The difference between the top state – New York – and the bottom state – North Carolina – is almost $20,000 dollars per year and around $9 per hour. Get a free, personalized salary estimate based on today's market, Is this helpful? The average salary for a Yoga Teacher is $49,479 in New York City, NY. According to a salary also includes variable parts to it in the form of bonuses. Personal Training Equipment! Employer name has been removed to protect anonymity. NASM Golf Fitness Certification – Is it a hole in one? Of course, these should never be part of the yoga studio’s clientele but others are fair game. NCSF vs NASM – Which Cert is right for you? 8 Great Exercise Science Careers For 2020 – Let’s Find out! How to be a Good Personal Trainer in 2020! ISSA Elite Trainer and ISSA Master Trainer Package Review 2020. Compensation Type Low Pay Average Pay High Pay Base $76,719 $97,459 $113,708 Total $76,719 $97,459 $113,708 Salary Breakdown by Percentile Base Compensation Percentile Salary in USD 10% … The national average salary for a Yoga Instructor is $19 in United States. Try to refine your search filters, Tyler Read has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) She shares heartfelt, personal accounts of her travel stories which can influence other peripatetic like her. So, what extra do you need? This country can be fruitful to you in terms of a high yoga instructor average salary. You will waste the human experience by following the herd and not making a conscious effort. Wondering about the possible ways of taking your Yoga knowledge to the next level? Some of the related FREE ISSA Nutrition Study Guide + Practice Test + Flashcards, FREE NASM CNC Study Guide + NASM CNC Practice Test + Flashcards, TrueCoach Personal Trainer Software Review, Best Gyms To Work For In 2020 – Options For Your PT Career, Become an Integrated Trainer And Rocket Your PT Income, How To Build a $100,000 a Year Personal Training Business, 10 Steps to Becoming a Great Online Fitness Coach in 2020, Personal Training Pricing – Guide to Personal Trainer Rates, Preparing For Your Very First Client – The Essential Checklist, How To Become An Online Nutrition Coach – From A to Z, Small Group Personal Training – The FULL Guide (Big $ Maker), Personal Trainer Business Cards – The Complete Guide. political move – Brexit. Wellness sector being the top contributor to the economic gains has also paved way for a high Yoga teacher salary. Fitness Instructor $16. Personal Training Tips for Beginners – 3 Tips to Focus On! These are extremely popular around the United States and no doubt, you would probably have attended a few yourself. Yoga seems to be something that would be pretty popular in California I would have thought! Fitness coach vs Personal Trainer 2020 – I’ll Break it Down! ACE CPT Exam FAQ – ACE exam pass rate, Test difficulty, and Info, NASM CPT Exam FAQ – NASM exam pass rate, Test difficulty, and Info, FREE ACE Study Guide + ACE Practice Test + Flashcards for 2020, FREE NASM Study Guide + NASM Practice Test + Flashcards for 2020. NPTI Review 2020– NPTI Cost vs Value, Is NPTI worth it? Below are the most recent yoga teacher salary reports. Create more job alerts for related jobs with one click: Yoga instructor Salaries in New York City, NY, 9 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Examples, 10 of the Best Companies for Working From Home, The Top 20 Jobs With the Highest Satisfaction, 12 Companies That Will Pay You to Travel the World, 7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For, How to Become the Candidate Recruiters Can’t Resist, 11 Words and Phrases to Use in Salary Negotiations, 10 High-Paying Jobs With Tons of Open Positions, Negotiating Over Email? How much does a Yoga Teacher make in New York City, NY? NSCA Exam Faq – NSCA Exam Pass Rate, Test Difficulty and More! A report by Salary Expert reveals that, a Yoga teacher can earn a nice 11.856 € or an hourly rate of 6 €. Pilates instructor – $35.58 (based on 727 records), Fitness instructor – $22.88 (based on 6,571 records), Personal Trainer – $21.50 (based on 14,159 records), Boston – $49.78 (based on 15 salary reports), New York – $44.38 (based on 45 salary reports), San Diego – $43.48 (based on 16 salary reports), Los Angeles – $39.82 (based on 31 salary reports), San Francisco – $38.76 (based on 19 salary reports), Chicago – $32.84 (based on 32 salary reports), Baltimore – $28.47 (based on 11 salary reports), New York – $64,254 annual salary ($30.89 per hour), Massachusetts – $63,759 annual salary ($30.65 per hour), New Hampshire – $62,549 annual salary ($30.09 per hour), Maryland – $59,609 annual salary ($28.66 per hour), Nebraska – $58,900 annual salary ($28.32 per hour), Nevada – $58,743 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Alaska – $58,743 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Montana – $58,743 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Wyoming – $58,743 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Idaho – $58,743 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), North Dakota – $58,743 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Vermont – $58,735 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Hawaii – $58,734 annual salary ($28.24 per hour), Connecticut – $58,555 annual salary ($28.15 per hour, Washington – $58,426 annual salary ($28.09 per hour), California – $57,891 annual salary ($27.83 per hour), Virginia – $57,524 annual salary ($27.66 per hour), Rhode Island – $57,293 annual salary ($27.54 per hour), West Virginia – $56,814 annual salary ($27.31 per hour), New Jersey – $56.146 annual salary ($26.99 per hour), Colorado – $55,818 annual salary ($26.84 per hour), Pennsylvania – $55,619 annual salary ($26.74 per hour), South Carolina – $55,449 annual salary ($26.66 per hour), Arizona – $55,401 annual salary ($26.64 per hour), Oregon – $55,392 annual salary ($26.63 per hour), Minnesota – $55,290 annual salary ($26.58 per hour), South Dakota – $55,287 annual salary ($26.58 per hour), Tennessee – $55,284 annual salary ($26.58 per hour), Utah – $55,026 annual salary ($26.45 per hour), Delaware – $54,976 annual salary ($26.43 per hour), Kansas – $54,708 annual salary ($26.30 per hour), Kentucky – $54,606 annual salary ($26.25 per hour), Ohio – $54,457 annual salary ($26.22 per hour), Indiana – $54,373 annual salary ($26.14 per hour), Oklahoma – $54,225 annual salary ($26.07 per hour), Wisconsin – $54,079 annual salary ($26.07 per hour), Iowa – $53,957 annual salary ($25.94 per hour), Louisiana – $53,870 annual salary ($25.90 per hour), Maine – $53,472 annual salary ($25.71 per hour), Texas – $53,047 annual salary ($25.50 per hour), Arkansas – $52,606 annual salary ($25.29 per hour), Georgia – $52,571 annual salary ($25.27 per hour), Alabama – $52,412 annual salary ($25.20 per hour), Mississippi – $52.052 annual salary ($25.02 per hour), New Mexico – $52,045 annual salary ($25.02 per hour), Michigan – $51,531 annual salary ($24.77 per hour), Illinois – $51,452 annual salary ($24.74 per hour), Missouri – $60,618 annual salary ($24.34 per hour), Florida – $49,692 annual salary ($23.89 per hour), North Carolina – $45,437 ($21.84 per hour), Working at yoga retreats (they often need extra yoga teachers for large student intakes), If you have writing skills, why not write for various yoga publications who often pay a fee for articles published, Publish a book (perhaps a daunting task but not outside the realms of possibility), Use social media to generate funds (sponsored posts on platforms like Instagram can generate lots of funds but aren’t easy to land). the healthcare workers were females and rest were males. As per the skills, the hourly pay varies in these countries. surge in number of women in this arena. If you’re unsure about what salary is appropriate for a yoga instructor, visit Indeed's Salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry and experience. NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) Review (2020), ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Review (2020). This will help you build a wide client base, earn you bonus, and boost your profile. Let’s start with the average salary first. Learn how to enable cookies. Personal Trainer Job Description – What I Do For Work Every Day! The cherry on the cake is that they earn an average bonus of 146 €. prestigious client. NASM CES Review 2020 – NASM CES Cost vs Value Compared, How to become a health coach in 2020 – PTP’s Guide, Personal Training Contracts – General Information. ISSA vs NASM – Which is better for your style of training in 2020? Personal Training for Seniors – What You Should Know! I have written two other articles for those of you who have a particular interest in becoming yoga instructors, one of the various types of yoga certifications and courses available and the other on how to go about becoming a yoga instructor. Which Gyms Accept Which Personal Trainer Certifications? Europe Market- Glimpse from Popular Destinations, According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 5 Signs Showing You That You Need Healing, Taking Care Of Your Mental Health: Better Help for frequent travelers, Top 5 Magical Yoga Retreats Around the World, 21 Yoga Equipment and Accessories to Get Started Your Yoga Journey. Yoga instructor pay scales and even the yoga instructor salary part-time for those who hold other careers can be increased in one simple way. Tick a box from each section to narrow the results. Salary for Yoga instructors varies with the level of experience and skills sets of the instructor at work. For the starters, it is important to pursue a Yoga Teacher Training Program at a destination of your choice. NSCA CPT Review 2020 – NSCA Cost vs Value, Is NSCA worth it? However, you definitely do not want to end up eating broccoli in the ramen noodles every night because you are on a savings plan or sleep on a mattress because your salary does not allow you to buy a couch. Yoga teacher average salary (per hour) According to, in the United States, the average salary of a yoga teacher per hour is $31.43. Building your own Personal Training Studio – Get the nails and hammer! NASM vs NSCA – Which is the better cert organization in 2020? Prepare training packages and sell out as a personal sales banter. Differentiators of Top-Earning Personal Trainers (2019 Survey Results), Collective Opinion/Advice of 600 Personal Trainers (2019 Survey Results), ISSA CPT Exam FAQ – ISSA exam pass rate, Test difficulty, and Info. ISSA Review (2020) – ISSA Cost vs Value, Is ISSA worth it? Well, as a yoga teacher you can easily find other ways to help increase your income overall. change forecast, 2016-2026: 30,1000 jobs, Entry Natalie thrived on yoga from early childhood and wanderlust led her to the exotic places which galvanized her to plunge in travelling. Personal Training Software Programs that will make your life easier! 5 Best Online Personal Trainer Certifications in 2020 – Our #1 is, How to become an online personal trainer in 2020 – The Full Guide. There are a few online courses that you could consider to get the relevant experience. While traditional yoga in a studio environment or on a one-on-one basis is going to be your bread and butter, the average salary of a yoga teacher can certainly be pushed upwards by thinking outside the box. Here are some facts on pay bracket in Asian countries: Data recorded in countries like India holds a great importance as the country is recognized for its optimal Yoga trainings and Ayurveda treatments. Looks like the I have been getting a lot of interest from people who comment on PT Pioneer about yoga. Visit PayScale to research yoga teacher hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more.