“Youth Committee” is the Avenue that recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding. Foundation creates first program: scholarships for graduate study. A. Wagner, Vice President: Warren Innes, Secretary; Hugh Graham Treasurer; Directors were: L Perske, H Daily; S.V. Eureka Rotary Club Founders and Charter Members – November 1923, 97. Kevin and Mary have also been host parents for exchange students and have attended several Festivals of Brotherhood, and numerous Rotary International Conventions.

In August 1912, the Rotary Club of London received its charter from the Association, marking the first acknowledged Rotary club established outside of North America. He and his wife, Margarita, live in Evanston.

They have not experienced one of the most enjoyable and rewarding privileges of Rotary membership. Please Note; names are in alphabetical order, and this list is not exhaustive. Beloved by his family and community, Harvey’s love of cars was unparalleled. Ritchie was very much a community service individual and a native of Fields Landing. Our first President was Ritchie Woods. The program provides funding for banners, brochures, T-shirts, caps, and other National Immunization Days promotional materials, as well as coolers essential for keeping the vaccine cold.

Fellowship activities vary widely. Donations included food, educational materials, a water tank, and kitchen appliances. Within a year, the Chicago club had become so large it became necessary to adopt the now-common practice of a regular meeting place. Two years later, the Gates Foundation pledges an additional $255 million and increases the amount Rotary must raise to $200 million. endobj At that time, Paul Rieger was District Governor, and the District was then known as District No. From the earliest days of Rotary, members have referred to each other on a first-name basis. Harris had great ambitions for the growth of Rotary, and very early in the organization’s history new clubs were started, first on the West Coast in San Francisco, and then all over the US and in Europe. For several years the high school attempted to play on it, but they eventually were forced to concede that it was just too wet, and the field was left to lie dormant. On February 23, 1905, Paul Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele and Hiram Shorey gathered at Loehr’s office in Room 711 of the Unity Building in downtown Chicago. Truly, those selected for honorary membership are those who have done much to further the ideals of Rotary. If 10 percent of the voting strength of the clubs oppose a council action, such legislation is suspended and it is submitted to all the clubs for a final vote.