Star Wars saved Marvel from bankruptcy, Planet of the Apes was a pretty big deal when it came out, Godzilla stomped around the Marvel Universe for a number of years, and Logan’s Run and Battlestar Galactica spent time at Marvel as well. Take the Den of Geek 2016 Reader Survey for a Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Voucher Right Here! This Marvel series holds a special place in Star Trek history because it came out on the heels of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and was the first crack Marvel Comics got at … After a tense moment, the torpedo fires and destroys the asteroid, just as the wormhole effect diminishes and releases its hold on the ship. Across the galaxy, on the planet Vulcan, Spock attends the ceremony of his attainment of kolinahr. I would like to say that Marvel started its Star Trek run with a bang, but, alas, Marvel started out its Star Trek run with a three issue adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Poor Bones is taken prisoner and tried for witchcraft and almost drowned as the whole thing becomes the Trek version of The Crucible. The adaptation probably could have used a fourth issue as things get plenty rushed in part three. It turns out that, yeah, the Federation almost inadvertently committed genocide as the elderly and infants on Goran IV are succumbing to the atmospheric poisons, but there is more drama planet-side. Sadly, Spock and the Enterprise do not go up against Thulsa Doom in this issue nor does Kirk try to bed down with Red Sonja. The Klingons kidnap a horror film archivists (and it’s kind of cool that this exists in the 23rd century) and strap him into the machine. So, yeah. And I guess he was a big Bronze Age Marvel Comics fan. To Wolfman’s credit, the writer does manage to never lose the humanity of Kirk and Bones during the V’Ger adventure, but, sadly, Spock’s arc of embracing his humanity is kind of an afterthought. Do you really need a fence in space? Ilia and Decker confer briefly about their separation and hardships of reacquaintance in the crisis situation. Some international orders have seen delays as large as 2-6 weeks. Well, guys, it’s not a motion picture — it’s a comic. But we did get to see Kirk and his pals fight a truly reprehensible enemy, so there’s that. Featured Characters: Starfleet (First appearance) Admiral James T. Kirk (First appearance) Captain Decker (First appearance) ... Star Trek Vol 1 3 article at Memory Beta, the licensed Star Trek Wikia. Yup, McCoy’s daughter. So it would have been nice to see Uhura get some meaty roles in Trek, but alas, it was not to be. Kirk meets him and informs him that Decker will be his executive officer on the mission. Star trek comic books published by Marvel. Oohh-kay, that pretty much went against every ideological foundation of Star Trek. JavaScript must be enabled to use this site. ends Monday November 16! Speaking of odd-looking aliens, issue number eight of Marvel’s Trek sports a classic Cockrum cover with some really cool-looking floating bug aliens disassembling a yellow Uniformed Mister Spock. Sadly, Duranona’s figures are very stiff and has background very sparse making this Trek adventure appear somewhat unfinished, but, if you read it, you get to see Dr. McCoy shatter the Prime Directive into a billion pieces. At least we got a look at Scotty’s past love life. Lieutenant Uhura is the biggest name that goes crazy and sadly, going nuts in this issue is really the only blessed thing Uhura does in the entire series. You know, that’s okay with me. It turns out the shapeshifting kid recently got high off his alien gourd and was involved in an accident.
Another issue, another creative shift.

Speaking of meaty, Kirk and Hester continue their star-crossed romance until it was revealed that the insanity wave is somehow connected to Hester’s grandmother and a mission she went on years earlier. Other than sounding like an energy drink or a virility drug, The Sustainer is the caretaker of the people of Solopziz and puts Kirk and Spock through many arduous tasks. A few characters that usually aren’t in the spotlight get a chance to shine in this issue.

It was a bit paint by numbers, but Pasko plate spins many plot threads to come up with an exciting adventure while Cockrum is his usual awesome self, particularly with the design of the Mox. 1 Image(s) from Star Trek Vol 1 3; Footnotes That was pretty intense.