Its not like I needed an External or had a spare lying around doing nothing and as Sony seemed very reluctant to catch up , it didn't seem that they would ever add External support so would have been a very expensive way of doing things. Try it with FFXV, I could take a shower after I hit "Load game" as it was. @hi_drnick Damn,thanks for letting me know before I go off and buy one.That complicates things then.. @JLPick That does not work, it was reported a few weeks ago. Guide Demon's Souls: Which Starting Gift Should You Pick? I want to buy a Pro, back up in an external drive, put the HSSD on Pro end restore the back up. @get2sammyb Do you know if I can use an external HDD to back up all my digital content, buy a Pro and restore games from the external HDD? as only USB 3.0 drives are supported and PS4 has USB 3.0 ports you don't need a Y-cable2. If everything's plugged in and powered up, then the PS4 should detect your external HDD. Seagate Drive randomly disconnects & reconnects There are several questions on this issue but none seem to have a proper solution. Demon's Souls: Which Starting Gift Should You Pick? If for whatever reason you need to disconnect your external hard drive from your PS4 then you should hold down the PlayStation button to bring up the Quick Menu and browse to Sound/Devices. Glad to see memory cards are finally making a come back!! Solution 1: Use a Different USB Port . @chiptoon Haha I was just thinking that, external HDD support from day 1! Do discs automatically also install to the external? What affects an external drives write speed? I'm not sure why it if it's a USB problem, but I stuck a small piece of paper to gently hold the USB plug in firmer. HDD recognized in Disk Management, still no access to run/open/rename? I don't want bulky things and more cables around a console. PS5, Sony's Biggest and Most Powerful Console, Guide: How to Attach an External HDD to Your PS4. I am not bothered about not being able to plug in 2 External devices like you can on Xbox but I am a little disappointed that you don't have as much control over where the data is downloaded or installed to. @belmont Yes you can that is exactly what I did when I upgraded from the PS4 to Pro. Only one word can describe having a.5tb HD for all my games. Install the New Internal Hard Drive. Thanks for the helpful video @get2sammybSeeing as I only have two usb ports,one for VR and one for charging controllers will the VR or External storage work from an hub? @GBMatthew I probably could have done but then I would have been left with a external HDD that at the time would have just gathered dust in the hope that Sony would one day add support. 2. I had the same disconnection problem with my AC powered external and it turns out that the usb cable had a bad kink in it. When the process is complete, your external HDD will become the default location for downloads from the PlayStation Store. I guess it does depend on if it's worth the risk to you, and your affinity for cable tolerance/management. even internal drives fail or can be doa. You get an error message if the device is disconnected improperly. @Splat, Finally caught up with Wii U then, well done Sony. not wireless). The PS4 external hard drive must have a wired connection (i.e. Call of Duty Fans Aren't Pleased with the Black Ops Cold ... More PS5 Consoles Will Be Available Before and After Chri... PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Can You Play PS4 Games on Pl... Join 350,207 people following Push Square: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Also wouldn't have needed to buy a 2TB internal for the same price I could have bought a 5TB external! I haven't quite filled up my internal yet so I don't even know what happens when that gets full. I'm ok with an extra couple wires to help secure my data. If you've got games stored on your PS4's internal hard drive that you want to copy across, then from the PS4 home screen go to Settings > Storage and browse your applications. Otherwise it feels like all open space on the internal storage is going to waste. This thread is locked. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Still itll be nice to use as my 1TB is near full with next to nothing on it, because everything has to install. You have to pick which hdd to use or set as extended storage. Or is it solely used for downloads from PSN and game saves? Click 'Format As Extended Storage' but please keep in mind that this will wipe all of the data from your external drive, so make sure you've got everything backed up before proceeding. I've had a few issues with mine so I tend to lean towards caution when it comes to using it with multiple externals. @RedMageLanakyn The problem is that the internal disk on the Wii U is flash also, yet Nintendo claims we should not use flash as external drive. @rjejr1. It is using external power, but i have not tested a smaller usb-only drive recently. The OS telling you to delete stuff when the external is full is kind of stupid if you have free internal space to move it to, maybe nobody at Sony thought of that. I honestly can't answer most of these questions with authority until I test it out for myself. 1. Abruptly unplugging an external USB hard drive without safely ejecting will easily cause serious problems, such as the external hard drive not recognized anymore or hard drive becomes inaccessible after unplugging. PS4 hard drive removal is pretty easy. Can I now play these files directly from the exfat HDD? @GBMatthew the backup process is incredibly slow on PS4. Other than that, I'm still waiting for an update where the movies and tv episodes you buy from the Playstation store, can be downloaded onto your system...especially if you go somewhere, have no internet service, and want to watch one of them. @BAMozzy you still can't delete DLC without deleting the game. One you’ve it with you, you’re now ready to dismantle the PS4 stock hard drive and remove it. Can I finally play my extensive collection of HSBS 3D blurays on my PSVR? I've only heard of sea gate brand. Select [Ok]. Very frustrating. shadowphoenix0192, you may get in touch with support. We have one on the nearing retirement Wii U, suppose I could always move it over and give it a go, but I'll let you try first. 6. 拡張ストレージには、アプリケーションとアドオン(拡張機能)のみをインストールできます。, アプリケーション自体が本体ストレージにインストールされている場合でも、そのアドオン(拡張機能)を拡張ストレージにダウンロードできます。, アプリケーションのアップデートは、アプリケーションがインストールされた場所にダウンロードされます。, アプリケーションのセーブデータ、テーマ、またはスクリーンショット / ビデオクリップは、拡張ストレージに保存できません。, 拡張ストレージにインストールされたアプリケーションは、通常通りコンテンツエリアに表示されます。, 拡張ストレージにインストールされたアプリケーションは、拡張ストレージ機器を取り外しても、コンテンツエリアから消えることはありません。, 拡張ストレージとして使用できる機器は、一度に1台だけです。拡張ストレージ用にフォーマットされた機器が2台接続されている場合でも、実際に拡張ストレージとして使用できるのは1台だけです。, メディアプレーヤーで使用するために2台目のHDDを接続することはできますが、ゲーム、アプリ、アドオン用に2台のHDDを接続することはできません。, USBハブを使用した接続には対応していません。拡張ストレージ機器は、PS4に直接接続する必要があります。, お使いのHDDがUSB3.0である場合でも、ゆっくり接続することで正しく認識されない場合があります。注意しながら、USB外部ストレージ機器を素早くしっかりとPS4に接続してください。. yes. @manu0 Oh I know, that's why i said "if" the wiiu could handle it, you could run a y cable HDD and an external. A few months ago, my external hard drive started randomly disconnecting from my console, probably once per hour. I am currently using an Xbox One X OS version 10.0.18363.8124. Can I use the original 500GB HDD as an external HDD if I insert it in a USB 3.0 caddy and connect it to the PS4? My hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 2TB part number 2FR102-300 connected via SATA to USB 3.0 using a Sabrent EC-DFLT. i stupidly downloaded the DLC for that at some point (which I don't even need) and now I can't uninstall it.