by Slofoodgroup The only significant difference is that in Mexico, the plant is pollinated by a bee and in Madagascar, humans need to pollinate the flower, leading to its higher price. Tahitian Vanilla Beans are all about the aroma. Madagascar vanilla tends to be a little stronger in flavor than Mexcian. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. So, though Vanilla Planifolia is grown in a number of places, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla tastes different than it’s Ugandan, Hawaiian, Indonesian, etc. Though, recently vanilla production has spread to Sulawesi, Sumatra (North & South), Lombok and Flores. Tahitian vanilla beans (bean on the far left in the image) are much shorter and plumper than their Bourbon cousin, and practically bursting with vanilla seeds. The distinctive curing process used in Indonesia contributes a deep smoky flavor that holds up remarkably well in heat applications. December 06, 2018. The French were the first to begin cultivating it in Madagascar. Indonesian vanilla beans are rich with bold vanilla tones due to the climate, soil conditions and local curing techniques. Tahitian vanilla is much more rare. Indonesia is located ideally for vanilla cultivation. After nine months, it’s picked, dried under the sun, and then packaged in vacuum flasks in the absence of light to preserve the flavor. Tahitian vanilla beans are best used in foods that don't require intense heat to prepare. The vanilla orchid was initially brought from Mexico to the areas surrounding the Indian Ocean in the 1800s, and those lands now supply two-thirds of the world’s vanilla. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. “We use the vanilla originally from Mexico, because it has a peculiar flavor and smell that is [unique to] the type of land where it is planted,” he says, explaining that both the particular taste and aromas are distinct to the Mexican vanilla. We found out straight from the experts what makes each of these three types of vanilla the same, or different, from the next in hopes that you won’t ever have to put baking a cake on hold to debate this ingredient choice ever again. This recipe for baked pasta with Italian sausage and pumpkin sauce is rich, hearty, and loaded with deep flavors that warm and comfort! Also worth a look: Mexican vanilla, as it’s made from the very same plant as bourbon vanilla, and Mexico is, in fact, the birthplace of vanilla. Our hope is that this article helps you understand how to tell the difference between the various types of vanilla beans and make an informed decision prior to buying vanilla beans for your next project! Can I Substitute Chickpeas for Black Beans? That’s up to you, but I would suggest trying the Tahitian vanilla if you’ve never used it — the aroma is distinct and surprising.