one in which she spits acid on the enemy, a second in which she stabs the foe with her tail, and a third in which she runs at the enemy, eating them.

Visit our corporate site. Spinal gains the mask following the tournament's conclusion, but finds its powers to have been stripped by Gargos. Stealing Glacius's power core from Sadira, he uses it to create a Siphon, draining the energy from his foes to restore his own. He discovers the mask to be in Ultratech's possession, and ARIA offers it to him in exchange for his entry in the Killer Instinct tournament and service to Ultratech, to which he agrees. On a mission to kill the "New Tsar" and his coven of vampires in the Siberian Mountains, Mira and Maya are cornered by the monsters and Maya is severely wounded.