D2 Tool steel, with Bob Dozier's famous 'Heat treat', and a red micarta handle for good visibility, who wouldn't want to take this out into the woods ( when this Coronavirus 'Lock Down' Then, during late 2019 and into 2020 I again accidentally transitioned into being a full-time Blacksmith – a result of a hobby getting out of control! a knife made

The 'Mark 2' version - which Alan introduced a few months ago - has a 'finger cut-out' but is otherwise unchanged from the original My Bush.The steel is 12c27 and the handle is Bubinga (African So now we have, Working on fire tools stand number two today.... t, Finished up the stand for this four-piece fireplac, Keeping the @fedex man busy tomorrow... four candl, I’ve said it before, but there is something huge, Recently I’ve been working on a bit of a collabo, Busy day in the forge today; working on a set of f, Out of the door today - this special custom order, And the last job of the day today... painting my b, An exciting package arrived yesterday, containing, Well, they’re not the prettiest things in the wo.

Blade: 4 3/4" stainless. Knives added HIGH END FOLDERS, BUSHCRAFT & HUNTING. 4mm 01 tool steel ,scandi grind,triple tempered,rockwell tested to 58.5 HRC. and a bit of a blacksmithing bug! M390 steel with black DLC finish and Orange G10 with a Kydex G.Stainthorp knives added in BUSHCRAFT & HUNTING.

Rosewood) with red liners. Gifts, homeware, outdoor equipment, handmade knives & tools.

They, for instance, can be attached to a stick to function as a spear and are almost always fixed knives.

Thanks to a bit of an old conveyor-belt. I have not seen many flat ground examples of Bushcraft knives by Alan SOLD PIONEER - PROTOTYPE. Sought after discontinued knives added in HIGH END FOLDERS, HUNTING, UTILITY &. I use Instagram to record daily happenings, so the easiest way to see new things and follow what’s going on is to follow me at, What to do with all these offcuts of leather? Made from a 3-layer laminated carbon blade and a handle of Reindeer, sandwiched between Buffalo horn, with a simple scrimshaw

run of knives he named Pioneer, to celebrate his 25 years as a full time Knifemaker. Fifteen years ago I finished a degree in Industrial Design, where I built on a childhood spent tinkering and a particularly helpful High School design and technology department, and came out with the skills to visualise and create beautiful products and a great deal of practical fabrication and machining skills… and then accidentally slung it all away to spend a decade and a half sitting on my arse staring at a screen as a graphic designer. Blade: 1/8" thickness - 4-1/4" length. Mint condition.