He sent her son to the store, and the couple went inside with their daughter. Idania Amador, a psychologist with the Quality of Life Association, says that Ciudad Mujer does not provide enough support for women. They lie at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States. Despite agreement to help reduce discrimination against LGBTI people, no implementation has been made. We need to set good examples for our sons to follow. And what are they demanding? For CDM’s Gilda Rivera, the problem goes much deeper than insufficient training and is rooted in unequal power relationships. “He was going to hit me in the face, but I jerked away out of reflex, and I screamed ‘You’re killing me!’ He said, ‘Yeah, and I’m going to finish you off now,’”. Over 90 percent of the 31 femicides during January of last year remain unpunished, reported Ayestas. To visit EL PAÍS with the best experience, update it to the latest version or download one of the following supported browsers: Gender equality and women’s rights are fundamental to securing a better future for all.

That is the case for 26-year-old Isabela, whose name has also been changed because she is still under threat. And while intimate femicide is a large problem, an even bigger problem facing the country is the high rate of child sex trafficking. Left/Top: Marisela, 16, who reported her cousin after he raped her. Thirty women have been murdered in the first month of January in Honduras, on par with last year's statistics. Structures that guarantee women’s rights are missing and mostly they are only used for propaganda purposes and government assistance programs. Men who have been formally charged with femicide are also sometimes charged with a variety of other crimes such as abortion (forcing a woman to have an abortion), acts of lust, breaking and entering, murder, simple homicide, illegally bearing weapons, illicit association, aggravated threats and robbery. In 2018, 380 femicides occurred in … Most NGOs do not recognize the government as legitimate and sadly, there is no conversation between the two.

Fifty percent of these cases are vacated because the woman is financially dependent on the man and cannot continue with the case, or because they fall back into the cycle of violence,” says Ana Concepción Romero, coordinator of the Domestic Violence Courts. Honduras does not hold perpetrators accountable for violence against the LGBTI community and human rights defenders, including murders. However, the statutory penalties for these cases are weaker than in the previous code. This brave mother’s six-year quest for justice set a key legal precedent on prosecutions of femicide in Mexico. “So that he could finish killing me,” says Heidy, who was assaulted the day after her birthday, after she returned home from lunch with a friend. The four scars across her neck, back, and abdomen serve as reminders that she is not safe where her ex-partner might find her. Who are the NGOs in Honduras that defend women’s rights? “I’ll tell you one thing, I didn’t kill you before, but I’m not going to leave it at that.