], “I am Isis, who conceived a child by her husband, and she became heavy with Horus, the divine [child]. Osiris became king of the netherworld, and Horus proceeded to fight with Seth” [2:1702] “Like” us on Facebook), Heb 11:1 says “Faith is assurance of things… not seen”, John 20:29 says “[Thomas] blessed are those who don't see”, No, in the Bible, faith is essentially trust, No, Apostles etc. “the impression is given from the text that it is a description of the Nile (Osiris) overflowing its banks, spreading its ‘seed’ on the land (Isis) in order to create Horus … we are also not discussing sexual intercourse in the human sense, and Isis’s soil remains “virginal” or renewed each year” [Christ in Egypt, 148.] “He visited us!” says Mary & women, All reports on her seeing Jesus say she's 1st, Liars’d dislike saying Mary got the first Jesus-visit, ⚠ Mary was herself saying “Jesus visited me”, 1st church was saying Jesus visited the witnesses, Mary is absent in sources that'd mention her, Mk 16 would’ve recorded the visit to Mary, Lk 24 would’ve recorded the visit to Mary, • E.g. SECOND, Horus was conceived by the union of Horus and his wife Isis, just after Set killed Osiris and scattered pieces of him, and Isis reconstructed him, creating for him a new penis (since a fish ate that piece of him). But it was symbolic of sexual intercourse. place was, and he grew in strength. $('.chk_timeline_types').change(function() { That what I think, so he wasn't actually born its just a prediction. She flew round and round over this earth uttering wailing cries of grief, and she did not alight on the ground until she had found him. From this union they make Horus to be born. + Alex. ], “Isis comes to you, rejoicing for love of you, that her seed might issue into her, it being sharp as Sothis. Faulkner The Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts: Spells 1-1185 & Indexes, volume 1 (Aris & Phillips, 1973), 125-126. Paul does not take it extremely that some distance whilst he began writing although through fact it sounded to Mythric.

Select: all / none. • Barbara Lesko (Egyptologist at Brown University): “…drawings on contemporary funerary papyri show her as a kite hovering above Osiris, who is revived enough to have an erection and impregnate his wife.” [Great Goddesses of Egypt (Great Goddesses of Egypt, 1999), 162.] Horus became included alongside with Mythra. However, this discussion must go beyond simple assertion that both Horus and Jesus were born of a virgin as if the stories were almost identical. In a fury he removed the body and ripped it into fourteen parts, which he proceeded to scatter about over the entirey country. By way of response however… • …such obscure cherry-picking makes her thesis unfalsifiable. Answer to: When was Horus born? He is born around December 25 each year, or rather during the Winter Solstice. • Romanising Oriental Gods: “Isis resolves to hide the sarcophagus, but unfortunately Seth stumbled upon it one night while out hunting.

interior the previous testomony Sampson's mom became additionally a youthful virgin. “He group-visited us!” say 200+ “brethren”, 1 Cor 15:6 creed's “to the 500” relays testimony, In 1 Cor 15:6, Paul strove to relay testimony, 1st church formed/circulated 1 Cor 15 creed, In AD 30 Jerusalem, true Jesus-bio dominated, In general, ECs rarely invented Jesus-bio, In general, EC Jesus-bio relayed witness testimony, “The 500” = the Galilee witnesses (Mt 28), • E.g. This article assesses whether Isis did in fact conceive of Horus by sex. On the south wall, the mummified body of Osiris lies on a bier, ithyphalluic. 5: Loeb Classical Library: Harvard University Press, 2003), 49. Sic. There's more to it than that, but these are the basics. 146.] The culprits here, as usual, are fringe Jesus mythicists cherrypicking data and forcing it to fit their thesis.

ad Aen. Horus-Sept issueth from thee in the form of Horus, dweller in the star Septet. She is uplifted, (even she) the widow, and her heart is glad with the seed of her brother Osiris. who brought him, when his arm was strong, Isis becomes pregnant with Horus through sexual intercourse, although with some magical assistance as Osiris was dead. into the hall of Geb -- the Ennead rejoiced: “Welcome, Osiris' son, Horus, stout of heart, justified, son of Isis, heir of Osiris.”, [Jan Assmann, Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt (Cornell University Press, 2001), 24-25. Murdock (Acharya S.) attempts to establish a parallel between Jesus and Horus by speaking of Horus's mother, Isis, being a virgin. She made light [to come forth] from her feathers, she made air to come into being by means of her two wings, and she cried out the death cries for her brother. Isis the powerful, protectress of her brother, who sought him tirelessly,

), No, TOEs only cover a few of the fine-tunings, So? Rulers & Politics However, the Isis/Osiris/Horus trinity and dates associated with it may have been based on the flood pattern of the river Nile (regarded as the god, Hap) instead of the sun, I do not recall. Question: Where was Horus born? Specify between which dates you want to search, and what keywords you are looking for. who traversed this land in mourning and did not rest until she found him;

She was the bringer of the Nile's annual flooding,… Isis's manifestations mare manifold due to syncretism, an inbuilt fluidity allowed gods to merge with each ohter.” [Sarolta A. Takacs, 2nd ed. I do not want to tell people what to believe. • Françoise Dunand (Egyptologist, professor at Strasbourg University), Christiane Zivie-Coche (Egyptologist): “After having sexual intercourse, in the form of a bird, with the dead god she restored to life, she gave birth to a posthumous son, Horus.” [Gods and Men in Egypt: 3000 BCE to 395 CE, trans by Lorton (Cornell Univeristy Press, 2005),39] It would be seen when moved to ossuary, They had every ability to learn its location, Christians’d hate to lie: “women found it empty! She conceiveth in the form of the star Septet (Sothis). An Ancient pyramid text dated 2450-2140 B.C. Osiris became king of the netherworld, and Horus proceeded to fight with Seth...” [Life and Culture in the Ancient Near East, Averbeck, Chavalas, Weisberg (eds).

], Plutarch: “Osiris consorted with Isis after his death, and she became the mother of Harpocrates [=Horus], untimely born and weak in his lower limbs” [Isis and Osiris 19][Moralia (vol. :o That's pretty gross by anyone's standards! by Gordon (Brill, 2008), 44.] His seed is within my womb, I have moulded the shape of the god within the egg as my son who is at the head of the Ennead. http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_jcpa5.htm. ), The Universe is fine-tuned for scientific discovery, Cells, eyes, brains etc. The only part that she did not find was the god's penis, for Seth had thrown it into the river, where it had been eaten by a fish; Isis therefore fashioned a substitute penis to put in its place. who gave him shade with her feathers and air with her wings; Horus is just a characterisation of the actual Sun, and the Sun is 4.57 billion years old. This was when the annual flooding of the Nile started or ended, I can't remember which. Horus was the sun of Ra, the sun god I believe. PT 593:1636a-b/M206. Nature & Climate It evolved in a way that mimics design, …like in Darwinian models (natural selection), No, appearances of design arrive explosively, We have mostly reliable cognitive faculties, …like belief that “nature is simple/unchanging, …like belief that “x happened in the past”, …like belief that “x exists outside my mind”, …like belief that “x is objectively morally wrong”, …like belief that “x could have occurred”, Scientists find theism intuitive (2013 study), Atheists find theism intuitive (2013 study), Intuitive thinkers favor theism (2011 study), No, some people report having no such intuition, Some actions are objectively morally wrong, Rasmussen's Modal Arg from Beginnings (2011), Weaver's Modal Arg from Beginnings (2013), v6-11 say Neb. Mk 15-16 bursts with witness-making lang. Encyclopedia of Religions, s.v. (CDL, 2003), 2:1702.] Sarah is princess and guide, Rebecca is perseverance in what is good; Leah again is virtue...” (Book 5. She suckled the child in solitariness and none knew where his. whilst Matthew, Mark, Luke and John began to place in writing approximately Jesus over 40 years after his dying, they mandatory to authenticate his godly status, so as that they desperate his mom mandatory to be a virgin too. Horus Birth. The “light of the gospel” is what “shone”, Paul’s conversion was shocking (not warm), Paul: “I only saw a light (no human figure)”, Paul: “the light was of Jesus’ glorified body”, 1 Cor 9:1 (“I've seen”) denotes normal sight, 1 Cor 15 (“buried-appeared”) meant physical, 1 Cor 15:6 (“most remain”) meant witnesses, Paul: “Jesus-appearances and visions differ”, Christians differentiated appearance/visions, Paul assumed all knew “appearances” stopped, 1 Cor 15:8 (“last... he appeared to me also”), 1 Cor 15:8 (“untimely born”) = Paul shocked, Paul’s case assumes “appearances” stopped, Paul: "Few Christians w/ visions are apostles", The church really felt appearances stopped, 1 Cor 9:1 (heōraka) implies an enduring effect, Paul never includes it in vision-boasting, Jerusalem church: “Jesus did appear to Paul”, An overtly immaterial visit'd not persuade, Acts: “Paul says Jesus’ visit hit his group”, Acts 9 & 22 (“Paul says ‘blinded me; guided!’”), Acts 22 & 26 (“Paul says ‘we all saw the light’”), Acts 9 & 26 (“Paul: ‘light threw us to ground!’”), Acts 22 & 9 (“Paul says ‘all heard the voice’”), Acts: “Jesus physically appeared to Paul”, Acts: “Paul says Jesus’ visit hit everyone”, Paul was psychologically set to hallucinate, Risen-Jesus witnesses weren't hallucinating, Paul's conversion & ministry were miraculous, 1st church's Jesus-bio matched witness testimony, So? By this, Philo says “God is both a house, the incorporeal abode of incorporeal ideas” … “sowing for the race of mankind the seed of happiness in good and virgin soil.” This is highly poetic language that is not teaching that Sarah became a virgin again, but rather that in this quasi virtue talk God must expunge from us all vices to make us more virgin-like.

Ok, to those who say he wasn't born, yes he was. So she made a replica, and set it up for worship, which continued down to Plutarch's day.” [Romanising Oriental Gods, James Alvar, tans. They fell for a lie (that “it's gone!”), People: “He eschatologically resurrected!”, So? A short relationship is worth it to God, No, short relationship can cause more harm, …precluding conversion time w/ best results, …yielding harsher punishment for the human, No, refraining yields best relationship goods, …like more divine-human relationships total, …like more quality in the given relationship, …by relating to the Good (Wainwright, 2002), …by accepting God's existence (Alston, 1996), …by prag. to raise Jesus, No, Jesus attributed his resurrection to God, God will raise you too, if sinless in Christ, Scholars agree: Horus was not virgin-born, Legend of the birth of Horus says “by sex”, Hymn to Osiris (on the stela Louvre C 286) says “by sex”, Pyramid Texts (Spell 366:632a-633b/T 198) says “by sex”, Legend of the Origin of Horus says “by sex”, Relief shows Isis (represented by falcon) over Osiris's erect penis. maximum each and all the Heroes until now Jesus have been pronounced to have been born of virgin mothers.