Yum. Muesli is also packed with whole grains which are excellent source of calcium as well. Every crunchy munchy nutritious mouthful was delicious. Muesli and yoghurt contains all the essential nutrients to promote optimal development both physical and mental of the children.

But it’s not ideal to go to bed on a full stomach of ‘proper’ dinner, so again, I pour a little bowl of muesli. Muesli For Dinner. Mother Nurture; a journey of food, health & Being truly well. It’s normally gluten free muesli, chopped almonds, stewed pear /rhubarb or fresh mango or paw paw, sheeps yoghurt with a sprinkle of coconut, chia seeds and LSA.

Honestly, it may seem expensive at first as you buy all of these ingredients. I know – that sounds mad. Sometimes if I am out for a work function, I get home late and having not eaten, know that I need to eat something before I go to bed. A lot of people out there from parents, youngsters up to those who are living alone are striving to find a perfect formula for breakfast. 14 Health Benefits of Muesli and Yoghurt – Perfect Breakfast Idea, Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info.

As rich of fiber consuming muesli and yoghurt is great for weight loss management because fiber is natural detox for your body and at the same time will make you feel full longer to suppress your appetite and control the excessive calories from entering your body.

Since muesli and yoghurt are made of natural products, so they are excellent source and natural source of antioxidants. Yoghurt may have a lot of benefits for human health but those who are suffering from lactose intolerance should avoid yoghurt at all cost because it is one of the dairy products. I had my regular lemon in hot water when I first got up. Below is the brief list of muesli and yoghurt benefits you should know. Sometimes if I am out for a work function, I get home late and having not eaten, know that I need to eat something before I go to bed. Fiber has essential role in binding the excessive cholesterol in your digestive system and since fiber cannot be broken down, they will be eliminated from the system along with the cholesterol. Eat something that is very light in your dinner and you will never have to worry about putting on weight! Yes, as parents, sometimes you need to fight with your children first so they will give up their bowl of cereal to foods that every parent considered as healthy but mostly hated by the children. Furthermore, you could get all the health benefits of dried fruits as well as nuts and seeds from the mix. Change ). Good for Hearts; As long in calories and rich of fiber, muesli and yoghurt are good for heart.

( Log Out /  That is why dried fruits sometimes contain more sodium which is in excessive amount could be dangerous for human health.

You must have known some essential health benefits of fiber such as good for your digestion, great for weight loss, help managing cholesterol level and so on. Muesli is essentially a raw version of granola — a combination of whole grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And it hits the spot every time. So, it is an excellent energy booster without worrying about excessive calories that will lead to weight gain, instead you will packed with energy to be burnt all day long. It is because breakfast is the most important meal of the day but not everyone has enough time to prepare healthy breakfast, so the options are really limited to sliced breads, milk, eggs or instant cereal. However, sometimes there are exceptions to my muesli ritual. The omega 3 fatty acid and potassium are good to maintain the healthy cardiovascular system and prevent the symptoms of high blood pressure. And I agree with you 100% – I adore my morning bowl of gluten-free muesli – it’s filled with almonds, sultanas, chia seeds and other yummy goodness (I also add a tablespoon of melted coconut oil – it adds a delicious creamy taste to it).

Do you have any meal time rituals?

I ate it and I instantly felt like I was back to being me! ( Log Out /  So, stocking them is not only for the sake of health benefits of muesli and yoghurt but preparing them as breakfast is worth saving your time because they are easy to prepare but also super tasty and healthy. Muesli is a perfect dinner alternative.

When you add yoghurt or milk to muesli, you make it a perfect breakfast option because you could add all the health benefits of yoghurt to your breakfast as well. Well, no matter how healthy muesli and yoghurt is, parents should be work harder to find the alternative foods they could prepare for breakfast because though muesli and yoghurt is very nutritious, still there are some cautions every parents should know so consuming muesli and yoghurt are not supposed to be done in daily basis in long term period.

But a few hours later, I felt something was amiss. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. Muesli is well known as healthy cereal. If you have stomach problems like constipation, slow bowel movement or even IBS, consuming muesli and yoghurt is highly recommended because yoghurt could act as probiotics while fiber from muesli will improve the digestive system. The omega 3 fatty acid and potassium are good to maintain the healthy cardiovascular system and prevent the symptoms of high blood pressure. So when we got home that evening, I poured myself a bowl of muesli and ate it for dinner. What a fabulous post!

And now all this talk about it has made me crave some! Well, actually muesli is all vegans and also packed with protein, so it is also recommended option for vegetarians and those who are having healthy living goal as their purpose of life. Are you a cereal or cooked breakfast person?

Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit for Kids, Let’s Get to Know The Health Benefits of Kumquat Essential Oil, What Are The Hidden Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime for Beauty? Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. 16 Greatest Benefits Of Egg White and Yogurt Mask for Hair, 10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Shchi. The mix is so delicious to me that I get annoyed when I go out for breakfast and I am horribly let down.

Unfortunately, morning sickness could ruin every ideal plan. I ate it and I instantly felt like I was back to being me! Muesli could be an excellent option whenever mothers have a chance to eat because it is packed with all the nutrients required by both mothers and the baby. Furthermore, muesli is very tasty when mixed with yoghurt, milk or other dairy products so you could get all the health benefits of muesli and yoghurt rightly from your breakfast bowl. Seek Answers Here, Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Pomelo for Pregnant, Marvelous Health Benefits of Grapefruit for Pregnant Woman. It is probably perfect breakfast for children who need more energy in order to support their development but those who are currently in specific carbs diet should avoid muesli. All content is informational purpose only, DrHealthbenefits.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Local free-range eggs, with really yellow yokes.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. One of the amazing properties found in muesli is omega 3 fatty acids and plant-based protein. Though cereal is mostly for children but muesli is one of cereals that are also recommended for adults as well because it is packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for children but also able to fulfill the daily intake of almost everyone.

The fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and other nutrients in muesli can be helpful for weight loss, but watch your portion sizes. Home » Food & Bevarages » Food » 14 Health Benefits of Muesli and Yoghurt – Perfect Breakfast Idea. During pregnancy is a mandatory for mothers to consume healthy food. Children development is not only about their height and their weight but also about how their brain and cognitive system were developed. I’ve also had it for dinner a few times, on those nights where I’m feeling a tad lazy. The list of nutrients you could find in muesli and yoghurt could be very long such as calcium, omega 3 fatty acid, protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, sodium, potassium,, zinc, biotin fiber, iron and so on. Muesli is a mixed of cereal consisting of toasted whole oats, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and wheat flakes. 12 Benefits of Eating Pasta Al Dente, Good for Diabetic Patient?