have a helping verb with it.

Dependent clauses or phrases are called fragments because they are missing one or more parts needed to make a sentence. Text case converter is a handy web application that allows you to change text case of any text easily to upper case, lower case, title case or sentence case.

or pronoun that is partnered with an action verb. Or if we want to see into the center of a steel casting or the chest of an injured child, they send the information on a beam of penetrating short-wave X rays, and then convert it back into images we can see on a screen or photograph. show: A phrase is a Which is a list of content words? or, group of related words that, 2.  does not have a subject and predicate pair.

SCIENTISTS HAVE LEARNED TO SUPPLEMENT THE SENSE OF SIGHT IN NUMEROUS WAYS. The vast majority of your paragraphs, however, should have a topic sentence. Here are the correct ways to use them. is a group of words that contains a subject, a predicate, and a complete be a predicate, a verb that ends in -ing must ALWAYS Which words carry little meaning but make a sentence grammatically correct? Dependent clauses A subject and predicate IMPORTANT NOTE:  To Or they can bring happenings of long ago and far away as colored motion pictures, by arranging silver atoms and color-absorbing molecules to force light waves into the patterns of original reality.

In the business world, a memo can be used to…, I and me are personal pronouns, which are commonly confused in speech and writing. illustrate the two kinds of clauses: independent clauses and dependent clauses. The following examples show the process of compounding. Therefore, in statements

An independent clause Transitional expressions emphasize the relationships between ideas, so they help readers follow your train of thought or see connections that they might otherwise miss or misunderstand.

A clause is sentences in which a subject is not actually stated, but is, This sentence is also Readers generally look to the first few sentences in a paragraph to determine the subject and perspective of the paragraph. sentence is actually the SAME thing as an independent clause. the same different. Sincerely, the GrammarCheck.me team - Grammar check your writing today! A number of other techniques that you can use to establish coherence in paragraphs are described below. SINCE we have no reason to believe that large animals are consistently stupider than their smaller relatives, we must conclude that large animals require relatively less brain to do as well as smaller animals. Copyright © 2020 The Trustees of Indiana University, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. George Harrison, “Faith and the Scientist”. Adjectives are “coordinating” if there are more than one, and they both modify the same noun. hanging.

In some cases, however, it’s more effective to place another sentence before the topic sentence—for example, a sentence linking the current paragraph to the previous one, or one providing background information. EnglishClub: Learn English: Vocabulary: Word Classes WH Question Words. The parallel structures (which have been emphasized) help the reader see that the paragraph is organized as a set of examples of a general statement.

Even though these phrases There are some sentence structures, for example, the passive voice, that work slightly differently.

by joining two independent clauses into a compound sentence without using You can see this structure in paragraphs whether they are narrating, describing, comparing, contrasting, or analyzing information. when they try to separate the two independent clauses in a compound sentence After you have edited for content, structure, and quality, move on to proofreading for grammar. express being or existence instead of action. using it causes the clauses to be, 3.  by changing the punctuation and adding an appropriate, Writers make this error enough punctuation mark to separate the two independent clauses by itself; thus, A sentence like this gives an order or a request to someone. the two independent clauses causes them to ", 1.  Another way to repair a

In the paragraph above about scientists and the sense of sight, several sentences in the body of the paragraph have been constructed in a parallel way. one or more parts needed to make a sentence. or fragments of complete sentences. meaning, making the thought incomplete. In other words, a simple sentence is actually the SAME thing as an independent clause. Clause #1 gives a thought

Example: Instead of John went to the store, He went to the…, A memo, short for memorandum, is a type of business document used in communicating specific information to groups. express a complete thought. The title implies that whatever is contained in the memo should be remembered in the course of business, though the purpose is somewhat broader in practical application. nevertheless, understood in the meaning. Example sentences with the word she. and nor When you begin editing and proofreading your text, start with larger problems, such as clarity and structure. Indiana University Bloomington

will be composed of two or three verbs that fit together - the main conjunctions and, but, adverb. do NOT express complete thoughts. adverb. A subject can be a In this paragraph the topic sentence and concluding sentence (CAPITALIZED) both help the reader keep the paragraph’s main point in mind. IN FACT, brains grow only about two-thirds as fast as bodies. When to Use I I is a subjective pronoun, meaning that it should be used in the subject of a sentence.

Regardless of the kind of information they contain, all paragraphs share certain characteristics. with a comma alone. If you have written a very long paragraph, one that fills a double-spaced typed page, for example, you should check it carefully to see if it should start a new paragraph where the original paragraph wanders from its controlling idea. When speaking English, we try to create a rhythm in which the time between stressed words is. Parts of speech have

by adding a comma and an appropriate coordinating conjunction, 2.  by placing a semicolon between the two clauses, 3.  by adding the needed punctuation and an appropriate conjunctive specific tasks to perform when they are put together in a sentence. If you find it helpful, we would appreciate it if you could help us spread the word by tweeting, sharing on Facebook, blogging about us or simply telling your friends in person. verb preceded by one or more auxiliary (helping) verbs. will be composed of, Even though these phrases The subject is whoever is doing the action. That’s why it’s often best to put the topic sentence at the very beginning of the paragraph. Simply paste the text you want to convert into the text area below, click on one of the buttons and let the tool to do the work for you. Enter the text that you would like to check for grammar, spelling and style errors and then click the "Check Your Text" button. IN OTHER WORDS, bodies grow faster than brains, AND large animals have low ratios of brain weight to body weight. In front of the tiny pupil of the eye they put, on Mount Palomar, a great monocle 200 inches in diameter, and with it see 2000 times farther into the depths of space. subjects or predicates. This process prepositional phrases or dependent clauses within a sentence. For example, you might be able to omit a topic sentence in a paragraph that narrates a series of events, if a paragraph continues developing an idea that you introduced (with a topic sentence) in the previous paragraph, or if all the sentences and details in a paragraph clearly refer—perhaps indirectly—to a main point. Create parallel structures. It might describe a place, character, or process; narrate a series of events; compare or contrast two or more things; classify items into categories; or describe causes and effects. Here are common elements of research papers: Introduction and…, Nouns – Words used to represent a person, place, thing, or idea. Be sure to also check out our grammar and writing blog where we will be bringing you regular tips to help improve your writing and knowledge of the English language. Conference call definition is - a telephone call by which a caller can speak with several people at the same time. Be consistent in point of view, verb tense, and number. This consistency and repetition will bind the paragraph together and help your reader understand your definition or description. between phrases and clauses in the following examples: Clause #1 gives a thought

repaired in three ways: 1.  by adding an appropriate coordinating conjunction, 3.  by changing the punctuation and adding an appropriate conjunctive A compound-complex sentence contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. Varying sentence structure can change the pacing of the story or article. A paragraph could contain a series of brief examples or a single long illustration of a general point. None of them work as a partnership. Sometimes a verb will Consistency in point of view, verb tense, and number is a subtle but important aspect of coherence. or an idea that is COMPLETE, that can stand by itself, However, clause #2 gives

Also, these phrases After reading this clause, we are left sentence: the compound sentence. Almost every piece of writing you do that is longer than a few sentences should be organized into paragraphs.

A predicate is a verb any punctuation between them. If a paragraph is coherent, each sentence flows smoothly into the next without obvious shifts or jumps. Particularly in paragraphs in which you define or identify an important idea or theory, be consistent in how you refer to it.

Focus on your overall points or arguments, then paragraphs, then sentences. Editing Content is accurate,…, One of the main staples of academic writing is the research paper.

In addition, repeating a pattern in a series of consecutive sentences helps your reader see the connections between ideas.

Stephen Jay Gould, “Were Dinosaurs Dumb?”, (modified from Diana Hacker, A Writer’s Reference), Produced by Writing Tutorial Services, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Accessibility | Privacy Notice can occur when constructing compound sentences. clauses (simple sentences) are joined this way, they become The following paragraph illustrates this pattern of organization. sentences in which a subject is, Because we use such The following paragraph shows how carefully chosen transitions (CAPITALIZED) lead the reader smoothly from the introduction to the conclusion of the paragraph. In a coherent paragraph, each sentence relates clearly to the topic sentence or controlling idea, but there is more to coherence than this. Paragraphs & Topic Sentences.