Sentimental by Porcupine Tree. I don't want to be... Never want to be old. To hang from a star. Phase I Lyrics: "This remarkable, sometimes incoherent transcript illustrates a phantasmagoria of fear, terror, grief, exultation, and finally breakdown. Edit. Porcupine Tree lyrics - 108 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Anesthetize", "Trains", "The Start Of Something Beautiful". Watch video at YouTube. That you can't blame your parents anymore. Sullen and bored the kids stay. Its … Rockin' around the Christmas tree Let the Christmas spirit ring Later we'll have some pumpkin pie And we'll do some caroling You will get a sentimental feeling When you hear Voices singing let's be jolly Deck the halls with boughs of holly Rockin' around the Christmas tree Have a happy holiday Everyone dancing merrily In the new old fashioned way Lyrics to 'Normal' by Porcupine Tree. Porcupine Tree:Sentimental Lyrics. Porcupine Tree - Sentimental lyrics . I never want to be old. History Talk (3) Share. It's no fun to be told. Here is my car, my phone and my TV I’ve got it all but you can see through me But am I here? I'm finding it hard. ----- SENTIMENTAL - Porcupine Tree ----- These are the basic chords that I figured out from watching the acoustic video. [Intro] Am - F - Dm - E [Verse] Am - F - Dm - E [Chorus] Am - Am - F - Dm Note: Following the Dm up with a Dsus2 sounds very satisfying for the chorus parts. And I don't want dependants. This song is by Porcupine Tree and appears on the album Fear of a Blank Planet (2007). Sentimental.