Let's talk about why certain fruit can be problematic, then go over your best fruit options. When it comes to fruit (or any other food for that matter) no two people will be the same! Consuming added sugar, which is now found in thousands of food products, is linked to increased risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and other health conditions.

The pancreas is forced to deal out more insulin, your cells have to welcome more glucose, and your liver has to process more fructose. Thanks for your reply. This means focusing on whole food sources, healthy fats, protein and carbs mainly from non-starchy vegetables. – it is best to stick to just one serve a day, in appropriate portion sizes. With type 2 diabetes, can I eat snacks late in the evening, and what foods? If you have prediabetes, you also have metabolic dysregulation and your goal is to lower blood sugar and A1c. This helps prevent blood sugar spikes, slowing down the uptake of sugars from the fruit. It has Lutein and is mostly water. 1 passionfruit (18 g) Total carbs 4 g Net carbs: 2 g (GI:30), Cantaloupe/rockmelon (78 g) Total carbs 6.5 g Net carbs 5.8 g (GI: 65) – per half cup, 1 guava (55 g) Total carbs 7.8 g Net carbs: 4.8 g (GI:12), 1 small fresh fig (40 g) Total carbs 7.6 g Net carbs: 6.4 g (GI:35), 1 small plum (66 g) Total carbs 7.5 g Net carbs: 6.6 g (GI:35), 1 small clementine/ mandarin (74 g) Total carbs 9 g Net carbs 7.7 g (GI:25), 1 kiwifruit (69 g) Total carbs 10 g Net carbs 7.9 g (GI:50), 1 small peach (130 g) Total carbs 12 g Net carbs: 10 g (GI:35), a half cup of strawberries with cottage cheese or yogurt, a half cup of blueberries with a small handful of nuts, – when it comes to fruit, get your sweet fix in small portions. Fructose is managed solely by the liver and diabetes is partly a pancreas and a liver problem. Have a good day. Achieving a healthy weight certainly involves eating a healthy diet, including the right fruits. how much or none at all? My pancreas now doesn’t produce enough insulin as well as the enzymes for digesting my food. . Medical Disclaimer | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Refunds Policy | Affiliate Disclosure, Copyright © 2015–2020 Diabetes Meal Plans. All forms of sugar/ carbs can increase blood sugar levels – natural or not, sugar is sugar and your body is going to have to deal with that. Write it down. I have heard that it has alot of sugar , and how much people can generally handle. What is the difference?

JUMP TO: Fruit is sugar | Best fruit to choose | FAQs | A blood sugar testing technique. Laura, 2 servings may be okay, but 1 serving daily is probably better. Use your blood sugar monitor to help you determine how foods influence your body. is an even worse offender than fruit itself. Please pin, tweet or share; then keep on reading the FAQs. When you consume juice, it can be taken in larger quantities, and does not have the fiber to slow down the uptake of all that sugar and fructose. No. Cranberries (raw) (55 g) Total carbs 6.7 g Net carbs: 4.2 g (GI:45) – do not eat the dried sweetened cranberries, these are around 50 g carbs per half cup. I have lowered my A1c nearly in half so far. When you can get blood sugar and A1c levels more regulated, metabolism improves and weight loss occurs naturally as a result. Jedha holds a Masters in Human Nutrition and is currently completing a PhD, her work focusing on the development and evaluation of a web-based dietary program for people with type 2 diabetes. Someone from our support team should be able to help you out if you’re still having difficulty- just head over to this link. You say only one serving of fruit a day per half cup. When you consume juice, it can be taken in larger quantities, and does not have the fiber to slow down the uptake of all that sugar and fructose. Also there are some other charts I would like to print and keep on my refrigerator for reference. If you’re also wondering whether fresh fruit can be part of a healthy diet or what type of fruit is best to eat with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, you’re in the right place.

Question – how do I respond to this food? Therefore, eating more fruit is not going to help you achieve your goals.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on the Diabetes Meal Plans websites is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be treated as medical advice and should not under any circumstances be used to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice. YES, some people can have these (in small, moderated portions): NOTE: cantaloupe/rockmelon and kiwifruit are higher GI than other fruits listed. But the thing is, fruit also has a fairly high sugar content.