This day is a reminder of what your love has already accomplished, and the amazing possibilities of what it can continue to accomplish and overcome in the many, many years ahead of you. The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your big day and your happily-ever-after that follows, so guests should be there for it all. Hire some local talent or compile a reception song playlist of you and your love’s favorite songs and queue them up as you please. No ceremony can create your marriage; only you can do that—through love and patience; through dedication and perseverance; through talking and listening, helping and supporting and believing in each other; through tenderness and laughter; through learning to forgive, learning to appreciate your differences, and by learning to make the important things matter, and to let go of the rest.

photo by Eleanor & Pete The words said during your wedding ceremony are undoubtably the most important part of your day. Backyard wedding. Split guests into teams and compete in a fun scavenger hunt that is tailored to you and your partner’s interests. Choose simple DIY projects. By the power vested in me, I now, for the first time, pronounce you married. This is a no-hassle way to celebrate an intimate moment with the ones you hold close. Source: Jim - Notable YELP Review A big ol’ oak tree was the focal point for Amy and Michael’s vineyard wedding (shown below). Don’t feel pressured to write your own vows.

Let go of the notion of perfection. Being on the same page with your officiant is crucial to the authenticity of the wedding and your overall level of comfort with the ceremony. 7. Simple weddings can still be chock full of DIY, just make sure you plan ahead. While simple weddings aren’t necessarily on the radar as a trend, anecdotal evidence suggests that many couples are choosing the minimalist route. You welcomed each other’s families, communities and lifelong friends, and joined them together with warmth and enthusiasm. The person who makes the world a beautiful and magical place. Once you find the idea that works for you, you’ll be itching to start planning and send out some adorable save the dates. Avoid the fuss and enjoy some delicious ribs, pulled pork, corn on the cob and potato salad. Continue to date each other. They mark the beginning of your long journey together. For NAME, that happened about 20 years ago when s/he met me and we became best friends [add some humor if your officiant is a friend]. This will make your wedding feel more like a fabulous get together with family and close friends, than an ‘event’. As a third-party spectator to their developing love, it was extremely clear that the two of them represent a perfect pairing because each of them complements the other so well. Invite friends and family over for a backyard BBQ wedding. People who don’t come to your ceremony (without a good reason, of course), don’t deserve to party with you. The most remarkable moment in life is when you meet the person who makes you feel complete.

Invite some guests over for an after party and some drinks after the reception is over. Take time to show each other that your love and marriage grows stronger with time. That’s where borrowing comes in, real hot. And being better together, as a team, a unit, and partners in crime, is what has been many years in the making and ultimately leads us to being here today, witnessing their commitment to one another in front of those they love most. I truly can’t think of a better venue than _________ [“paradise” for a destination wedding, “this beautiful church” for a more religious affair, etc.] You can follow on Instagram and Pinterest. 1. 3. Delegate your DIY. Marriages bring hard days, just as they bring beautiful ones. I’m a writer, so naturally I was initially convinced that we should write our own vows. And what I wish for them on their wedding day is that their lifetime together as a team is one of complete contentment; full of those moments that they wish would never end, and that they continue to make one another smile and laugh as they make each of us do.
If you are considering having a small wedding and are in need of some inspiration, check out these 25 small wedding ideas for the perfect intimate occasion. But apart from that, they can be as bespoke and tailor-made as possible. Your journey began way before you sent out the invitations, chose this beautiful venue or even decided to spend the rest of your lives together. NAME, NAME and I would like to welcome everyone on this gorgeous day. Provide guests with some fun activities that encourage them to socialize. Officiant: We've come to the point of your ceremony where you're going to say your vows to one another. When there are less details to worry about, there is less anxiety. I have no regrets.

You can post-weddingly have them fashioned into awesomely-personal and decorative vow art to display in your home or bedroom. Your wedding ceremony is the most meaningful part of the wedding, when you declare your love for each other and promise to support one another. For a more nautical experience, choose to get married on a boat or a small yacht. Choose DIY projects that you can do well in advance, like party poms or homemade jam. They are the vows that will We hope these same-sex wedding ceremony script ideas will have you checking off your to-do list and dreaming of the big day! It is the seal of the vows you have just taken to love each other without end. Depending on the size of the event, you can have everyone read a line of a special reading at the ceremony, have them stand and encircle you as you exchange your vows, seat them at one big table at the wedding reception, or have everyone attend the rehearsal dinner. Want to skip the caterer and opt for something a bit more unique? Officiant: Will you, NAME, take this woman to be your wedded wife?

Take our survey and share your ideas for planning a stress-free celebration. This contract is not to be entered into lightly, but thoughtfully and seriously, and with a deep realization of its obligations and responsibilities. It will be simply beautiful – even if everything doesn’t go as planned. Officiant: By the power of your love and commitment, and the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! Make your friends and family feel even more appreciated by calling each of them personally to invite them to your special day in addition to sending a formal invite. Trust us when we say that, because there will be people who you’ll notice aren’t there. NAME and NAME thank you for your presence here today and now ask for your blessing, encouragement, and lifelong support, for their decision to be married. The grooms/brides/bride and groom have each prepared vows that they will read now. After reading the traditional vows, I realized that I couldn’t say it better myself. That’s why wedding programs aren’t just for show, they serve a purpose, especially if a bride and groom are having a religious ceremony or one that might be extraordinarily unique.
Whether it’s the flowers, the food or the venue, make sure you determine what is most important to you and your partner. It will take trust to know that in your hearts, you truly want what is best for each other. Having a small wedding gives you the ability to get really creative with themes and seating charts, allowing you to leave a more personal touch that truly reflects you and your love. Tips and inspiration to keep it small, meaningful and real. First, I’d like to begin by welcoming everyone and thanking each and every one of you for being here on this most happy of days. Special touches, like unique wedding readings, can help make your ceremony even more personal. Officiant: Marriage is perhaps the greatest and most challenging adventure of human relationships. Officiant: [NAME] and [NAME] have chosen these rings to represent the unbreakable circle of life and love. If only there was a way to make it grossly clear that you expect your guests to be present for EVERY part of your wedding day - not just for the dance floor and open bar.... You could; however, make your own custom invitations (we've got a whole bunch of FREE printables) and include whatever little FYIs... if you're so inclined. Whether you choose to run away together or make a spur of the moment decision to elope, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want. Do you really need a dessert table, when there is plenty of wedding cake to go around? Sureeee you can find a place to register for something like this - register with us!! Guests can opt for a dip in the sea during the reception and you and your partner can make an awesome exit on a jet ski. String some lights between the trees, set up a few chairs for friends and family and sprinkle some flower petals down a makeshift aisle. If you are able to keep the vows you take here today, not because of any religious or civic law, but out of a desire to love and be loved by another person fully, without limitation, then your life will have joy and the home you establish will be a place in which you both will find the direction of your growth, your freedom, and your responsibility. Having fewer guests allows for a much more intimate reception where everyone can get to know one another. Ideas for Simple Weddings. Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and protect him/her, forsaking all others, and holding only unto him/her forevermore? But about X years ago s/he met NAME, who is pretty wonderful, too.

Having a small wedding frees up your budget to splurge on a few key elements of your wedding. What this ceremony can do is to witness and affirm the choice you make to stand together as lifemates and partners. Do you and your partner love the great outdoors?

Officiant: Two people in love do not live in isolation. Officiant: In the spirit of the importance of strong friendships to a marriage, NAME and NAME have asked two friends to read selections about love that especially resonate with them.1st READING, followed by 2nd READING. Destination weddings are smaller in nature since many guests won’t be able to easily attend a wedding that’s far away. Please now read the vows you have written for each other.