i like both i might give a slight edge to sleeping dogs overall not sure. Its story takes inspiration from the city it's set in: In keeping with Hong Kong action movies, Sleeping Dogs' narrative is full of over-the-top action. I think GTA 5 is lot better than sleeping dogs. The results are, in several respects, superior to the game that inspired it. Overall I think SD's story is better. That honestly makes it really hard for me to compare them without favoring Sleeping Dogs. As for a "focused story", Grand Theft Auto wanted to leave choices open to the player, as with Sleeping Dogs I felt I was rushed into situations I wasn't quite ready for yet. Camden Jones is a gaming features editor and staff writer for Screen Rant. I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs more than I enjoyed GTA5 to be perfectly honest.

How does Saints Row IV factor into an open world comparison? I love Sleeping Dogs, but GTA V is vastly superior in almost every aspect. You can tell by playing it too, the world is incredibly half assed and dead and there's very very little to do outside of the story. I have no interest in GTA. Sleeping Dogs' melee combat and melee car driving are superior. There's even certain aspects of the driving I enjoy more. Every Grand Theft Auto game since GTA III has taken place in America. Sleeping Dogs' best elements are in its gameplay. Everything else is light years beyond in GTA5. Setting and story wise GTA just keeps rehashing the same old crap from 10 years ago. I cry everytime I think the Sleeping Dogs guys are not the ones who are going to do Bully 2. I loved Sleeping Dogs, but GTA V is clearly the superior open world game. really curious if rockstar can ever make a game where it controls as well as the characters animate. Players are bound to fall in love with its charismatic characters, like Wei Shen's childhood friend Jackie Ma, and run into some genuinely brutal and heart-wrenching twists along the way. PS5 Ordering Online - Exactly When PS5 Stock Releases On Launch Day, How Sleeping Dogs Does GTA Better Than Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Just Skyrim With Extra Steps, Grand Theft Auto: Every Game Ranked From Worst To Best, Fortnite Black Widow Snow Suit Skin Revealed, Can Be Earned Today, Ocarina Of Time's Infamous Water Temple Is Actually Its Best Dungeon, Xbox Series X/S: How to Set-Up Keyboard & Mouse Controls, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ubisoft Promises To Remove Ableist Language, PS5 Doesn't Have an Internet Browser (Even Though PS3 & PS4 Both Did), Zelda: "Sealing" And The Sacred Realm Explained, FIFA 21 & Star Wars: Squadrons Dominated October 2020 Sales, Red Dead Online Update Rewards Collectors And Bounty Hunters This Week, This Xbox Series S Halo Master Chief Easter Egg Is Neat, Even Microsoft Is Embracing Halo Infinite Craig The Brute Memes, Genshin Impact: Beidou's Best Character Build, Breath Of The Wild Modder Rebuilds Hyrule To Match Age Of Calamity, AC Valhalla Dev Reminds Players Not To Forget The Modern Day Story, PS5 Doesn’t Support 1440p Due To TVs Taking Priority Over Monitors, Xbox Series X/S Launch Day Sales At Walmart Open At Noon Today, Twitch Finally Answers DMCA Takedown Woes With Optimistic Plan, Xbox Live Goes Down On Series X/S Launch Day, What Nintendo Should Focus On For The Switch Pro.
I think that sleeping dogs is better than GTA4 but not GTA5. Its driving mechanics have a more arcade-y feel than GTA 5's driving, allowing for more recklessness without losing momentum. I've played a ton of GTA IV, and so, clearly, have the folks at United Front who worked on Sleeping Dogs.

But as excellent as GTA V is, it isn't perfect and there are other open world games out there that do better in certain areas, such as Sleeping Dogs. Unlike GTA 5's pop culture-filled satire - which felt dated after only a few years - Sleeping Dogs sprinkles in a more appropriate amount of laughs, focusing instead on developing its characters and making sure its big moments land. i enjoyed the missions/story, and the fighting in sleeping dogs more than gta5. I liked Sleeping Dogs, but the only thing it did better than GTA V was the melee system. I actually went back and played Sleeping Dogs a while ago just to see the difference. If only they married the fighting mechanics of Sleeping Dogs with GTAV's scale and production value :L. I think SD is better than GTAV in just about every aspect outside of landmass and the lack of sticky bombs. The Hong Kong-set action game took the elements that make GTA great and put its own spin on them, adding an engaging story, more entertaining driving and shooting, and a satisfying, Batman: Arkham Asylum-inspired kung fu combat system. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. * Pro : It drops you in a real open-world city ( San Francisco ) * Pro/Con ( Based on what you like) GTA V , however , is harder on you . Sleeping Dogs is great and does not become irrelevant through GTAV. Every time I'd hop…, Sleeping Dogs may have all of the same combat features as GTA IV, but it implements them much differently.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. I fucking loved Sleeping Dogs and it shits on GTA 4 from a massive height. Here's hoping they pull it off. Hand to hand combat is the only area that Sleeping Dogs clearly pulls ahead. GTA's story is incredibly sporadic and follows no real cohesive narrative. In fact this thread is making me want to play through the game for a 3rd time. Sleeping Dogs has charismatic characters (as well as antagonists), including nice female ones. Rockstar games always overrated. The driving mechanic in Sleeping Dogs is more fun than GTA. Although I will give props to Sleeping Dogs from making the "running endless errands for countless people" feel more natural than GTA has. GTA5 is the better game but SD is a worthy alternative and a series to watch going forwards.
The only thing Sleeping Dogs does better is the fighting system, i fucking loved it. The ball is now in Rockstar's court to not only improve on GTA IV, but to outdo the improvements made in Sleeping Dogs (and indeed, Saints Row The Third, Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire). It can be a bit trope-y, sure, but there are few games that deliver the "playable action movie" experience as well as Sleeping Dogs. But it's never quite been told in a game like this before, and certainly not in a GTA-style game. GTAV is a much better sandbox, but has far worse mechanics for everything that's not driving. It's not as big in scope/variety but what it does, it does better.

Side Missions: Sleeping Dogs (city was smaller, so it wasn't a pain in the ass to find everything). Really didn't enjoy playing it, to be honest. A more sensible comparison would be between Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 2, it almost even feels closer to Assassins Creed in the gameplay mechanics and story than to Grand Theft Auto. GTA V has a more varied world and more varied vehicles. Now that 5 has actually been released, I think Sleeping Dogs is much better. The combat and driving were unique and fun to play. I think GTA 5 is lot better than sleeping dogs. I thought it was quite forgettable - nothing memorable for me really. I hated GTA IV, but V pretty much fixed all the issues IV was plagued with. It's great, and useful. I loved the characters, the story (well mostly), and the setting of Hong Kong (it was refreshing to not play another sandbox game in a Western City). And hey, in the meantime, have you heard of this game Sleeping Dogs? Said it before, but I never "got" Sleeping Dogs.

(SMALL BUT CRUCIAL. GTA V is a great game, with three protagonists. The best part, though, that players can open a car's door while it's moving and jump over to an adjacent vehicle, automatically taking it over and continuing the chase. I love Sleeping Dogs, but its world is pretty dull. I'm not a sociopathic killer, I'm a cop who is losing sight of which side he's on.

I would say the only area SD has it beat is hand to hand combat. It's entirely possible to 100% the game in 18-20 hours, which is good for achievement/trophy hunters I guess. "Been there, done that, yawn.". I thought this website was about facts and news... Not highly opinionated, personal-thought articles. Story, characters, gameplay I all felt were better in SD. Mafia 2 has a good story but the free roam isn't that good.