And remember, as Garten says, "It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!" These are packed with veggies, and would be great on a salad or as a burger. Add chicken or shrimp for more protein if desired. Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten. It provides good protein through the peas, potatoes and bone broth. Recipe here. The nostalgia of those dishes helped to ease my mind — though they never tasted quite as good as when grandma or my mom made it for me. She often gets a bad rap for using a lot of butter and her use of the word ‘good’ when describing ingredients for her recipes. I make a beet salad once a week in the winter! Pasta can be healthy! Cooking isn't just about taste — it's a feeling. My love of cooking, however, didn’t happen overnight. Homemade Black & White Cookies are one of my all-time favorite treats because they’re really more like decadent, snack-sized cakes. And a lot of her recipes are actually pretty healthy, despite sometimes being calorie dense and indulgent. This is a more indulgent meal, great for entertaining or weekends. Recipe here. If you need more excitement with your green vegetables, this is a good option.

I make a version of this all the time, with (clean) Italian sausage instead of pancetta.

In her new book, Garten turns up the volume on classic comfort foods such as this Creamy Tomato Bisque with Cheddar & Chutney Grilled Cheese.

It’s packed with veggies and bone broth so it’s anti-inflammatory and healing. We make this all. Also, this guide will help you eat clean and stick with it for life, and includes more clean eating meal ideas! Adding citrus, garlic and herbs to simple baked chicken not only boosts the flavor, but also the nutrient density (and health benefits!) Five years ago, after a winter spent binge-watching "Barefoot Contessa" and reading Julia Child's "My Life In France," I was inspired to branch out from my regular diet of frozen meals and late-night disco fries and finally learn how to cook for myself. You can give this a boost (and more volume) by adding green veggies like kale, spinach or steamed broccoli. Below I’m sharing fifteen of her winter friendly recipes, that are on the healthier and (mostly) lower calorie side, to hopefully inspire you too. Recipe here. The nuts can be omitted for cost and calories. Over time, I found that adopting the habits of the professionals — practicing mise en place and cleaning as I go — made me more comfortable in my small kitchen, learning when to take meat and baked goods out of the oven led to more satisfying meals, and discovering new flavor combinations led to more experimentation, which was extremely helpful when I couldn’t find key ingredients at the store. I’d add sautéed mushrooms and steamed kale. I often cook a lot of pork, chicken and beef ahead to portion and keep in the freezer. From that experience, two things became abundantly clear: 1) I needed to go back to basics and learn proper techniques for cooking and baking, and 2) Ina Garten’s recipes were always easy to follow with clear directions, plenty of helpful tips and they didn’t skimp on the flavor — in a word, foolproof.

I soon started the Instagram account @storeboughtisfine and began documenting both my successes and failures. Garten often emphasizes that cooking isn't just about delicious food — sure, that’s a bonus — but for those of us who love to cook, it’s a way to show we care.

Recipe here. I could go on and on about what inspires me about her, but I’ll focus on food here. Barefoot Contessa Recipes. Sign up and I’ll send you great recipes and entertaining ideas. I was so young but her lifestyle really resonated with me, and probably had a major impact on my view that you have the power to create the life you want to live; to live life on your terms. Oven-Fried Chicken. When we first entered lockdown, I was inspired to make easy comfort food from my childhood (like my grandma’s Welsh rarebit) and I’m sure I’m not alone. And so versatile, you can add whatever veggies you prefer. It took a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking and included plenty of failures and, eventually, some successes. Perfect Peach Pie.

Recipe here. time. These are great for quick breakfasts, packed lunches and easy dinners.

You can later add it to salads, tacos, quesadillas and rice bowls. I hope this helps you get inspired for healthy and cozy winter cooking! How easy was that? That spring and summer, I wasted many hours in the kitchen attempting dishes that were way above my pay grade and making one too many failed recipes from unreliable sources. It’s made with lemon, garlic and parm cheese and roasted to get a little crisp. One of my favorite transformations was repurposing her Herb-Roasted Lamb with Potatoes into a cumin lamb stir-fry.

So put on your chambray button-down, grab a wooden spoon and whip up our 51 favorite Ina Garten recipes of all time. Search.