Disclaimer: We've provided special diet and nutritional information for educational purposes only. It is vat-cultured in small micro-batches with live active cultures in a time-activated process to develop a distinctive all-natural flavor. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0. In 2002, Sierra Nevada Cheese Company purchased the brand and has continued to use the original recipe using no gums, stabilizers, or fillers. A worthwhile purchase, and I'll buy it again. INGREDIENTS: Certified Raw Organic Cultured Whole Milk, Sea Salt, Vegetarian Enzyme. Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Pasteurized Cream, Sea Salt, Cultures. Available in: See 1 question for Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. I am a big fan of their smoked cheese. Marinated Mozzarella. Nice to have an additional "destination" pit stop to look forward to. If you don't want to spend time on the phone you have to use their web form to "mail" them. They make honest cream cheese! Both Cream cheese are fantastic, but the company is run by either a group of cheese snobs or they just do not care about making contact with any retail customers. Keep it up, Sierra Nevada. I'll never buy from them again! Meghan Rodgers Sierra Nevada award-winning cheeses are handcrafted in small micro batches with Grass-Fed, Non-GMO, and Organic Milk. I've only found it in certain stores that carry more specialty cheeses so that's a bummer. Ask the desk person which stores in your local area carry their products.If you are passing by Willows on the way to or from Ashland, (or beyond) you have to stop here. Had they had goat butter, we would have purchased some.The woman at the desk completed our order and was really friendly. creamy smooth texture. Local Organic cream, rich in fat (40%) and cultured to a slightly nutty tangy flavor. Available in: Made with all Their website claims: "The traditional version has a rich flavor and creamy texture. We teamed up... ABV:  11.9%   IBU:  90BREWERY DESCRIPTION: Our Bigfoot Barleywine is a craft beer legend. Their creamy texture is consistent with their traditional line of cheeses and is light on the palate. Our award-winning Gina Marie line has expanded with our Gina Marie Farmer’s Cheese. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and while it seems a long way to go for cheese it is well worth the trip if you buy in bulk.I stocked up for a while, but I most certainly will be back.. and if I move out of the area I will more than likely order some shipped. Designed by : Artisanal Natural & Organic Cheeses, Cream Cheese, Goat Cheeses. Ever since Joe K had bought some gourmet Sierra Nevada cheeses and real butter from none other than Grocery Outlet, he became hooked! Half the fat of our Gina Marie Cream Cheese with all the probiotic benefits of Kefir Cultures. Learn more. I'm a consumer, having purchased both organic and conventional, of SNCC's natural roll cream cheeses and their organic yogurts. They have specials on the "irregular"(funny cuts/chunks) that are priced VERY low.. and even their retail prices are quite reasonable.Note the shop is now in the little bungalow now right next to the FEDEX/UPS/Ring Bell Door, no longer in the back. I bought a container at the Cheese Board in Berkeley and spread it all over some Cheese Board pumpernickel bread. Once we located the large factory building, the entrance was just in front with directory signage. The shelf life for this product is 8 months. Garlic & Herb is full of flavor, while maintaining the rich and delicate texture of the Original variety. See all photos from Ida H. for Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. 8oz pillows, 2.2lb logs, 4lb tubs, 10lb Tub. Sierra Nevada Cheese proudly produces all our products at our creamery in Willows, CA. Natural Cream Cheese Plain - 2 lb $ 11.99. naturally occurring healthy micro-organisms present in our fresh milk. Our old-fashioned methods were once in use by independent creameries across America.