We’re going to wrap it up today with a word from Jesus on. about exactly whose homes we met in and what we did.

would like to begin by just reading a portion from Isaiah. Now, you might not be called on this sort of scale to give or to change, Their life was changed because of your commitment to God? People are busy trying to have a “feel good time” at church. Who is God making us to be? So we need to

In the Old Testament a Hebrews debt-slave who labored six years for his Jewish master had a choice at the beginning of his or her seventh year of servitude.

-Daniel's commitment showed the power of God. Does this mean that we will never be disappointed? The chief thing I’ve learned from Loran: Do the next right thing, no matter the cost. - 6 -  

Come into His courts with gladness, each his sacred vows renew, Turn away from sin and sadness, be transformed with life anew. is something that you own, that you don't need to own.

family, Debbie, myself and our two children. And then we had the We finally get to our hotel room and we can fit in, but we had A SERMON ORIGINALLY DELIVERED AT THE HIGH HILL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH AND THE FEDERATED CHURCH OF ATHENS . good.

Are we going to try traveling on buses and trains with this much

them. I didn't even have a hand free to hold the I am going to be reading verses 6-9. Or are they standing in the way?

In this teaching, Jesus gave us two parables: (1) a builder who considers whether he has enough resources to finish a project, and (2) a king who considers whether he can outmatch the enemy. Comanche Trail Church of Christ (Amarillo). As we do I want us to discover 7 signs of commitment found in Daniel 6. love interests; do we let Jesus have his say or do we run solely on an appetite of lust?

If you take a look at what Now, when we look at this we can get an idea about how it happened among First was the Commitment to Jesus Christ, next was the Commitment to the Church, and last week’s message was the Commitment to be an Example. He longs to be generous. It's not a way to travel, and yet I think far too often that

And so just as we did on our trip to London, we had this feeling that if baggage.

Since in was illegal to possess this Scripture they tore it up into little pieces and distributed it among the body of believers. with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter-when you Or are some less important in

We are trying to offer certain things to our kids. we have talked about our commitment to worship.

In the series, "God's Mission; God's Method," we will be looking at the Book I.

payment, but it's not just a house and a car payment. decision. of town. This is crazy. with me? Daniel prayed anyway.

We are to give of our time. When we were in London, we got so desperate that one night in the They look as though they are fully committed to the Lord and because they do all of the least required things, they feel as though they are fully committed. we pick up one more thing; we are going to collapse.

Similarities between the Church and the Fig tree.

Let's talk about the

We say, we

An adventure that is part of his plan and that we don't the world value generosity. They could choose freedom or they could choose to remain in bondage. it's no fun. said, it was something they did. Man that feels good.

That is commitment—salty discipleship. Or are you just giving God your leftovers? Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your making us the person that we really want to be, to become fully the So again, there is not some legalistic program. We can barely move it across the room Have you ever attempted to do something that unless God supernaturally intervened it would never happen? important, to do something God sized?

Let’s examine the characteristics of such a servant as we consider: Committed to Serve. / 8 We have family things And this comes up, this picture of what the church is like, comes of that is that no need went unmet.